The Pirates of Penzance at H.I.S. – behind the scenes

The play…

is a love story about a Pirate that falls in love with a princess.   It is a comic opera that has two acts. I had a chance to interview one of the actresses. What is it like being in a play? “It’s fun because I like to sing and dance and it’s amazing that I can do all of this at school.” What was your favourite part of the play? “I enjoyed the final part because it’s fun and very crazy.” What was the most challenging part of this play? “The Tra Tra song by the Police, but I think it was funny and very well acted out.” What was your hardest song for the play? “The hardest song was ‘Climbing Over Rocking Mountains’ because it is high and very hard in a lot of other ways.” What was the easiest part of the play? “I would have to say, going to practice already knowing my part and really acting it out.” What part of the play did you look forward to? “The final part because it’s fun to run around and that is the part that we really go crazy.” Did you enjoy the play? “Yes, it was very hard to memorise each part but otherwise it was very fun to act out every part. It is a fantastic play.”

by Nikki, Grade 7


The Night Of:

Here are some of the emotions people felt the night of the performance:

“I am nervous and there are a lot of people out there.”

“I am trying to go through my lines so I don’t mess up”.

“I am excited, I feel like I know my lines well enough to do a great job”.

“I feel like its very chaotic because everyone is trying to do a last second glance at their lines and I’m trying to help but too many people are asking me”.

“It’s hard to focus knowing how many people are out there but I feel it will go well.”

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One thought on “The Pirates of Penzance at H.I.S. – behind the scenes

  1. Bravo to the MYP students for two fabulous performances! Your dedication and efforts were evident in the show, and my family loved every minute of it!