“Schüler machen Zeitung”

H.I.S. student articles published in RNZ

Once again, MYP students in Grades 8-10 participated in the annual RNZ project “Schüler machen Zeitung”.

Over six weeks in November and December, they read and discussed the daily paper in their German lessons and learned about researching and writing their own articles. At the end of the project, they had the opportunity to send in their articles, and the RNZ published the 40 best articles in a special supplement at the end of April.

11 secondary schools and more than 800 students in Heidelberg participated in this project and sent in their articles, and 8 H.I.S. students had their work published.

Congratulations go to Bennett, Katja, Hannah, Raga, Niels, Oscar, Pascal and Brian, and also to all the other students who took part in this project!



This week the Grade 12 Visual Arts students held their Art Exhibition as a culmination of their two years of study.

This talented group explored themes as diverse as ‘Perception and Reality’, Culture, Design and Architecture. Paintings, digital photographs, sculpture and video were all on display for classes to visit.

We wish the students well in their future creative endeavours.


Personal Projects

Presentation Evening

The Grade 10 students proudly presented their personal projects to the H.I.S. community at the presentation evening. The well-attended event was a successful celebration of the students’ completed projects.

A wide range of topics was addressed by the different projects on display: Basketball and football, 3-D modelling of sports shoes, paper airplanes, neurodiversity, creating an online business, anthropology, art based on Frida Kahlo, camouflage and music.

We are proud of our students’ professional attitude, excellent presentation and communication skills.

Many thanks to parents, students and staff for supporting the event and especially to all Personal Project supervisors who supported the students throughout the process and helped them prepare for the presentation evening.


“Blood Splatter Detectives”

Grade 6 Scientists

We are thrilled to share the exciting scientific exploration our Grade 6 Science students embarked on during their “Blood Splatter Detectives” laboratory experience this month.

This lab allowed our young scientists to put on their detective hats and practice the scientific method while investigating the intriguing relationship between the height of a drop and the diameter of the resulting splatter. In this hands-on experiment, our students honed their observation, measurement, and data analysis skills. The steps of the scientific method were meticulously followed as they designed their experiments, made predictions, collected data, and drew conclusions based on their findings.

The enthusiasm and curiosity in the lab were contagious as our students eagerly tested various drop heights and meticulously recorded their observations. They considered factors like drop height, the type of surface the ‘Shrek blood’ (in this case, a green food colouring as a substitute for blood) landed on, and the shape of the resulting splatter. This allowed them to understand the concept of variables and how they influence experimental outcomes. Throughout the lab, our budding scientists exhibited an impressive level of teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. They supported one another, discussed their observations, and even recalibrated their experiments when needed to ensure the highest level of accuracy.


We are one!

Celebrating Diversity at H.I.S.

Our Middle Years Homeroom classes got more acquainted this week by sharing their cultural viewpoint through artistic expression. With a trace of their hands, their work represents the rich diversity of our student body, with so many cultures and places that we have called home. Assembled together in a mural, this collective work celebrates that “we are one!”

Artwork by Sophia, Grade 8


Model United Nation

MUNISS Conference Stuttgart

Students from Grade 10 and Grade 11 went on a trip to the International School of Stuttgart for Model United Nations (MUNISS) in April.

Putting ourselves in the shoes of ambassadors from all over the world, we debated about the balance and distribution of power around the world, focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goal #16: “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions” within different UN bodies.

We formed alliances while standing up for the values and opinions of the countries we represented. At the opening ceremony we were greeted by German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock via a personal video wishing us good luck and success.

We also had workshops and speeches from several prominent people such as Mr. Gregory D. Thome, a former US Senior Foreign Service Officer, Mr. Rainer Wieland, the Vice President of the European Parliament, and Mrs. Sandra Boser, the Staatssekretärin Kultursministerium Baden-Württemberg.

We learned a lot about how new resolutions are passed; first comes lobbying, or unmoderated caucus, in which alliances are formed and resolutions are discussed, and after they are submitted, the main submitter presents their resolution. All countries can come up with amendments, and vigorous debating ensues as each country tries to defend their own interests. Then, most importantly, comes the voting. The admins secure the door, votes are counted, and if the resolution passes, “clapping is in order”!

During all that, we got some very funny, controversial speeches from our floating delegates, wrote gossip for our gossip boxes and came up with creative punishments for those delegates who dared to show up late. Our favourites? A live enactment of Romeo and Juliet, multiple proposals, and a very public, dramatic break-up.

We made lots of new friends, with schools from all over Germany and Europe gathering at the International School of Stuttgart for this unique experience, and we didn’t only make speeches and resolution papers. Friday, we met in a club in downtown Stuttgart with everyone from MUNISS and danced the night away.

As a highlight at the end of a four day eventful conference we had the Closing Ceremony, with a very funny video of the past weekend, and most importantly, the announcement of the “Best Delegate” in each committee. We’re very proud to have three of our Delegates, Luisa Roth (G11) as delegate of Saudi Arabia in General Assembly 1, Logan Anderson (G11) as delegate of Costa Rica in UNESCO, and Aadi Vaze (G10) as delegate of France in General Assembly 3 receive the honour of ‘ Best Delegate’.

All in all, it was an unforgettable experience and a unique insight for us into how diplomacy and world politics work!

Ella, Grade 11

Personal Project Evening 2023

At the Personal Project Evening, the Grade 10 students presented their finalised Personal Projects.

After working on their planning, research and creative process, everything came together in one night.

After a brief introduction to the Personal Project, visitors were free to walk around, look at the students’ work and converse with them on their chosen topics.

Overall, the evening was a great success and an opportunity for the students to showcase their work.

Many of the Grade 10 students agreed that motivation and organisational skills were key to completing this process, but even then it was a tremendous amount of work. On the following morning, they  once more returned to their stands, this time presenting to a younger audience, the PYP classes.

For more detailed information about the evening and quotes from the students, please read the third H.I.S. Bubble newspaper which will be on sale on the 31st March after school.


Behind The Scenes of The Weihnachtsmarkt

A Taste of Journalism for H.I.S. Students

On Monday, four of our grade 9 students (Martin, Mattia, Miquel and Leon) had the opportunity to join Jonas Labrenz, local reporter at the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Heidelberg Christmas market.

The students met and interviewed stallholders and the organiser of the market. They will write about their experience as part of our „Schüler machen Zeitung“ project.


Visiting Cube SRH Restaurant

Who makes the H.I.S. hot lunch?

This week a group of students visited the “Cube” restaurant and more specifically their kitchen!

The students visiting our caterer got an insight into how their food is made, the products that are used to make it and the staff who are dedicated to making it. It was a visit of many surprises, such as the “biggest dishwasher the students we have ever seen”, “the endless rice cooker” and the large refrigerators where the products are kept fresh.

It was also very interesting to see where the food waste goes and it made an impact on the students, so much so that during lunch, the students made comments on trying not to waste food. It was a complete closure to our World Food Day “week”, and I say closure, but as we discussed with the students, it is something that we will continue to support not just on one day, or just one week, but throughout the year!