Message from Rosa

Dear All, 

Somehow I’m thinking a lot about H.I.S. lately. We are still living in China and everything goes well. I have some really good news to share.IMG_4093

Abel passed his IB. It was hard work and didn’t get enough sleep the last months but he managed to do it. He applied for a few universities in the UK, one in Rotterdam and his first choice UBC Vancouver. 

He got accepted at UBC and yesterday he flew there on his own to start his new life. 

He did very well in the IB. His total score was 36 points. He will study Bachelor of Commerce at UBC. I miss him like crazy but we have to go through this and in October we will visit him. 

Jaro is now Grade 11 and we just started the new school year. Right now I can’t say how it goes but knowing Jaro it will go well. He is elected this week as the new VP from STUCO. (student council) 

He is somehow a born leader so probably it is the right job for him. 

I hope H.I.S. is doing well. I saw your website and it looks great. Keep up the great work. 

We will probably stay here in China for another 2 years because I don’t want to move Jaro. After his graduation we don’t know where we should go. We still have our house in HD and Jacques and I both would like to go back there. We will see what the future brings. 

I wish all of you a good start of the new school year! 

Stay healthy and safe. 

Warm regards from Shenzhen! 


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