Destination Imagination Teams Prepare for Tournament

Five D.I. teams have been working for months, solving their chosen challenge, learning how to work together, and creating props, scenery, costumes, and vehicles.  Three of our teams travel to London this weekend for the D.I. U.K. tournament, and all five teams will present their solutions on Wednesday evening for families and friends.  All are welcome to watch the presentations from 5:15 to 6:15 in the MPR on Wednesday.

Navya copy

Navya builds her Detective Kit, which helps her “solve the mystery” in the Get a Clue challenge.

Luci copy    Megha copy

Luci prepares her makeup for a “disco party.”  Her team set their mystery in the 1970s disco era. Lucas and Nathan work with their team manager, building an archway that their vehicle will drive through. Groovy Calla in costume for her team’s disco party mystery. Our brand-new Middle Years team takes a little break from rehearsal.

 middleyearsteam copy  Calla copy

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