Euro Space Center – Grade 5 Extended Field Trip

20160913_132823Grade 5 have touched down after four awe-inspiring days in Space! The students loved the different experiences offered by the Euro Space Center and have returned with even more knowledge of the universe and what it is like to be an astronaut.

We completed a „space shuttle mission“ where we had to launch, unload a satellite on the ISS and safely land back at the space centre. We had to work together in the control room in order to help the Commander and Pilot complete the mission.

We also had a chance to feel what it would be like to do a virtual „moon walk.“ It was a lot fun! We also had a chance to go into space and repair a satellite on a „zero gravity wall.“ Once we learned how to navigate around, we had to take wires up the wall with us and try to figure out how to make the satellite light up.

20160914_102147 img_8518

We loved the „multi’axis chair.“ Astronauts used to use this to help them learn to complete a task or regain control of a shuttle or rocket when it is spinning out of control. To experience this we had a choice as to how fast we would like to spin and then had to trace over some dotted lines while we were spinning! It was great!

One last activity we did was the spinning chair. We learned about how the fluid in our inner ear controls our balance and will often make astronauts feel sick. Did you know that your inner ear is part of the reason that some people get car sick? But luckily noone got sick. It was a very successful and fun trip!

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text & photos: CB

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