MCP Fair – Sneak Preview

At lunch time, the MYP and Grade 11 student volunteers for the MCP Fair (happening THIS Thursday after school) had an introduction to the resources they will be using at the various booths.

Monika Handwerker from MCP visited over lunchtime to give students some important background information and allowed them to get their hands on some of the mystery equipment. Can you, for example, guess what is being built or done in the pictures below?  

We also learned that a Grade 11 student in Mayana would be expected to carry 20 litres of water over a distance of 4 km. While students won’t be experience anything as extreme, they will have the chance to try out water carrying, millet grounding, and head scarf tying as well as other activities.

Punch cards for the fair are on sale after school this week.

 We hope to welcome many of you to the fair. It hasn’t been held for a number of years at H.I.S., and it will be a great chance to learn about life in the north of Namibia and MCP’s work there.

text & photos: HP

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