Duke of Edinburgh Award Challenge

2nd Practice walk required map reading skills

On the 14th November, an intrepid group of Grade 10 students set off from Eberbach Station in 3 groups to try to complete a map reading challenge set by Mr. Parkes.

This was the second practice walk for the students as they prepare for the Duke of Edinburgh Challenge 3 day hike in the summer of 2022.  They would need to visit several points on a route using a detailed map of the area around the wonderful meadows and woodlands (and hills!) of Breitenstein, an area protected because of its outstanding natural beauty – really worth a visit sometime!

The group needed to visit all the checkpoints and take photographs of themselves in order to prove the entire group had been there. After a minor wrong turn coming out of Eberbach which cost all the groups one or two extra kilometers, the students powered along the course to find Mr. Knowles and Mr. Parkes waiting at one of the checkpoints.

This was the moment when the groups could choose to use a compass bearing to shorten their route and head across country to a nearby hill and a welcome hot chocolate and refreshments provided by 2 amazing Grade 11 CAS students.

Successful use of a map and compass will be essential on the 3 day hike which the students plan and walk themselves, carrying tents and provisions – a kilometer saved by good map reading really will be worth it! All groups took their compass bearings successfully and headed across the open countryside to the refreshments.

A big thank you to all the students who participated and to the teachers and Grade 11 students who were there as the back up team.



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