Grade 12 at BASF Biotech Lab

Students: "It was truly inspiring."

We are excited to share the wonderful experience our Grade 12 Biology students had during their recent field trip to the BASF Biotechnology Lab on October 17. It was a fantastic opportunity for our students to delve deeper into the world of biotechnology and apply their classroom knowledge in a real-world setting.

During the visit, our students engaged in a range of hands-on activities that enriched their understanding of cutting-edge biotechnology techniques. They were able to actively participate in DNA extraction, PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), gene transformation, and gel electrophoresis experiments.

Our students had this to say about their experience: “Our visit to the BASF laboratory was a highly enjoyable and informative experience. We had the unique opportunity to bridge the gap between our classroom learning and practical application, gaining hands-on knowledge in the fields of PCR, gene transfer, and gel electrophoresis. This visit not only enhanced our laboratory skills but also provided us with valuable insights into the real-world applications of the biological sciences. It was truly inspiring to witness our theoretical knowledge come to life and to work with professional equipment and real-life biological substances. This experience has not only deepened our understanding of the subject but may have also ignited a passion for scientific research in some of our peers.”

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the instructors at BASF, Dr. Gaby Seelmann-Eggebert, Dr. Katja Völkel and Dr. Lutz Kettler, who went above and beyond to make this field trip an enriching and memorable experience for our students. Their guidance and expertise were instrumental in ensuring that our students gained invaluable insights into the world of biotechnology.

We are proud of our Grade 12 Biology students for their active participation, enthusiasm, and commitment to learning. This field trip not only broadened their horizons but also inspired many of them to consider pursuing careers in biotechnology and related fields.


“Blood Splatter Detectives”

Grade 6 Scientists

We are thrilled to share the exciting scientific exploration our Grade 6 Science students embarked on during their “Blood Splatter Detectives” laboratory experience this month.

This lab allowed our young scientists to put on their detective hats and practice the scientific method while investigating the intriguing relationship between the height of a drop and the diameter of the resulting splatter. In this hands-on experiment, our students honed their observation, measurement, and data analysis skills. The steps of the scientific method were meticulously followed as they designed their experiments, made predictions, collected data, and drew conclusions based on their findings.

The enthusiasm and curiosity in the lab were contagious as our students eagerly tested various drop heights and meticulously recorded their observations. They considered factors like drop height, the type of surface the ‘Shrek blood’ (in this case, a green food colouring as a substitute for blood) landed on, and the shape of the resulting splatter. This allowed them to understand the concept of variables and how they influence experimental outcomes. Throughout the lab, our budding scientists exhibited an impressive level of teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. They supported one another, discussed their observations, and even recalibrated their experiments when needed to ensure the highest level of accuracy.


Support World Food Day 2023

PYP and MYP Poster Competition

Support World Food Day 16 October 2023 by taking part in a poster competition.

If you are in the PYP create a poster in school on ‘The importance of saving water’.

If you are in the MYP create a poster to raise awareness for ‘The future challenges and solutions of the world in managing water’.

Submit your entry to your class teacher or homeroom teacher by 27 November. Your poster should be engaging, informative and thought provoking. The winners will be presented in a school assembly. The winning posters will be shown on the screen in the school foyer.




MYP Field Trip to Mannheim

All students in Grade 6-10 went on a field trip to the BUGA (Bundesgartenschau). BUGA 23 is a not just a flower show as the name may say, but will improve the sustainable quality of life and lifestyle in Mannheim.

The Bundesgartenschau is a stretch of green over 7km long, creating new walkways, places to play and relax. At the same time, it will improve the city`s air quality and climate. BUGA is also part of Mannheim`s North East Green Corridor Project, connecting 230 hectares of green areas forming a corridor stretching into the city centre.

BUGA 23 is an innovative experimental field for living together in the city sustainably. It complies with the UN sustainability goals which are incorporated in Mannheim`s mission statement for 2030. Solutions to problems and challenges of our time will be explored relating to climate, the environment, sustainable agricultural production and food security.

One of the major highlights was the 2 km long overhead cable car system spanning the river Neckar, and connecting Luisenpark with the BUGA-Grounds, which the students rode from Luisienpark. With the clear weather there were some spectacular views.

Students then had the opportunity to explore the grounds in small groups and take time to see and reflect on several purposely built small gardens that represent the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) which are integrated into the school curriculum.

Students were asked to consider and reflect upon what the garden looked like, how it represented the sustainability goal and then write down their thoughts and ideas.


Community Fun Fest

At the Community Fun Fest everybody had the chance to become gladiators, racing car drivers and red carpet celebrities.

It was wonderful to have H.I.S. students, parents and staff come together for the Community Fun Fest this week. Everybody enjoyed the activities and the chance to spend time together. A huge thank you to our parents for providing food that allowed us to take a journey around the world in just 3 hours!

Until next time!




We are one!

Celebrating Diversity at H.I.S.

Our Middle Years Homeroom classes got more acquainted this week by sharing their cultural viewpoint through artistic expression. With a trace of their hands, their work represents the rich diversity of our student body, with so many cultures and places that we have called home. Assembled together in a mural, this collective work celebrates that “we are one!”

Artwork by Sophia, Grade 8


Chromatography Trolls

Grade 5 students experienced a MYP science class in June.
The students learned the basics of paper chromatography, a simple separation technique used in science and in various fields in real life. They experimented with different coloured markers on paper chromatography strips to see how different pigment components are separated.
Afterwards the scientific investigation was taken a step further with a fun activity: Using the same technique, students created their own chromatography trolls.

Mein Sport – Mein Heidelberg – Meine Zukunft

H.I.S. Students Win Award

How should the city of Heidelberg develop as a sports city? This was the question the students had to answer in the form of a creative writing task.

The competition was initiated by the sports department of the University of Heidelberg. 5 students of the grade 7 German Language & Litearature class (Neils, Sanpi, Philipp, Aiden and Marta) sent in their short stories. On the 18th of July the award ceremony took place on campus in the Neuenheimer Feld. All participants were invited and the short listed students received the message that they were likely to win a price.

Aiden won third price in the category “Jugendliche”. His story was about a big youth sports event, like a video game, in the city of Heidelberg, including famous places like the Neckarwiese and the Alte Brücke. Martha couldn’t attend the ceremony, but was able to pick up her first price some days later. She submitted a very sensitive story about a teenager who has no interest in sport and in the end makes up his mind to get involved in sports activities.

The prices were sponsored by institutions in Heidelberg. Next to the certificates Marta and Aiden received vouchers for  the Heidelberg SoccArena, tickets for the BasCats USC Heidelberg for the season 2023/24 and vouchers for the Heidelberg funicular.

Congrats to the happy winners and thanks to the other grade 7 students who made the effort to write and submit a story!


Explore Science

Since 2006, the Klaus Tschira Foundation has been organising the annual scientific adventure days Explore Science in Mannheim.

The aim of the event is to give students the opportunity to discover scientific phenomena themselves, to increase interest in scientific topics among young students and to promote networking between scientific institutions and schools. This year’s theme was “Mathematics”.

Students from grades 6-9 took part in the Explore Science competitions, which involved preparations over several weeks. Grade 8 showed off their bridges made from paper. Grade 9 students were asked to perform calculations to work out an area based on work they had done in class, and Grade 6 & 7 students presented their kaleidoscopes.

This year, H.I.S. was particularly successful in the competitions. Martin, Mykola, and Ako from Grade 9 won 9th place in the land surveying competition. They received €100. In the kaleidoscope competition, three groups got special mentions from the jury: Philipp, Canon, Neil and Lucas from grade 7 impressed everyone with a kaleidoscope that worked in the dark since they incorporated a smart phone inside.

 Aiden, Niels and Warren from grade 7 had built a kaleidoscope, which you could look through with both eyes. Hannah, Bernard and Joan created a kaleidoscope for “lazy viewers” with a motor and a switch. It was a tough competition, but the Grade 6 group ended up winning the first prize and had the opportunity to explain their motorised kaleidoscope in front of a big audience on stage at the Herzogenriedpark. It was the first time, H.I.S. won the first prize, which included a prize money of €500!

Overall, the days were fun and exciting and enjoyed by the students. Congratulations to all our young H.I.S. scientists!