“Silent Spring”

Happy Earth Day 2021

The students in grade 8 have been studying interactions between populations, communities and ecosystems as part of their Unit “Silent Spring”.

This unit takes its name from an environmental science book published in 1962 by Rachel Carson. This book helped everyday people see the dramatic ways our impact on the environment, through the use of pesticides, could ripple through ecosystems, worsening over time, and helped ignite a movement for greater conservation efforts.

Grade 8 took a break from their screens last week to observe their local environment and document examples of​​ interdependence and interactions within populations communities and ecosystems.

One student observed:

“The largest green tree is an apple tree, the tree with the white blossom is cherry, the smaller plants with the yellow flowers are wolfbane and the leafy green bush is a pink and wite rose.

There are many plants in the small space which leaves them all competing for space. Even though the plants are struggling for room, they each bring something to the garden.

The wolfsbane sap burns flesh so it stops any cats or people walking through the roses have thorns which stops people from accessing the apples which means they can drop their seeds easily.

The trees and plants give out O2 and breathe in CO2, and the blossoms have a beautiful smell which attracts many bees and butterflies in summer.”

“There is a pine tree, a second cherry tree and a wild pear tree. These three trees each take up a rather big space.

Pine is incredibly tall, cherry’s branches spread out and lastly wild pear has stayed slightly small because it is benign blocked by the two other trees.

The pine casts a huge shadow down on the ground and makes the soil slightly more acidic when the pine cones rot down. Which is the perfect easy for many plants to grow such as; clover, rose, and dandelions.

All three trees give out O2 and take in significant amounts of CO2.”



Wishing everyone time to enjoy the final arrival of spring this weekend!

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