World Read Aloud Day

H.I.S. celebrated World Read Aloud Day yesterday. Here are some samples of the great ideas our teachers used.Grade 5 participated in a readers theatre connected to their Ancient Civilizations Unit of Inquiry.  Grade 4 spent an entire period listening to their class book.  Grade 6 students read a special type of poetry written to be read aloud by two readers working together. IMG_0634Early Primary returned from their trip to the forest to spend time in the library listening to books read by grade 6, grade 7, and grade 9 students.

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Grade 1 connected their book characters to the IB Learner Profile.  Teacher Mrs. Neumann reports that students volunteered to read their books to their peers. They presented the books, set up reading corners and invited their classmates to join in listening. The rest of the children could decide what story they wanted to listen to.

There were great comments, such as Zoe: “I can read really good in my head, but now I know that I want to practice reading more aloud, so I can get better.”

and from Sam: “I was a risk-taker because I didn’t know all the words and wasn’t sure, but I tried it and was able to read the whole book aloud!”

Many students (and some staff!) participated in dressing up as a book or book character yesterday.  Contest winners will be announced in a separate blog post! In many classes, students did special read-aloud projects.

IMG_0624   gangstagrannyWRAD16 copy


We hope you celebrated World Read Aloud Day at home yesterday, and that you’ll continue reading aloud with your children EVERY DAY!

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