Grade 11 students visit the Waldpiraten

A group of Grade 11 students have recently visited the Waldpiraten Camp. As you are aware the Waldpiraten Camp is a residential camp offering therapeutic activities to children across Germany recovering from Cancer.

At the end of September the whole H.I.S. school community ran and walked around an athletics track at Sportszentrum West for one hour to raise money for the Waldpiraten Camp. The school holds this event once a year and started fundraising for the camp in 2010.  This year H.I.S. broke its own record again in collecting over 6,400 euros.

The students had a good time on the field trip and learned so much from Herr Engel about the work of the camp and the difference it makes to young peoples lives recovering from cancer.  It was also nice that some of the students helped to translate German to English for the teachers and other students during the visit!

We also thank Grade 11 students for raising awareness within the school about the Waldpiraten Run and for their support with the event.

JK (MYP PHE Teacher)

RB (MYP PA Teacher, CAS co-ordinator)

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