Making Connections

Joined Field Trip for H.I.S. and SIS students

A recent field trip to Heidelberg’s Old City provided a rich opportunity for interdisciplinary connections, particularly within the IB DP realms of Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and language, while also fostering collaboration between DP1 students from Heidelberg International School (H.I.S.) and Strothoff International School (SIS).

Throughout the guided walking tour, students engaged with the history, architecture, and cultural heritage of Heidelberg. This experience naturally sparked discussions related to knowledge acquisition, the role of historical narratives in shaping perspectives, and the significance of cultural contexts in interpreting information – all key themes within TOK.

Moreover, the collaboration between H.I.S. and SIS students during the tour promoted language development and intercultural communication. Students had the opportunity to exchange ideas, practice language skills, and gain insights into different cultural perspectives. Hopefully this joined event will become a tradition for H.I.S. and SIS students.


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