“To me H.I.S. is similar to a big family”

Former student spends two weeks as volunteer with Early Primary Class

My name is Leon Kuehling and I am currently preparing to study in Germany. I spent the last 7 years in Canada going to school there and getting my high school degree. Before that I attended H.I.S. from grade 1 until grade 6. So I was pleasantly surprised when Mrs. Hoeck-Bühler approached me with the opportunity to help out with the Early Primary preschool classes. I spent the last 2 weeks with the children and had a very positive experience. It was great to see that, despite the school’s tremendous growth, the core principles that make the Heidelberg International School so special still exist. To me H.I.S. is similar to a big family, this was solidified when I arrived the 1st day and received a very warm welcome from all my old teachers, who I can now consider friends and mentors, but was also welcomed by new faces who were all very helpful and genuinely interested in who I was and why I had chosen to help out for these 2 weeks.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 7.49.26 PMAfter a cup of coffee I was quickly directed to my classroom where I was simply instructed to just get to know the kids for the 1st day. The following weeks I had the opportunity to observe and assist within the classroom with various activities such as gardening, reading, writing and crafts or simply helping the kids build various different structures. I learned a lot about classroom dynamics and how to solve simple disputes between children which I believe will be very helpful in any career I should pursue. Overall I had a wonderful and positively exhausting time at Heidelberg International School and will definitely return to visit. I am thankful for the opportunity and am glad to have met and reconnected with so many intelligent and open minded individuals.

Best Regards,

Leon Kuehling

text: Leon Kuehling

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