COVID Fatigue?

10 Actions that can help you stay strong and well

The moments between the summer and fall breaks required all of us to find a renewed source of resilience. Our students display this daily; following the guidelines that help safeguard each other and keep our community well.  Over the next month in our weekly newsletter, I will speak to the 10 R’s listed here to help us all stay well during a time that tries our patience and keeps us distant from those we love.

The first R asks that we reaffirm our actions. These actions have kept us safe over the past 8 months and will see us through the rest of this pandemic. Actions matter and a mask on our faces, emphasis on hygiene and keeping distant are known to keep this virus in check. Let’s reaffirm these actions and trust that in time, our vigilance will make a difference when this pandemic is no more.

I invite all of you to send me an email to with strategies or methods you have used to achieve any of the R’s on this list. I would love to generally speak to what works for all of you as I share about these R’s in the weeks to come.

Stay well and strong everyone!


Whole School Counsellor

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