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Do you have a question for Joseph in Mayana? Last April, H.I.S. welcomed and hosted Joseph Mbamba, a vision team member of MCP in Mayana, to the school. He had travelled to Germany as part of an MCP Project trip to bring first hand information, news and knowledge about the projects MCP supports in his hometown as well as more general information about Mayana and Namibia. Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 17.39.28In the last 12 months, life in Mayana has been extremely challenging for Joseph, his family, and the people around him. A severe drought has resulted in a well-below expected harvest leaving people starving. Thanks to your support, MCP has been able to provide some immediate relief and begin finding ways for a sustainable future to alleviate this problem in the long term. The MCP Working Group will be contacting Joseph in the coming weeks to send our greetings, ask how he is doing and to get some further information about how life is for him and the community in Mayana. Do you have a question? Is there something you’d like to know or a message you’d like to send? Add your questions to the notice board in the foyer, write them on a note and pass them to Mrs Parsons, or E-mail them to . Then… keep your eyes peeled for the replies in an article to be published in April.

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