Wellness Break & Staycation Ideas

MYP Students, still in distance learning, spent this past Wednesday afternoon, seeking to unplug and Take a Break.

We are proud of our students, teachers and parents who have endured over 3 months of distance learning and are looking forward to a much deserved rest. The activities listed are a good reminder and promote balance and wellness for each of us.  We trust that new healthy habits and experiences will blossom as you each practice some self-care in the weeks ahead.  Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

Helau – Alaaf!

“Sorry, there will be no Faschingsfeier this year,” this is how Sanpoorna (a Grade 5 student) launched the invitation video to a group of PYP students.

Very sad news – due to the pandemic situation, all Fasching celebrations had to be cancelled in Germany.All? No, not all! There was one school in Germany that managed to celebrate Fasching.

An awesome group of Grade 5 students pulled themselves together and in addition to their already very busy “distance learning” day took on the task of planning the 9th H.I.S. PYP Faschingsfeier, which is traditionally organized by the Grade 5 students for the rest of the PYP students.

In 5 groups they planned a dance, games and some other fun activities for each Grade level. Via Zoom the students welcomed their schoolmates by complimenting their costumes and telling them how great they looked.

The “Tschu tschu” dance was quite popular, so was the Macarena dance and the Gangnam-Style dance.We saw interesting games, which were turned into zoom compatible games and played a few kahoot quizzes, which were Fasching themed.

There was this mysterious person called “The Masked Teacher” who joined each party. We wondered who that was? Fortunately, The Fat Lady guarded the entrance to the Faschingsfeier-Zoom rooms, so that only guests could take part in the celebrations.

Thank you very much, grade five, for your time, effort and patience. You are excellent “Zoomers”, great role-models and you know how to put a nice Faschingsfeier together.



Heute in der Zeitung…..

Student article published in Rhein-Neckar Zeitung

Congratulations to Anton and Gregor from Grade 10.

After conducting interviews with students, staff and a representative from the Waldpiraten Camp, the students wrote an article for the local Rhein-Neckar Zeitung supported by their German teacher, Birgit Kress.

The article describes the fundraiser project and the delivery of  a supersized cheque, displaying the total amount of money collected for the Waldpiraten Camp by the H.I.S. Community.

Christmas Card Sale

Thank you for supporting the Make Change Possible Foundation by purchasing Christmas cards!

For the MCP Christmas card sale at the beginning of this week, I created over 100 Christmas cards, which earned me around 20 CAS hours.

With your help, we were able to raise an amazing total of 300 Euros. Your support is highly appreciated. I am happy to transfer your contribution to the MCP foundation and support them in their valued work in Mayana, Namibia.

Carolin, Grade 11

Send a Candy Gram!

Spread joy and support MCP

Spread holiday cheer this month by ordering MCP Candy Grams!
As part of the MCP (Make Change Possible) CAS project, organised by Grade 11, you can support the community of Mayana by sending a Candy Gram. The goal is to raise €1.000 to donate to MCP, the Candy Grams project is the first of many fundraisers to come.
MYP and DP students, teachers, and parents can send candy and a kind message to a person of their choice. The form will be available for download from the H.I.S. newsletter on Monday or can be picked up from homeroom teachers.
By the 11th of December, the Candy Gram order form together with 2€ needs to be handed in to your Homeroom Teacher. The Candy Grams will be distributed on the 16th of December.  ‘Tis the season of giving and since 100% of proceeds are donated to MCP, your order can make a huge difference.

Make Change Possible

Christmas Card Sale

To support the Make Change Possible Foundation (MCP) there will be a Christmas card sale on the 7th of December from 14:45 to 15:45 outside the H.I.S. building.

100% of the sales revenues will be donated to the Make Change Possible Foundation to help children in Nambia. Card prices range from 2.50 to 3 Euros and come with an envelope.

Your support is highly appreciated,

Carolin  (Grade 11).

Waldpiraten Fundraiser

Last week students from EP all the way up to Grade 10 completed their fundraising physical activities during PE lessons.

If you remember, Grade 11’s had produced several excellent videos demonstrating and explaining the activities for each class. Early Primary students did running, Grade 1 to Grade 3 students did jumping jacks, crab walks, line jumps, relays and frog jumps.

Grade 3 and Grade 5 did star jumps, frog jumps and mini rabbit runs. Grade 4 did swimming because they had a Swimming lesson.

Finally Grades 6-10 did basketball shooting and throwing a ball into a box. Some students also threw a hula hoop over a cone instead. It was amazing to see how enthusiastic our students were in all of the grades during their PE lessons. One student in the MYP made 560 baskets in one lesson!

Well done everybody!  Don’t forget to keep fundraising.

text & photos: JK

World Food Day

​Thank you everybody for supporting World Food Day!

In the last week students in both the PYP and MYP had learned so much in class about issues concerning the distribution of safe food, the work of the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN and how everyone of us can be a “food hero”!

Grade 8 joined the World Food Day Ceremony on Zoom.  They listened to several speakers including Pope Francis, and several heads of the UN, who discussed work being done across the world and current problems in ensuring distribution of food for everyone.

Many students brought in local and seasonal food for their snack and lunch.

Many thanks to the PTG who supplied local apples to each class. They were big and crunchy and tasted delicious! This was much appreciated by the students and all of the apples were eaten.

Please remember to do your bit – eat seasonal and local and don’t waste food!

Thank you


Grade 8 Homeroom Teacher