Habitat for Humanity – Chocolate

Support Grade 11 and #SaveTheSaviours

If you can recall, Grade 11 was meant to have an Easter Egg Hunt as a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser on the 2nd of April. Sadly, it had to be canceled due to the corona virus and the temporary school closure.

Because the hunt never happened, we were not able to distribute the chocolate to the kids. Aldi had sponsored us so this now leaves us with an abundance of chocolate.

Grade 11 has decided to use it to make small gift bags for any students that have returned back to school or any that will be returning soon.

Hopefully these gifts will inspire you to donate for our cause. Even though our trip to Romania was canceled, we have made the decision to continue to fundraise for a project called “save the saviors”.

Habitat for Humanity Romania, in partnership with the Moinesti Ambulance Center will build an Emergency Center, which will serve over 65.000 people from 11 communities in NE part of Romania. All the money that we raise will go towards making a new and better center for our saviors. You would be #savingthesavior. To make any donations, you can do it via this website link, which leads to the fundraising page of the H.I.S.  Grade 11 students:


For the students and teachers already present in school there is also a donation box at the reception. Thank you for all the support.

Kira, Grade 11

Foster Dogs

MYP Student Action

Dear students of  H.I.S.,

My name is Lucia and I am a student in Grade 8. I have been trying to find new ways to keep myself occupied in these lonely times. I have gardened, painted, cooked, and organised but that only distracted me for a few weeks. Back in January, I got my first rescue foster dog to take care of.

After taking care of my first foster dog, we had to wait with traveling plans but now, since trips got canceled and we had plenty of time on our hands, I am taking care of another dog. Two weeks ago I got my second foster dog named Pax!  He was very scared since he was rescued from Romania and was on the road to Germany for many hours.

All of the dogs have different stories of were they were rescued and Pax was found on the street with his siblings. After a few days of hiding, eating, and watching our own dog, Pax was following me everywhere and on the third day didn’t even need a leash. We found him a happy home.

I hope to see many other foster dogs in the future as a hobby and I am receiving a new dog this weekend named Bella. Stay happy, healthy, and occupied!

Lucia, Grade 8


Earth Day 2020

Many MYP students took some time yesterday to consider Earth days past and present and ask different questions about what form or role this event might play in their future.

What issues drove the establishment of this holiday in the past?

What might the world celebrate as a success, like the reduction of the ozone hole, or consider a priority, similar to today’s push for cleaner air, in the future?

How might the roles of individuals, organisations, governments and technologies in protecting the environment change?

Once again, this event also challenged us to think about how to celebrate, raise awareness, collaborate, and express solidarity in a time of social distancing.

The students are still working on their reflections, but have made a great start so far!

If you would like to learn more about this day at home, or consider taking part in a digital event with your family, please check out www.earthday.org

To celebrate Earth Day yesterday, a Grade 9 student spent time preparing a vegetable, herb and flower bed.

text: CH

R3ality Design

Support Keno's and Tiago's efforts to produce protective masks

Here is a message from H.I.S. Graduates Keno and Tiago (Classes of 2014 and 2015) to the H.I.S. community:

We hope you are doing well in these very challenging and uncertain times and that H.I.S. is coping with the current situation. I am sorry for the IB class that their exams have fallen through. Keno is luckily done with his studies, but mine have been interrupted and I am still uncertain of how they will continue.

Meanwhile I have returned to the safety of Heidelberg and my parents’ house, and am trying to stay on top of my studies and research.

Keno and I decided to try and do more than just stay at home. We want to help with the current crisis – that we expect is still going to get worse before it gets better.

Over the last couple of months, Keno and I have been working on building a small start-up company called R3ality Design www.r3alitydesign.com specialising in 3D printing solutions for research and home improvement. We have been producing parts for researchers at my university. During the current crisis however, we stopped all other production and have dedicated our efforts to maximising our 2 printers to produce face shields for health care professionals 24/7.

Our latest batch of 15 masks was picked up this morning by the University Clinic Heidelberg who were incredibly grateful, and will be coming by every couple of days for further batches. In between we are bringing masks to our local doctor (Hausarzt) who is in dire need of protective equipment for himself and his staff. We are further putting masks to the side to send to my fellow doctors back in Rotterdam.

The plans for the mask were made available online. Keno and I have been tirelessly calling producers of plastic visors, of plastic filaments for the printers, of rubber headbands and even of zip-lock bag products. While some of these producers replied and generously donated some items, our supplies are going to run out due to the high demand.

At H.I.S. we were always taught the importance of community and I can feel this through the enthusiasm behind the H.I.S. blog (With your current a “blog a day”). In line with the school’s dedication to making a difference, we were wondering if H.I.S. would like to support our efforts with producing protective equipment for the hospitals and clinics in Heidelberg.

We would be grateful for any donations:

Keno and I are currently spreading our message via social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (https://twitter.com/KenoBeck), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/r3ality_design/)) and are dedicated to expressing our sincere thanks to all the companies and associations who are supporting this project and the health care professionals.

Take care, stay safe and healthy.

Tiago and Keno

Earth Hour

Dear students, teachers, families, friends, and citizens of Heidelberg,

We invite you to participate in Earth Hour being held tomorrow evening, Saturday 27 March, at 8:30 pm.

Intention: Earth hour is an annual event held on the last Saturday evening of March. During Earth Hour, millions of people take part in this event as a symbol of their support and approach to find strategies that will help in solving the problem of global warming.

How to Take Part: At 8:30 p.m. [local time] on March 28th, 2020, people from all over the world participate in the Earth Hour. To participate in this event, millions of people from all around the world turn off all lights and electrical appliances as a symbol of their support to find a solution to global warming.


How this participation will make a difference: By participating in this annual event, you are sending out a message that you want to be part of the solution. A society comes together only if each individual makes an effort. If you take it upon yourself to participate in this event, consider yourself supporting the society and binding it as a whole because every person counts and by each person coming forward to aid this event is what makes it a wholesome approach to save the planet!!! Participate in this event to send a signal that you care about your planet, you care about the solution.

Thank you!

Saadhvi and the Grade 8 Class

PYP Fasching – Thank you

Dear H.I.S. Community,

Thank you for your help. We are especially grateful to those of you that came to school early to help us set up for Fasching.

We were surprised by the amount of creativity that went into the homemade costumes.

All of the costumes were really good, but we had to choose winners. Please tell your children this, if they were upset that they didn’t win. We hope students as well as parents all had fun at this event that we put a lot of time and effort in. Hopefully next year there will also be a lot of fun and we encourage you to be just as creative and helpful as this year.

Anne, Aron (the moderators) and Grade 5

PYP Faschings Celebration

Make your own costume!

Dear parents,

There will be a Fasching celebration on the 19th of February. For those who do not know what Fasching is, it is a celebration were you dress-up and play games, this is celebrated in Germany. At our school the whole PYP is invited! The mottos or topics are:

  • EP: under the sea
  • Grade 1: my favourite food
  • Grade 2: school things
  • Grade 3: Inventions
  • Grade 4: pairs or groups (such as spaghetti and sauce or cereal and milk. What we mean is that one child dresses -up as spaghetti and the other as sauce.)

The costumes HAVE to be homemade. There will be a contest for the best costume. 2 people in every class will win this contest for the most creative and sustainable designs. Look at some of the winners from the past. Good luck making your costumes.


Anne and Aron (grade 5 moderators)

The Lucky Winner is….

During the last Healthy Bake Sale, the grade 11 fundraising team invited the H.I.S. community to make a very “sweet guess”: The Gummy Bear Jar Guess!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the project and helped to raise money for the grade 11 CAS trips 2020!

Here is what you’ve all been waiting for: the glass jar contained 862 gummi bears! The jar of gummy bears was handed over to the lucky winner, Alexa, grade 4, who got closest with her guess of 854.

Congrats Alexa and don’t eat them all at once! Everybody else, please don’t be disappointed, you might have better luck with the M&M guess starting next week organized by the student council supporting Konnie’s education …

Further actions to support the grade 11 CAS Trips 2020 will also come up in the future. The next Healthy Bake Sale will be on February the 5th. Keep an eye out for posters around the school! We appreciate your help!

The grade 11 fundraising team​