Konnie the Inquirer

You won’t believe how much Konnie has grown.  Hopefully you can see this in the following pictures.

He is an Inquirer.  He is incredibly nosy and loves to sit on the balcony and watch what is happening in our garden below.

He also wanted to check we repaired the raised bed properly.

He is very sweet and still loves to play.  At the moment he is very keen on finding and chewing on sticks.  When we go for walks in the forest, he always wants to bring home the biggest branch he can find!


text & photos KvG

Spring Break Spring Clean

With time at our hands and the lovely spring weather, I’m sure a lot of you have been busy working in and around your homes or gardens during the break.

Being a member of the H.I.S. Environment Working Group, Mrs Bracht didn’t let the cancellation of the H.I.S. Spring Clean deter her – she stepped right into action, with her family.

Mrs. Bracht: “Unfortunately there is plenty of work to be done around my neighbourhood.

Fantastic effort – thank you for taking action!



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Schüler machen Zeitung! H.I.S. Junior Journalists

In November and December 2019 the grade 9/10 German Language and Literature class took part in the annual project “Schüler machen Zeitung” organised by the local Rhein Neckar Zeitung.
The project entailed a daily RNZ subscription and a newspaper article writing competition. Each year several hundred students from schools in the Heidelberg area participate in this project. Every student writes an article about a topic of personal interest. The best articles are chosen and published by the RNZ.
Finally, last week, in a separate “Sonderbeilage” of the RNZ, the best 40 student articles were published and we are very proud that you can find 4 articles of H.I.S. students among them.
Well done Anton, Elli, Eshal, Franklin, and Jooke!
Elli and Jooke:
A big thank you to Frau Kress for supporting the students and this project!

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H.I.S. Distance Learning Programme

Many thanks to parents, teachers and students for providing us with some shots of “distance learning” in action. This is what it can look like when…..

A teacher is preparing assignments for her classes……

A student is busy working on a writing assignment….

A PE lesson is creatively worked into the daily schedule at home…

And Grade 12 students work online with their German teacher!

Keep up the good work everybody – you rock!


A post a day.1

Dear H.I.S. Community,

Good morning and welcome to the first “a post a day”! With this post I want to reach out to all H.I.S. students and teachers. If you have had breakfast, remembered to feed the cat/dog, given someone a hug, listened to the birds outside your window, answered all your messages, had a second tea, brushed your teeth, smiled at yourself in the mirror, then you must be ready for your first day of school away from school.

But what does distance learning look like?

Many thanks to the H.I.S. student who contributed this illustration!

If you are among those students who might skype with their teachers: remember to tidy up that part of your room that is visible behind you when you sit in front of your computer…..

Nothing left to say, except: have a good day everyone!





Teaching Science

After extensive studies of cell organelles in Science class, Grade 6 students designed amazing 3D cell models. Equipped with their cell models, Grade 6 students visited Grade 4 to share their learning with the Primary students.

Grade 4 students learned about the important parts of the animal and plant cells. The Grade 6 Teachers enhanced their teaching  not only with the amazing colourful models but they also simplified the complex  matter with easy to understand analogies.

Well done Grade 6!

Margarita Mechkova

Wie macht man Werbung?

Herr Rövers besucht den Deutschunterricht der 4. Klasse

Der Grafikdesigner, Herr Rövers, kam am Mittwoch, 11.12.19, zu uns in den Deutschunterricht. Er erklärte uns wie man wirkungsvolle Werbeanzeigen macht.

Die Farbenauswahl ist wichtig, damit die Anzeige auffällig ist und man aufmerksam darauf wird. Der Farbkreis ist dabei wichtig, weil man oft Komplementärfarben wählt. Rot ist zum Beispiel eine Warnfarbe, die sofort ins Auge sticht. Außerdem zeigte er uns, dass die Schriftfont und die Schriftgröße zum Produkt passen sollte. Ein Fließtest sollte kurz und knapp sein und schnell zu lesen sein.

Um Herauszufinden wie die Elemente am besten auf dem Poster aussehen, sollte man erst einmal alles auf das Poster legen und mit der Größe der Schrift und des Bildes experimentieren. Herr Rövers sagte auch, dass wir es auch spüren würden, wenn Farben und Schrift gut zusammenpassen.

Wir hatten auch Fragen für Herrn Rövers, die er uns beantwortete.

Jetzt haben wir einiges dazu gelernt, das wir für unsere eigenen Anzeigen benutzen können!

Dankeschön, Herr Rövers!


Text und Foto: AGP Deutschgruppe – 4. Klasse  und SH

Dogs deserve a treat as well!

Grade 4 AGP German Group baked dog treats for Konnie

During our unit: Plugged In we also learned about advertisements and how to create them. Our final task was then to design an advertisement for a product, which we had to create on our own.

We wanted to make something for our school dog, Konnie, and we thought, since he likes eating everything, self-made dog treats would be a good idea. During our German lesson last week, we had the chance to bake two different, healthy dog treats.

After creating a design for the product packaging, we had the chance to feed a few treats to Konnie as a “Nikolaus” treat. He really likd them and actually wanted to eat them all. We were very happy to see that he enjoyed our treats!




Text und Fotos: AGP German Group and SH

Decorate our Skyscraper!

Christmas time is here and the skyscraper is being decorated! Three new special edition Christmas items will soon be available to buy.

As you all know, the skyscraper is displayed on the window in the foyer and you can buy items to place on it. There are already so many items that have been bought to complete the building.

We would like to raise as much money as possible so that we are able to supply everything we need to help build homes for families in Romania and to realize individual projects in Namibia on our CAS trips 2020.

So far we have raised 705 € that will all go towards our CAS trips. Starting Monday the 2nd December, you can buy:

  • a string of lights for only 3€,
  • a Christmas wreath for 5€, and
  • a beautiful snowman for 10€.

These items can be purchased with the order forms that will be sent out with the newsletter and found underneath the skyscraper. There you can also place your order in the black donation box. We would like to thank anyone that has spent their money for the cause, we really appreciate it. Grade 11 encourages you to help us prepare the building for Christmas.

Come decorate the skyscraper!

Kira, grade 11