Former H.I.S. Student Headed Back to Mayana

We had some news from Christian, a former H.I.S. student. His family left the school at the end of last year to move back to the US.

During their time at H.I.S., the family travelled to Mayana, as part of an MCP (Make Change Possible) Friends Trip. Christian will be going back to Mayana this summer. He wrote to share the following with us:

“Hello from Christian – I was a student at H.I.S and moved back to the USA last summer. Notice the frozen Lake Michigan behind me! This upcoming summer I am going on the Make Change Possible  trip to Mayana, Namibia. While I am there I will be helping the local MCP team with using computers, I am also going to help the local school with their computers.”


Easter Egg Hunt at H.I.S.

Would you want to search for delicious chocolate goodies on the playground after school? Guess what! This year, the Easter bunny told us he would come to H.I.S. and hide as many chocolate eggs as he can for you to find!

So grab your bag, buy your ticket and let’s go searching!

It is a German tradition for children to go and hunt for Easter Eggs on the morning of Easter Sunday. The Easter Eggs are usually hidden in the garden by an Easter Bunny to surprise the children in the morning. This is to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many German non-Christians celebrate Easter as well, just to have fun while colouring boiled eggs or to have fun hiding and finding chocolate goodies!

To add to the happy spring atmosphere, the Habitat Team is organising an Easter Egg Hunt for the H.I.S. community! Students will be able to purchase tickets and participate in a big Easter Egg Hunt after school. All information at a glance:

 When?After school (at 3:20 pm) on Friday, April 5th

Where? — All participants will meet in the main MPR first. Then, all will be able to start the hunt on the playground at the same time. (For this purpose, the playground will be closed from 2:15pm onwards to anyone without a ticket.)

What is the event for? — It is another project aimed to raise money for the Habitat for Humanity group.

How can I participate? — Tickets will be sold for 3 Euros after school in the foyer starting on Friday 29th. Definitely bring your ticket on the day of the hunt and otherwise, you could also bring a bag for collecting of eggs and goodies.

 Big thanks to ALDI for supporting the event by kindly providing the chocolate items!

 Dear parents: you are welcome to support your younger children in the hunt or simply watch and encourage!

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask any grade 11 Habitat for Humanity member.

See you very soon!

 Janne from the Habitat Team


Neuro Science Olympiad Heidelberg

Congratulations Ishikaa!

Ishikaa (Grade 10) has secured 4th place at the Neuro Science Olympiad and qualified for the Nationals to be held in Frankfurt on the 11th of May 2019. This was a well-attended event with 28 participants from various schools of South Germany. Ishikaa found the competition very interesting and would like to encourage other students to take part in this competition in years to come.

newspaper article: RNZ

text & photos: AM

Ahoi! Alaaf! Helau!

The 5th season has started with a fantastic party at H.I.S.

Grade 5 students worked hard the last few weeks planning and organising the traditional Faschingsparty for all the PYP students. In the colourfully decorated MPR, the classes played various games, went on a parade through the school, danced and enjoyed this special morning. So many students put a lot of effort and time into creating wonderful costumes which made it very difficult to choose only two winners per class. 

text: VZ, photos: AS


Schule Für Menschenrechte

Students For Human Rights

Save the date! On Monday 11th March at 7 pm, H.I.S. will proudly host an exhibition on the topic of Human Rights. The event will be open to the public and is supported by the Intercultural Centre in Heidelberg. The exhibition will showcase MYP student work. Below is the first glimpse of the poster, using the work of Laura, Grade 10. The text, as you will see, is in German as we will be advertising this event to the general public. The exhibition will include more posters like Laura’s, which explore Human Rights critically, as well as factual posters, poetry, film, art and science. Do you have an interpretation of the meaning behind Laura’s work? Feel free to share your ideas below in the comments. We hope to welcome you all on the 11th!

Teaching A Foreign Language

Personal Project

Hello! My name is Nora and I am currently in Grade 10, working to complete my Personal Project. My project relates to language learning, and the methodologies that prove to be effective when teaching a language.

My product includes a presentation informing parents, teachers, and students of the H.I.S. community about effective language teaching methods. In other words, I created a tool to assist users in choosing the most effective language learning approach. Please click on the link to see my presentation.

Thank you!

Roses And Chocolate For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day roses and chocolates will be available to order starting January 30th, 2019 and ending on February 8th, 2019. Roses are 1.50 €, and chocolates are 2 € per bag. Both can be delivered to a recipient of choice along with a note, or picked up on the day by the customer. Both roses and chocolate will be available to order in the foyer after school, or from individual student council representatives.

The Habitat for Humanity Tree

We would like to thank everyone who has so far contributed to our fundraising total for our Habitat for Humanity Romania 2019 project! We still have a long way to go before we can finally go and help the children in Romania have an education center where they can get support with their education. This year’s Habitat project involves Grade 11 students helping to construct an energy efficient community and education center in Buftea, Romania.

The global charity Habitat For Humanity help less fortunate people who can’t afford housing, or do not have access to essential utilities in their community, by using volunteers and donations to build them new buildings and houses. Last year’s Grade 11, this year’s grade 12, also participated in a Habitat project and they all enjoyed it and many people felt we should repeat it again for this year’s Grade 11.

Our overall fundraising target is 7.700,00 € of which we have raised 1.311,16 € as of January 24th. We would like to remind you that you can still donate on our fundraising page at or by putting the money in the donation box at the school’s front desk. You can contribute to the tree by donating 2 € for a leaf, 10 € for an apple, and 25€ for a bird. If you were to donate your name would be written on the object and added to our tree.

We would also like to remind you that we will soon be hosting a Bake Sale on the 1st of February, so remember to bring some money to, not only eat some delicious pastry, but also contribute to our trip to Romania to help Habitat for Humanity, but most especially the less fortunate kids in Romania.

Pietro, Grade 11