Helau – Alaaf!

“Sorry, there will be no Faschingsfeier this year,” this is how Sanpoorna (a Grade 5 student) launched the invitation video to a group of PYP students.

Very sad news – due to the pandemic situation, all Fasching celebrations had to be cancelled in Germany.All? No, not all! There was one school in Germany that managed to celebrate Fasching.

An awesome group of Grade 5 students pulled themselves together and in addition to their already very busy “distance learning” day took on the task of planning the 9th H.I.S. PYP Faschingsfeier, which is traditionally organized by the Grade 5 students for the rest of the PYP students.

In 5 groups they planned a dance, games and some other fun activities for each Grade level. Via Zoom the students welcomed their schoolmates by complimenting their costumes and telling them how great they looked.

The “Tschu tschu” dance was quite popular, so was the Macarena dance and the Gangnam-Style dance.We saw interesting games, which were turned into zoom compatible games and played a few kahoot quizzes, which were Fasching themed.

There was this mysterious person called “The Masked Teacher” who joined each party. We wondered who that was? Fortunately, The Fat Lady guarded the entrance to the Faschingsfeier-Zoom rooms, so that only guests could take part in the celebrations.

Thank you very much, grade five, for your time, effort and patience. You are excellent “Zoomers”, great role-models and you know how to put a nice Faschingsfeier together.



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