H.I.S. MAD Nights Musical “Aladdin”

Part One: Grade 7 Cast

“Call me Al…”


Did you find yourself  humming the theme of “Aladdin” on Tuesday or Wednesday night on your way home? In that case you can imagine what school was like at H.I.S. yesterday and today: A lot of proud and happy faces could be seen in and between lessons. Tunes were sung and lines quoted from the Musical “Aladdin”, which Grade 7 and Grade 9 students put on stage in an amazingly professional way. What a joy to watch you act and to listen to you sing! Thank you to all the stars and supporters, technicians, make-up artists, ……. and to the wonderful audience.

You would like to listen to the students again? You could come to only one of the MAD nights? No problem: Both evenings were recorded and DVDs can be purchased (Many thanks to Jonathan Cooper and the PTG).

Special thanks to the H.I.S.  Art teachers Anna and Dominik Bär for organising the M.A.D. nights.



“I am so proud of both Aladdin casts. 9th Grade set an excellent example on opening night and blew the audience (and me) away. Grade 7 followed up with their own show the night after, and I was just as amazed. What a great year for Performing Arts at H.I.S. Thank you for this wonderful experience, Gr 9 and Gr 7!” Dominik Bär





photos & text: AS



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