Grade 10 Field Trip to EMBL

On Friday 25th January, the Grade 10 students went on a field trip to EMBL. The students were given an introduction to EMBL and learnt about collaborative working across the scientific disciplines in a truly multicultural environment. 

They were given a short presentation by a PhD student about his research and had a short tour of the laboratory facilities. 

After a short break, students had a chance to meet three people who work in different areas of EMBL and ask questions about possible careers in science and how these people actually ended up working at EMBL.

One group, with EMBL’s health & safety officer even managed to get a short tour of the chemistry laboratories!

Before coming back to school, the students had lunch in the building that is built on a model of DNA with a double helix stairwell! All in all, it was a truly educational experience!

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