Bye, bye!

Last day of school for Grade 12

Grade 12 students had their last day of school today, before they return to sit their final exams in May. In many ways the day was colourful and special.

It is an H.I.S. tradition for the youngest students to give chocolate ladybirds and cards to Grade 12 students on their last day.

In order to keep their distance, Early Primary students hid the ladybirds and placed the cards to be found and picked up by Grade 12.

Good luck with your exams Class of 2021!


Schüler machen Zeitung

RNZ Special Feature

The winner is …

It is a tradition at H.I.S. for the Grade 9&10 German Language and Literature class to take part in the annual “Schüler machen Zeitung” project organised by the local Rhein Neckar Zeitung.

The project entails a daily RNZ subscription over 6 weeks and the publication of student newspaper articles. Hundreds of students in the Rhein Neckar Kreis take part and submit their articles. Each year the RNZ team chooses those articles that are being published, the authors of the best 3 receive a prize.

It is a special honour if articles are published by the RNZ, and it is an even a bigger honour for students to be among those whose article win a prize. Congratulations to Vedikaa, who won second prize with her article about a professional dancer.

Despite of Covid19, every student of the H.I.S. German class created an article about a topic they decided to be of interest for the readers. Conducting an interview with an “expert” of the related topic is an integral part of the project.

Gregor and Anton (Grade 10) were the first to submit their article about the H.I.S. Waldpiraten Fundraiser, which was published in the RNZ on the 15th of December and on the H.I.S. Blog:

Today, in a separate special edition of the RNZ, 40 student articles were published and we are very proud that you can find another 4 articles of H.I.S. students among them. Well done Ella (Grade 9), Masha (Grade 10), Ava (Grade 9) and Vedikaa (Grade 9).


Speed, Design and Technology…

Deadline: 10th January 2021

… is what the Carl-Bosch museum is looking for in their winter competition. If you are looking for something fun to do on the weekend, see below:

If you have this great idea of how to construct a car from recycled materials then now is the time to make it real (at least a model of it!) Invent ingenious constructions and drives, make sure they look good and, above all, be fast! Because there are three prizes you can win:

  • prize for the fastest entry,
  • prize for the smartest design
  • prize for the most sophisticated technology.

All you need to do is: build the car, take a picture and send it together with your first name to kontakt@carl-bosch-museum.deAnd regardless of whether you win or not, your photos will be on display in a small exhibition on their homepage from January 15, 2021.

For more information check out their Youtube-Video:

Habitat for Humanity Romania Day 2

Today was the first day of construction work. The 12 students and two teachers were split into groups of five.

Each group was assigned different tasks. The first group was tasked with removing nails from wooden planks. Once they finished, the group helped remove water from the flooded lower level of the building.

The second group constructed cement armaments throughout the day.

The third group covered wooden beams with water and rot resistant paint. Towards the end, individuals from all groups joined together to secure small and large wooden beams which are to be used for the roof of the building.

Throughout the work day, we stopped for several breaks. During these breaks, we enjoyed cold water, lunch, and other snacks. We also met several dogs that followed us around the worksite. They were so cute!

Once the workday ended, we enjoyed dinner and some chose to bowl. Others looked around the mall and some went back to the hotel. Overall, everyone had a fun day!

 By Anika and Janne

Former H.I.S. Student Headed Back to Mayana

We had some news from Christian, a former H.I.S. student. His family left the school at the end of last year to move back to the US.

During their time at H.I.S., the family travelled to Mayana, as part of an MCP (Make Change Possible) Friends Trip. Christian will be going back to Mayana this summer. He wrote to share the following with us:

“Hello from Christian – I was a student at H.I.S and moved back to the USA last summer. Notice the frozen Lake Michigan behind me! This upcoming summer I am going on the Make Change Possible  trip to Mayana, Namibia. While I am there I will be helping the local MCP team with using computers, I am also going to help the local school with their computers.”