Global School Play Day

Why is free, unstructured play important?

Wednesday February 6th , the H.I.S. PYP students will be participating in Global School Play Day to help raise awareness of the importance of play. There are countless benefits that help children develop physically, emotionally and socially.

On Wednesday this week,  students are encouraged to bring their toys from home. Once they get to school the rules are: no screens or devices, no structure, just play all day long!

Please visit for more information and to watch Peter Gray’s TedX lecture, The Decline of Play to increase your knowledge on the importance of play.

text & photo: EM

Grade 10 Field Trip to EMBL

On Friday 25th January, the Grade 10 students went on a field trip to EMBL. The students were given an introduction to EMBL and learnt about collaborative working across the scientific disciplines in a truly multicultural environment. 

They were given a short presentation by a PhD student about his research and had a short tour of the laboratory facilities. 

After a short break, students had a chance to meet three people who work in different areas of EMBL and ask questions about possible careers in science and how these people actually ended up working at EMBL.

One group, with EMBL’s health & safety officer even managed to get a short tour of the chemistry laboratories!

Before coming back to school, the students had lunch in the building that is built on a model of DNA with a double helix stairwell! All in all, it was a truly educational experience!

text & photos SAB

Teaching A Foreign Language

Personal Project

Hello! My name is Nora and I am currently in Grade 10, working to complete my Personal Project. My project relates to language learning, and the methodologies that prove to be effective when teaching a language.

My product includes a presentation informing parents, teachers, and students of the H.I.S. community about effective language teaching methods. In other words, I created a tool to assist users in choosing the most effective language learning approach. Please click on the link to see my presentation.

Thank you!

Roses And Chocolate For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day roses and chocolates will be available to order starting January 30th, 2019 and ending on February 8th, 2019. Roses are 1.50 €, and chocolates are 2 € per bag. Both can be delivered to a recipient of choice along with a note, or picked up on the day by the customer. Both roses and chocolate will be available to order in the foyer after school, or from individual student council representatives.

Movie Night For All Students!

The Parent Teacher Group is organising a Movie Night for all students. The Movie for Primary School Students will be shown in the MPR. At the same time the movie for Secondary Students will be shown in the Hedgehog Hall. Tickets will be on sale next Monday after school.

The Habitat for Humanity Tree

We would like to thank everyone who has so far contributed to our fundraising total for our Habitat for Humanity Romania 2019 project! We still have a long way to go before we can finally go and help the children in Romania have an education center where they can get support with their education. This year’s Habitat project involves Grade 11 students helping to construct an energy efficient community and education center in Buftea, Romania.

The global charity Habitat For Humanity help less fortunate people who can’t afford housing, or do not have access to essential utilities in their community, by using volunteers and donations to build them new buildings and houses. Last year’s Grade 11, this year’s grade 12, also participated in a Habitat project and they all enjoyed it and many people felt we should repeat it again for this year’s Grade 11.

Our overall fundraising target is 7.700,00 € of which we have raised 1.311,16 € as of January 24th. We would like to remind you that you can still donate on our fundraising page at or by putting the money in the donation box at the school’s front desk. You can contribute to the tree by donating 2 € for a leaf, 10 € for an apple, and 25€ for a bird. If you were to donate your name would be written on the object and added to our tree.

We would also like to remind you that we will soon be hosting a Bake Sale on the 1st of February, so remember to bring some money to, not only eat some delicious pastry, but also contribute to our trip to Romania to help Habitat for Humanity, but most especially the less fortunate kids in Romania.

Pietro, Grade 11

H.I.S. MAD Nights 2019

Watch MYP students perform their version of “The Curious Incident” and walk through the MYP Visual Art Exhibtion. We will have two evenings of “MAD” performances next week.

Human Rights Project

When adopted on December 10th, 1948, the UN proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights “a common standard of achievements for all peoples and all nations.” (UN, ) We are excited to have the opportunity to celebrate 70 years since this declaration as well as reflect, sadly, on the distance humanity still has to go to realize these declarations in all parts of the world.

The Interkulturelle Zentrum, Heidelberg started an initiative for schools in Heidelberg to apply for a financial support to realize an exhibition with the topic “School for Human Rights/ 70 Years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights” during the International Weeks Against Racism (11th until the 24th of March, 2019). H.I.S. sent in a proposal as many MYP teachers saw a great opportunity to imbed this topic in the curriculum after the winter break. 

At the end of January, if successful, the proposal will see H.I.S. as one of three HD schools involved in the IZ exhibition about human rights and we will hold a public open evening on Monday, the 11th of March at 7 pm (first day after March break). If not successful, we will run our own exhibition for the community on the same date.

We are very excited about this whole project and will keep you informed about the hopefully positive news from the IZ Heidelberg. For now: Save the date of the opening!

text: BK, HP

MYP Firebowl Trip

On the last the day before the Winter Break, the MYP had a fun outing to Firebowl. Here are some photos and comments from the students.

Firebowl was a good experience and we enjoyed bonding with friends and bowling! – Nasya

I think the trip went pretty well. Also, I think it was a nice last day of school of 2018. – Joanne 

I really enjoyed the Firebowl trip. I feel like it was a chance to get to know people better and to just have fun. – May

I had fun on the Firebowl trip because I got to hang out with my friends and we had a bit more freedom. A lot of good memories were made. – Mabel

I enjoyed Firebowl; every minute. The atmosphere was fun and I had fun with my friends before the break. – Amir Gr6

It was fun because everybody did it. – Ichi

I liked the fact that it was the whole MYP because I have older friends so I could also hang out with them. –Lilly 

text & photos Gr 6 and HP