War, Weimar and Bauhaus

Interdisciplinary Work in Grade 10

Grade 10 students have been working on the interdisciplinary unit War, Weimar and Bauhaus for most of the autumn.  This interdisciplinary unit was a collaboration between Design and Individuals & Societies.

As it is currently not possible to organise an interdisciplinary evening like last year, the students produced posters and essays on cultural figures of the Weimar Republic.

The unit covered the First World War and political and cultural changes in Germany during the 1920s’ and early 1930’s.  There was particular emphasis on Bauhaus architecture and design. The posters the students produced this year are visually very striking (see excerpts below).

We hope to have an opportunity to share more student work with you at a later date. H.I.S. values interdisciplinary work and the teachers involved are particularly pleased with the hard work  the Grade 10 class put into  the project this year. As it was not possible to do any field trips this year because of the Covid-19 situation in Heidelberg, the students watched documentary material on the development of Bauhaus before starting work on the project. Imagination helped the students to create visually very interesting work. The interest and commitment of the students was greatly appreciated by their teachers.


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