Grade 12 Students Visit Heidelberg University

On Tuesday 21st November, Grade 12 Chemistry students visited The University of Heidelberg Chemistry Department in Neuenheimer Feld.  They had a brief tour of the department and saw some of the laboratories.

The focus of the day was on spectroscopy, which students had studied in class as part of the curriculum. Now they would get a chance to see the machines that gather the data and produce the spectra that they are familiar at analysing.  The students had the opportunity to prepare some samples for analysis as seen in the pictures.

One picture shows a student preparing an aspirin sample for the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Machine (NMR) and in the second the student is looking through a microscope with the aim of finding a perfect sugar crystal and mounting it onto a tiny mount.  The students had a great and day and we are grateful to the University for supporting them and allowing them to see their facilities.

text & photo: SAB

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