The Tale of the Little Mermaid

A visit to the theatre

The Grade 6 and the Grade 7 students visited an inspiring performance of The Tale of the Little Mermaid at the Heidelberg Zwinger Theatre this month.

The award winning play is a free interpretation of the fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen by Roland Schimmelpfennig. Roland Schimmelpfennig, one of the most frequently performed contemporary playwrights in Germany, adapted the classic fairytale to create a contemporary tale about the experiences of refugees.

Dreams, wishes and identity were some of the topics addressed. Watching the play on stage was a great opportunity to gain new insights and discover another layer of meaning of a well-known fairytale with a modern twist.

Produktion: Theater und Orchester Heidelberg: Das Märchen von der kleinen Meerjungfrau, Spielzeit 2023/24

Fotografin:  Susanne Reichardt

Darsteller: Leon Wieferich, Timo Jander, Maren Kraus


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