The Journey of A Blood Cell

Grade 7 students shared their learning with Grade 2

Learning Science is fun while teaching Grade 2!

Grade 7 had the challenging task to write a story about the journey of a red blood cell through the blood system of the human body.

The creative stories were read to Grade 2  students. The young scientists were thrilled to hear how the red blood cell travels through their bodies.

One student impressed Grade 2 by presenting her story with a visual model.

Well done Grade 7!



A place to linger…

New bench handed over to students

Representatives of the PTG (Parent Teacher Group) as well as Grade 11 and Grade 12 students and staff were present, when the new bench, set up around the tree within the bike park, was officially handed over to the Diploma students today.

A huge round of applause followed the ribbon cutting and words of thanks were addressed to the PTG. Immediately after the ceremony the students were invited to enjoy Pizza by the PTG.

Our thanks go to all PTG members and especially to those present and former members who initiated the purchase of the bench. With warmer weather in springtime, the bench will offer an opportunity for our older students to sit at lunch time.

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Saint Martin’s Day

EP Students experience a German tradition

Over the last couple of weeks, EP students were busy making their lanterns for St. Martin.

On Thursday, November 11 we had our little lantern parade on the playground celebrating St. Martin in German class. We sang “Laterne, Laterne”, acted out the legend of St. Martin and shared some Martin’s Men (sweet pastry) in class – as St. Martin is all about sharing.

What is the story behind Saint Martin?

Saint Martin of Tours (316 – 297 CE) initially worked as a Roman legionary but was later appointed the third Bishop of Tours. He was a modest and altruistic man. Children in all parts of Germany know the legend about his saving a homeless person from freezing to death by giving him half of his cloak.

Martin and His Cloak

One snowy winter evening, Martin and the other soldiers were returning on horseback to Amiens. At the city gate sat a beggar, so cold in his ragged clothing that he could not even ask for help. Martin did not have any money or food to give him, so he took his sword and cut in half his heavy red soldier’s cloak.


Schüler machen Zeitung

Projekt der Rhein-Neckar Zeitung

Heute hat wieder das Projekt „Schüler machen Zeitung“ an der H.I.S. begonnen.

Sechs Wochen lang werden sich die Schüler und Schülerinnen der 9.und 10. Klasse jeden Tag im Unterricht mit Zeitungslektüre und -analyse beschäftigen und dabei auch lernen, wie man selbst für eine Reportage recherchiert oder ein Interview durchführt.

Am Ende besteht wieder die Möglichkeit, selbstgeschriebene Artikel in der RNZ zu veröffentlichen. Das Projekt bietet uns eine fantastische Gelegenheit, Schülern die Wichtigkeit von Printmedien auch in unserem digitalen Zeitalter zu vermitteln.


Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

H.I.S. is proud to introduce a new and exciting experience for students in Grade 10.

The Duke of Edingburgh Award offers students the chance to learn new skills and to build on prior knowledge. It takes them out of their comfort zone and into a place where they’ll push themselves and have amazing new experiences.  The students will have the chance to build confidence, resilience, develop skills for work and forge friendships.

The DofE Award is regarded highly by Colleges, universities and employers world wide.

There are three awards bronze, silver and gold. They each consist of 4 elements (Service, Skill, Physical recreation & an adventurous journey) with an additional residential element in the gold award.  The students set their goals and work with an assessor to achieve them.

On Sunday October 10th, Grade 10 students took part in a practise hike in order to assess their map reading skills. They will need these skills for planning their adventurous journey sometime next year.

The sun shone as the students led the way with maps, but soon discovered that they needed more detailed maps of the area; they had not hiked as far as they had thought and had taken a wrong turn somewhere! Some local dog walkers helped them out to find their back the starting point, via a windy path through the forest.

There will be more practise hikes to come for the students as well as sessions on developing map reading skills and working with compasses!


An Apple A Day….

Continuing a tradition of the World Food Day at H.I.S., the Parent Teacher Group (PTG) provided all students with fresh, locally grown apples from the Schneider farm in Edingen-Neckarhausen.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away…”, is a well-known expression. According to the many health benefits of apples, there must be some truth in that!

A big thank you to the PTG for the delivery of the delicious and healthy treat.

What’s your favourite apple recipe?




World Food Day 2021

Last week the Primary and Secondary students participated in various lesson activities about food consumption.

Students had attempted to waste less food during lunch times and bring in locally produced food.

Food insecurity and the impact the food industry has on carbon emissions and the environment, were topics addressed in class.

Here is an interesting article about food security. The second link takes you to a Kahoot quiz, if you would like to test your knowledge about food facts.

Enjoy the “Food Characters”, created by Primary students.