“Schüler machen Zeitung”

H.I.S. student articles published in RNZ

Once again, MYP students in Grades 8-10 participated in the annual RNZ project “Schüler machen Zeitung”.

Over six weeks in November and December, they read and discussed the daily paper in their German lessons and learned about researching and writing their own articles. At the end of the project, they had the opportunity to send in their articles, and the RNZ published the 40 best articles in a special supplement at the end of April.

11 secondary schools and more than 800 students in Heidelberg participated in this project and sent in their articles, and 8 H.I.S. students had their work published.

Congratulations go to Bennett, Katja, Hannah, Raga, Niels, Oscar, Pascal and Brian, and also to all the other students who took part in this project!


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