“In the jungle, the mighty jungle….”

Luckily I did not come across any sleeping lions but a beautiful jungle full of wildlife and flowers. Take a peek:

…and find out what’s growing on the playground.

I’m sure you spotted where on the playground the photos were taken, right?!

As beautiful as the flowers are to look at – I cannot wait to hear the sound of you playing, meeting, chatting, climbing on the playground again!


photos: AS





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One thought on ““In the jungle, the mighty jungle….”

  1. Looking at all the amazing wild and cultivated flowers growing in the school playground featured in this blog post, I wanted to share my experience of using the app iNaturalist and its sister app Seek. They are free to use and have been tried and tested by various members of the H.I.S. school community. I really like iNaturalist because it allows you to identify flowers by simply taking a good quality photo closeup of the flower and then asking the app to identify it. The app knows your approximate location and based on this and the photo, it gives you a few ideas about what the flower could be. You select what you think is the best match and share your findings with other naturalists who will check and confirm your identification. The data is shared around the world and contributes towards our understanding of plant distribution. It is fun to use and you have a pictorial record of what you have discovered in your neighbourhood or elsewhere on your travels! Some of my recent findings include, Yellow Archangel, Bladder Campion, Spiked Rampion, Early Purple Orchid, Field Scabious and Yellow Rattle. The names alone should be enough to tempt you to get into botany!