Former Student Arohi Visited H.I.S.

Arohi remembers her time at H.I.S. as a Grade 1 student....

H.I.S. has truly been one of the best things that has happened to me. The three years I was there (2007-2009), I developed a strong base and truly learnt a lot. It was a beautiful experience in itself. I never thought school could be this fun and creative.

Visiting H.I.S. again in October 2017 was just wonderful! Mr Raw showed us around the school and it was nice to see all the changes. I also met Mrs Macdonald and Mrs Lori.Seeing the school and my old classrooms reminded me of the many things we’d enjoyed, be it singing the alphabet each morning in Grade 1,  the playground and the many games we must’ve played there, learning the times table with raisins or lying on the carpet and listening to a story being read out. It brought out the best in every student. We learnt how to communicate in a very effective and confident manner. Our creativity was given a large platform with the many activities we had. Our listening, reading and writing skills were enhanced thanks to our reading hours, story writing and listening sessions. The best thing was that everyone felt special!

Now, in Grade 11, I’ve taken up Humanities and am aspiring to work in the writing profession. All the things I learnt at H.I.S. have helped me cope with my new schools. My listening skills helped me catch up with new languages faster. Most importantly, my interest in writing and reading began at H.I.S. A big thank you to all my amazing teachers for their time, their support and all these valuable gifts which will stay with me forever and help me grow further!

text: Arohi P.

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6 thoughts on “Former Student Arohi Visited H.I.S.

  1. I appreciate your love towards Literature…and hope you move forward to learning more and more everyday..

    Good Luck Arohi.

  2. Dear Aarohi… so well written memories. I think it was 2011, I was surprised to see your name as a young author in The Hindu newspaper, Banglore. To pursue your goals, all the very best dear.

  3. Very nicely written Aarohi !!
    It shows your strong affinity towards the school . The school is great that you have good memories for it !

  4. Dear Arohi,
    It was such a lovely surprise to see you, and I was delighted that you took the time to visit H.I.S.
    Thank you for expressing your early school experiences in such an articulate fashion – I can see that your future may well involve a great deal of writing!
    We trust that you will continue to keep in touch and continue to share your clear understanding of how “to make a difference” to those around you.
    Very best wishes,
    K Macdonald