Rose-ringed Parakeet

Have you seen them fly by your home? The Rose-ringed Parakeet is endemic to Northern and West Africa and Southern Asia….and to Heidelberg. Large swarms of the beautiful parrots can be seen and heard sitting in trees in cities all over Germany.

The EP students used their imagination to make different creations of the bird:



Antigone – Performing Arts at A Distance

Grade 6 students are rehearsing Antigone by Sophocles over Zoom these days!

In the picture you can see us rehearsing Episode 5 of the play, with the actors in the scene. Next week we plan to rehearse with home-made costumes and props – expect bedsheet’s for greek toga’s and lightsabers for swords!​

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“Ich bin schon ziemlich lang Zuhaus’…”

Grade 5 AGP German students are busy writing articles and poetry

For our Grade 5 German students, it is a tradition to produce an edition of the H.I.S. Zeitung (H.I.S. newspaper) towards the end of their final year in PYP. Will there be a newspaper this year?

Most of the students have been busy writing their articles on topics they found interesting enough to research and to write about. In order to get a taste of what you will be able to find in the H.I.S. Zeitung this year, here is one article written by students in the AGP (Advanced German Programme) group.

The idea for the Corona poems came from an article I read in the local newspaper: Rhein-Neckar Zeitung. They reported about a teacher in a local school in Heidelberg who asked his students to write poems about Corona. Some of the poems from his students were even published in the newspaper. I sent our poems to the RNZ as well. Who knows, maybe the RNZ will print them as well.

Now, enjoy the sneak preview.

text: SH

newspaper article and poetry: Grade 5 AGP German class



Konnie the Inquirer

You won’t believe how much Konnie has grown.  Hopefully you can see this in the following pictures.

He is an Inquirer.  He is incredibly nosy and loves to sit on the balcony and watch what is happening in our garden below.

He also wanted to check we repaired the raised bed properly.

He is very sweet and still loves to play.  At the moment he is very keen on finding and chewing on sticks.  When we go for walks in the forest, he always wants to bring home the biggest branch he can find!


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Welcome Back

Good to see you!

We were thrilled to welcome back Grade 11 students and teachers today. On entering the building students wore protective masks, picked up their timetables and made their way upstairs to the top floor. It was good to see you arrive this morning, we truly missed you!

No drop-off was required, yet, but an individual welcome “at a distance” for every student was a highlight of this morning.

Students and staff learn, teach and work in school as well as at a distance this week.

It was good to see “stuff” left on the benches again.

We wish you a good week back at school. Thank you everybody for doing a fantastic job at following the safety precautions and hygiene requirements today. Let’s hope that we can welcome more students back to school soon.

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Environment Week


Imagine sitting in a beautiful garden, in a comfortable lounge chair. It’s springtime and there is a warm breeze, bringing with it the sweet scent of flowers….and now open your eyes and enjoy the beautiful butterflies that are fluttering through your garden.

Many thanks to all students, parents and staff that created and submitted butterflies and art work to celebrate Environment Week 2020.


Kangaroo Mathematics Competition 2020

Who makes the longest "jump"?

H.I.S. students took part in the Kangaroo Math Competition today.

The Kangaroo mathematics competition started in Australia many years ago. It aims to promote mathematical thinking and problem solving.

Each year, the German branch of the organisation writes a set of questions in English and in German for grades 3-13 and organises sponsors and prizes.

The competition went online this year because of school closures. This meant the competition aspect was smaller, giving us the opportunity to solely focus on mathematical thinking and fun.

In grades 3-6 we encouraged family-wide cooperation for the event. Everyone who participated will receive a small prize. There will be a T-shirt awarded to the student with the longest “jump” (number of consecutive correct questions).

Student comments:

“I liked it because it was fun, and we did not have to do school work for 4 periods”

“In my opinion, it’s pretty good, however obviously it was quite difficult but overall I enjoyed it”

“I really liked it because it was something different and it challenged us in some parts which was good.”

“I enjoyed it because it was interesting and different …”

“I really loved how different and well planned it was”

“I like the kangaroo math because it is related to math. I enjoyed it!”

“I enjoyed it more than us doing it in school 🙂 “


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