Schule Für Menschenrechte

Students For Human Rights

Save the date! On Monday 11th March at 7 pm, H.I.S. will proudly host an exhibition on the topic of Human Rights. The event will be open to the public and is supported by the Intercultural Centre in Heidelberg. The exhibition will showcase MYP student work. Below is the first glimpse of the poster, using the work of Laura, Grade 10. The text, as you will see, is in German as we will be advertising this event to the general public. The exhibition will include more posters like Laura’s, which explore Human Rights critically, as well as factual posters, poetry, film, art and science. Do you have an interpretation of the meaning behind Laura’s work? Feel free to share your ideas below in the comments. We hope to welcome you all on the 11th!

Teaching A Foreign Language

Personal Project

Hello! My name is Nora and I am currently in Grade 10, working to complete my Personal Project. My project relates to language learning, and the methodologies that prove to be effective when teaching a language.

My product includes a presentation informing parents, teachers, and students of the H.I.S. community about effective language teaching methods. In other words, I created a tool to assist users in choosing the most effective language learning approach. Please click on the link to see my presentation.

Thank you!

Roses And Chocolate For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day roses and chocolates will be available to order starting January 30th, 2019 and ending on February 8th, 2019. Roses are 1.50 €, and chocolates are 2 € per bag. Both can be delivered to a recipient of choice along with a note, or picked up on the day by the customer. Both roses and chocolate will be available to order in the foyer after school, or from individual student council representatives.

The Habitat for Humanity Tree

We would like to thank everyone who has so far contributed to our fundraising total for our Habitat for Humanity Romania 2019 project! We still have a long way to go before we can finally go and help the children in Romania have an education center where they can get support with their education. This year’s Habitat project involves Grade 11 students helping to construct an energy efficient community and education center in Buftea, Romania.

The global charity Habitat For Humanity help less fortunate people who can’t afford housing, or do not have access to essential utilities in their community, by using volunteers and donations to build them new buildings and houses. Last year’s Grade 11, this year’s grade 12, also participated in a Habitat project and they all enjoyed it and many people felt we should repeat it again for this year’s Grade 11.

Our overall fundraising target is 7.700,00 € of which we have raised 1.311,16 € as of January 24th. We would like to remind you that you can still donate on our fundraising page at or by putting the money in the donation box at the school’s front desk. You can contribute to the tree by donating 2 € for a leaf, 10 € for an apple, and 25€ for a bird. If you were to donate your name would be written on the object and added to our tree.

We would also like to remind you that we will soon be hosting a Bake Sale on the 1st of February, so remember to bring some money to, not only eat some delicious pastry, but also contribute to our trip to Romania to help Habitat for Humanity, but most especially the less fortunate kids in Romania.

Pietro, Grade 11

Guess who made the best guess

Grade 11 students invited the H.I.S. community to make a very “sweet guess” before Winter Break. The M&M guessing was launched on Monday, December 10th and officially ended on Friday, December 14th after the Winter Fair!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the project and helped to raise over 80 Euros for Habitat for Humanity!

Here is what you’ve all been waiting for: the glass jar contained 3167 M&Ms! The jar of M&Ms was handed over to the lucky winner, Ishan, who got closest with his guess of 3165.

Congratulations Ishan and don’t eat them all at once! Everybody else, please don’t be disappointed, you might have better luck with the raffle… Keep an eye out for posters around the school and the blog! We appreciate your help!

Janne, from the Habitat For Humanity team

Habitat for Humanity Update

To all students, parents and staff,

As you might know from the newsletter, grade 11 is going for a trip to Romania in June 2019 to build houses/buildings for the less unfortunate through the Habitat for Humanity Organisation.

We mentioned we were planning to set up a paper tree at the school’s entrance as a way for you all to donate money so that we can go on our trip. The tree has been officially launched and anyone who wishes to purchase a leaf, apple or bird can do so after school. All the money collected will be going towards our trip.

Next week from Monday till Thursday, there will be a student stationed at the entrance, right after school ends, where you can buy a leaf (2 euros), an apple (10 Euros) or a leaf (25 Euros). Your purchase will go up on the tree and your name will be on it.

By purchasing these items you will be helping our tree grow and will be able to see your contributions on the tree. It would be much appreciated if you could help us out.

As you might already know, we had our first bake sale on Friday 7th December. We had a variety of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, scones and many more and we collected a total of around 350 Euros. I, along with my Habitat For Humanity group, would like to thank everyone that purchased our bakeries because you are all helping us get one step closer to building an educational centre for the less fortunate kids in Buftea, Romania.

It was a very successful first bake sale and we hope the next one is as fruitful. If you missed this bake sale then you need not worry because there will be another one coming soon so keep an eye out for announcements or posters. meanwhile, if you would like to help us by donating, please purchase a leaf, apple or bird at the school entrance.

See you soon and thank you!


Schüler Machen Zeitung

Currently the German Language and Literature students of Grade 9 and 10 are working on a newspaper project called “Schüler machen Zeitung.”

This has been a project that has taken place for the past 10 years, supported by the Rhein Neckar Zeitung.  It lasts until the winter break and in this time, we learn about the structure of a newspaper as well as the process behind the articles that are published.

The RNZ send daily newspapers for the entire class to help encourage the study. They are also hosting a competition in which 23 classes will be participating to win first place with the prize of 300 euros. During this project the students not only learn about the world around them, but also learn about the effort that goes behind each article and the overall creation of a newspaper.

Something that we found interesting was that Frau Himmelheber, a member of the Stolpersteine Initiative, Heidelberg talked to the students of Grade 10 on Thursday last week. The next day, as we were reading through the newspaper, a student realized that there was an article based on the Stolpersteine, which was quite interesting as they had just learnt about it the previous day. 

The picture above shows the first day of the project as we looked through the newspaper, and talked about our first impressions. We also read the winning article of last year’s project, written by a student of the English Institut, Heidelberg. Looking at this gave us a general idea of how we would write our articles this year for our final project.The final goal of this project is for us to be able to write our own articles which then will be sent to the RNZ for the competition, with the possibility of being published as well as winning the prize.  

 Eshal & Carolin, Grade 9


Sports Leaders

Grade 10 students have nearly completed their Sports Leadership unit. For their assessment they had to work in pairs and plan and then lead a sports activity session of their choice with their peers.

Many different activities were chosen including Volleyball, Badminton, Ballet, Hip Hop Dancing, Soccer and Hockey. Leading a sports session can be quite challenging and many of the students found out they had to really work hard in planning their session.

The students responded really well to this assessment and taught their teacher how to do ballet dancing.

Who knows, maybe some of them could become future sports coaches. Well Done!

text & photos JK

Cooking For (And With) Refugees

Last week on Thursday, the German B Diploma class continued the now four-year-old tradition at H.I.S. We did our best to attenuate the hardship endured by refugees by cooking a dinner together for them.

After gathering the necessary funding from a bake sale, a menu was established, then a corresponding shopping list, and subsequently the ingredients were acquired.

The students Mikkeline, Parth, Remus and teacher Herr Handwerk then travelled to Kirchheim, where Murat, the organizer, kindly let us in. There, we set up in the small (but decked!) kitchen, and put together our masterpiece: Pasta with pesto and beans, Poha (an Indian rice-based dish), Guacamole and finally Quark cream with berries.

The guests consisting of people of various ages, nationalities, genders, and even some families with kids showed up early on, and some even helped us by slicing the veggies. Soon enough, we were all ready to feast, and we put together the buffet. Everybody had an amazingly good mood, and the atmosphere was filled with laughter and storytelling.To our bewilderment, we could feed around 25 people and even have some leftovers! In our best effort not to waste food, we took some with us for later consumption.

Text: Remus