International Day of Peace

H.I.S. Students Contributed to The International Peace Quilt

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-15-41-01Last Wednesday, 21st September, was the International Day of Peace.

Students took time in assemblies and classes to think about what peace means to them and their role in maintaining peace in their own lives.

At the end of the last school year G3 (now G4) submitted entries for the International Peace Quilt. The quilt was produced for the 2016 Rio Olympics and the entry from H.I.S. represented Germany (as we had also done for the International Peace Quilt for the London Olympics in 2012).

We recently received our participation certificate.

More information on the International Peace Quilt can be found on the following link: (Scroll down to 25th June 2016 for a very detailed piece on the H.I.S. entries)


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