Family Time – “Service And Action”

Dear MYP and PYP parents,

Service and Action for the H.I.S. community is not so easy during the pandemic. However there are activities that can be done at home from your child, that are both beneficial and rewarding. Spending a lot of time together as a family is challenging but activities help with family bonding and in helping your child practice and learn important new skills.

Please encourage your child to complete some of the family service and action activity ideas below and take a look at the overview for some other ideas and skills that can be learned:

  • Cook a meal or a desert 
  • Read a book to a younger sibling
  • Help to tidy and clean the house
  • Do some food shopping for the family
  • Create an Exercise Workout for the family
  • Teach a Dance routine for the family of your favourite tune
  • Wash and clean the car
  • Gardening
  • Create a scavenger hunt
  • Plan and lead indoor game activities (e.g. indoor bowling, Simon Says, Guess the sound)
  • Make a quiz for other families and friends on zoom
  • Do an arts and crafts activity for grandparents or mum or dad

The MYP students can record and reflect on their activities in ManageBac and the PYP students perhaps can tell their teachers what they have been doing in a zoom call.

They don’t have to do this straight away but can do some of these activities over a number of weeks until Easter. Thank you and I hope that your child enjoys whatever they choose to do.


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