RC BRICK Pot – What?

The Learner Profile presented by Grade 7

RC BRICK POT – is an abbreviation for all the IB Learner Profile attributes. As one of their Community and Service projects, Grade 7 students created a presentation about the Learner Profile attributes in German. In groups they presented this to PYP German classes.

Grade 7 students prepared different scenarios for each of the Learner Profile attributes and our PYP students had to match the attributes that fitted best. Afterwards students were asked to draw their hands and to write Learner Profile attributes on each other’s hands.

After the grade 7 students left, we brainstormed how we could implement the IB Learner Profile more into the German lessons. Our students had some excellent ideas that we will look into and develop further.

Thank you very much, Grade 7, you did a fantastic job!


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