Historic Seasons Greetings

Grade 9 and 10 students made their own seasonal greeting cards in Individuals and Societies class just before the start of the holidays. 

The cards are based on printed black and white historic Christmas cards which the students then coloured in. The pictures were glued on colourful pieces of carton. Several students also decorated the picture frames, sometimes in Art Deco style. 

This task has a curriculum connection as some of the images relate to our interdisciplinary World War One unit. The grade 9 students were particularly interested in 19th century seasonal greeting cards.

The class will have an  Industrial Revolution unit  later on this school year. It was common for black and white images to be painted by hand in the early 1900’s, so this technique has historic roots. 

The students were encouraged to send greeting cards to friends, teachers and family. Several students added text in their own languages to the cards. Some of the greeting cards are currently on display in school on the I&S MYP information board, next to room 110 on the first floor. 



 Text: KG

Photos: KG and AS

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