Water Poster Competition

First Prize Awarded to H.I.S. Students

Two MYP German classes took part in a competition organised by Heidelberg iT, a local company. The competition was open to students from schools in Heidelberg and to students of the SRH university.

The goal of the competition was to raise awareness for the importance of water in our world. Students entering the competition had to create a poster addressing this topic in a creative way.

Our participating students produced posters on their own or in groups. Two H.I.S. student groups received an invitation to the award ceremony on the 22nd of March, World Water Day 2024, at the Heidelberg iT location in Pfaffengrund. With their posters “Neckar – Nahrung” and “Lass Wasser fließen, lass Leben sprießen” two groups of students won first prize.

“Neckar – Nahrung” pictures Heidelberg with and without water. Congratulations to Francesca, Noah, Alex, Hengija and Pablo!

“Lass Wasser fließen, Lass Leben sprießen” addresses the importance of water in a very poetic way and features a poem written by Dunsin.  Congratulations to Isabella, Dunsin and Bautista!

Both groups got a certificate and tickets for a basketball game of the MLP Academics Heidelberg.


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