Habitat for Humanity – Romania Day 1

On Saturday we arrived in Bucharest, Romania. We were surprised by the hot temperatures of +30 degrees. We were picked up from the airport by our Romanian Habitat for Humanity supervisor. We received an introduction to our project.

After dumping our luggage at the Hotel, we went into the center of Bucharest. We had a quick walk around the town and had some dinner. After dinner, we went to the Street Art Festival, which was a different experience, as well as being very interesting way to experience a different culture. After being very exhausted from the travel and the trip to the center, we went back to the hotel. 

On Sunday, we got to know Bucharest way more than expected thanks to the help from Adi, our guide. The most fascinating part of our day was being able to see one of the biggest buildings in the world which was the Palace of the Parliament, built by Nicolae Ceaușescu who was the last Communist leader of Romania. It is more than 250 metres wide and long and has over 1,000 rooms.

We learned so much about Bucharest as a whole and it was fascinating to hear all the stories about past events such as the revolution. Something that was also interesting was figuring out the amount we actually walked. We surprisingly walked near 20 km on the day along with a few hop on hop off bus rides. The bus rides were a perfect opportunity to see the beautiful city of Bucharest.  Seeing the contrast in the areas was so interesting and it really showed how affected the city was by it’s past. We also went on the metro a few times in order to get around the large city and to save us from even more walking.

We went to the Senses Museum which was located in the largest mall in Romania. The museum was interesting as it messed with our senses and created illusions.

To top off our tiring day we went to a nice restaurant by the lake. This weekend was a nice way to get us ready for the 5 days of hard work that we are about to encounter.

By Giulio and Taylor

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