Grade 5 Student Takes Action

Miya noticed that our sick bay Koala, who regularly comforts students who have hurt themselves or are feeling unwell, was perhaps feeling a little bit sad herself.

Miya decided to sew Koala some new accessories. Koala looks so smart now and is cheerful again, and ready to help students in need.

Thanks for taking Action Miya!


Grade 10 Service Activity

Grade 10 organized a spontaneous mini-street cleaning-action during homeroom period on Wednesday this week. The weather was fine and during one hour the students found an unexpected amount of trash in the close neighborhood of H.I.S.

One team was especially successful. Well done grade 10!


Clothing Drive

On the 13th and 14th of October, seven students helped to collect clothes from the H.I.S. community for the Begegnungshaus in Walldorf.

The Begegnungshaus in Walldorf works to help refugees from many countries especially the Ukraine and local people in need in many different ways. The house offers free tutoring and English lessons for kids and adults and also has a room dedicated for donated clothing. Adults, teens and kids in need of these clothes can “shop” and try on the clothes and take home their most needed and favourite pieces. As the cold winter approaches the Begegnungshaus was in need of warm jackets, sweaters and pants so initiative by 11 and 12 graders was taken to organise a clothing drive to collect warm clothes from the H.I.S. community. 

The drive was a success as the H.I.S. community was able to bring in a dozen large bags of clothing for kids, teens and adults at the Begegnungshaus. They were extremely thankful for our contribution and would like to thank the H.I.S. community for donating the clothes and helping them this winter. 

Elsa and Lucia, Grade 11

Grade 11 Exordium

Beginning of September Grade 11 students went on a two-day field trip, also known as the Exordium. The first day involved a canoe trip from Neckargemünd to Heidelberg, and on the second day the students visited the Kletterwald in Speyer.

Day 1 – Canoeing

On the first day we went on a canoe trip from Neckargemünd to Heidelberg. Although some of us had never canoed before, never been on the Neckar in a boat, and never held a paddle, we were allowed to set off down stream, after some basic instructions and safety notices.

The first part of the trip, from our starting point to the first lock, was definitely challenging for everyone, especially those who had never canoed before. Reaching the lock, we had to get out of the water and carry the boats – a challenge in itself considering their weight – before we could have our first break.

Despite the challenges, we managed to avoid hitting hissing swans, hitting another boat and even avoided capsizing. We continued down the Neckar, stopping again at the second lock, before canoeing under the “Alte Brücke”. We finished our trip at the Neckarwiese in Heidelberg and then went back to school for a late lunch and some games.

Day 2 – Kletterwald (Ropes course)

On the second day we drove to a ropes course in Speyer, where we had time for individual climbing, lunch and finally some team building activities.

The instructors provided us with harnesses, gloves and some safety advice. Then we initially practised on the ground, before being able to complete the courses individually.

There were courses for all different skill levels, allowing everyone to challenge themselves and have a fun time. For lunch, we had pizza or flammkuchen and there was a variety of options for different dietary needs, including vegetarian and vegan.

After lunch, we began our team building activities. Initially we worked in pairs, one partner was blindfolded and the other partner had to lead around a designated course.

After this we had to work as a class to get everyone from one side of a net to the other. The net had different sized holes and each hole had a limited number of people who could go through it. It was our job to get the whole class from one side to the other by helping each other, and when necessary, working as a team to lift people through.

We were able to complete this successfully and moved on to the next activity.

We were presented with a wooden wall, around 3 metres in height and again, we had to work as a team. This time the goal was to get everyone up and over the wall onto a small platform which was situated directly behind it. It was very challenging, however, by working as a team (with special thanks to Logan) we successfully completed this challenge.

The day at the ropes course was a very challenging, yet a fun experience. It taught us many valuable skills, most prominently teamwork, and allowed us to bond as a class.

Grade 11


June Bug

The mandala is taking shape

Our students are spending their time learning how they can be mindful of what we all can do  to protect our soil and our living world during our Environment Week.

Day two was greeted by a wonderful breeze and slight crispness to the air. Grades 7 and 5 contributed to the mandala on the roof top yesterday.

Dasha and Sophiia also shared their special artistic additions.

We might have some needed rain for our flowers tomorrow and if this happens, we will try to put finishing touches on the mandala Thursday morning before the festival.

Grade 4 starts at the beginning of  Wednesday followed by small groups of Grade 1.

Thanks to all of our wonderful artists!



Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Practice Expedition #1

This month 11 Grade 10 students undertook their first practice expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

They started out at Mosbach Station where they were given their tents and Trangias to pack into their rucksacks along with their sleeping bags, mats and food.  Then they went off following their planned routes.

The weather was exceptional and the students challenged themselves walking to the lunch spot to pick up some water and have a have a short break.  They continued onto the campsite  where they collected firewood to make a campfire, set up their tents and cooked themselves their dinner with the Trangias (for which we give thanks to the PTG for purchasing).

After a nights rest, the next morning they woke up early to cook themselves a good hearty breakfast, packed up their gear and set off on completing the reminder of their planned walk back to Mosbach and catch the train home.

The students reflected on the positive experiences that they had and how they are looking forward to the next practice expedition which will be over two nights in early June with the final expedition at the end of June just before the end of the school year.



Designing Our Own Learning

Grade 5 kicked off the PYP Exhibition by watching an inspiring Ted Talk from a young boy called “Hackschooling Makes Me Happy”.

This video provoked students to discuss how they would design their own learning and how the Exhibition is the perfect opportunity to do just this.

Students shared their excitement about this culminating project through discussion, writing and drawing, resulting in our very own Exhibition mural.