Schüler Machen Zeitung

Currently the German Language and Literature students of Grade 9 and 10 are working on a newspaper project called “Schüler machen Zeitung.”

This has been a project that has taken place for the past 10 years, supported by the Rhein Neckar Zeitung.  It lasts until the winter break and in this time, we learn about the structure of a newspaper as well as the process behind the articles that are published.

The RNZ send daily newspapers for the entire class to help encourage the study. They are also hosting a competition in which 23 classes will be participating to win first place with the prize of 300 euros. During this project the students not only learn about the world around them, but also learn about the effort that goes behind each article and the overall creation of a newspaper.

Something that we found interesting was that Frau Himmelheber, a member of the Stolpersteine Initiative, Heidelberg talked to the students of Grade 10 on Thursday last week. The next day, as we were reading through the newspaper, a student realized that there was an article based on the Stolpersteine, which was quite interesting as they had just learnt about it the previous day. 

The picture above shows the first day of the project as we looked through the newspaper, and talked about our first impressions. We also read the winning article of last year’s project, written by a student of the English Institut, Heidelberg. Looking at this gave us a general idea of how we would write our articles this year for our final project.The final goal of this project is for us to be able to write our own articles which then will be sent to the RNZ for the competition, with the possibility of being published as well as winning the prize.  

 Eshal & Carolin, Grade 9


Sports Leaders

Grade 10 students have nearly completed their Sports Leadership unit. For their assessment they had to work in pairs and plan and then lead a sports activity session of their choice with their peers.

Many different activities were chosen including Volleyball, Badminton, Ballet, Hip Hop Dancing, Soccer and Hockey. Leading a sports session can be quite challenging and many of the students found out they had to really work hard in planning their session.

The students responded really well to this assessment and taught their teacher how to do ballet dancing.

Who knows, maybe some of them could become future sports coaches. Well Done!

text & photos JK

Cooking For (And With) Refugees

Last week on Thursday, the German B Diploma class continued the now four-year-old tradition at H.I.S. We did our best to attenuate the hardship endured by refugees by cooking a dinner together for them.

After gathering the necessary funding from a bake sale, a menu was established, then a corresponding shopping list, and subsequently the ingredients were acquired.

The students Mikkeline, Parth, Remus and teacher Herr Handwerk then travelled to Kirchheim, where Murat, the organizer, kindly let us in. There, we set up in the small (but decked!) kitchen, and put together our masterpiece: Pasta with pesto and beans, Poha (an Indian rice-based dish), Guacamole and finally Quark cream with berries.

The guests consisting of people of various ages, nationalities, genders, and even some families with kids showed up early on, and some even helped us by slicing the veggies. Soon enough, we were all ready to feast, and we put together the buffet. Everybody had an amazingly good mood, and the atmosphere was filled with laughter and storytelling.To our bewilderment, we could feed around 25 people and even have some leftovers! In our best effort not to waste food, we took some with us for later consumption.

Text: Remus

Habitat For Humanity

The Last Day - A Remarkable One

The 22nd of June was undoubtedly a remarkable day. Although it was the last day everybody performed their highest effort on getting the required work done.

A few people continued plastering the walls, where windows will soon be placed by another group of volunteers. Others worked on getting metal bars installed on the roof, so the next stage of building can start. 

After the construction work was done a little ceremony was held. Everybody received their certificates and the families’ appreciation thanks to our hard work. The members of Habitat For Humanity told us that they were really happy with the progress we had done so far and that we made enough progress which was expected within the week. This progress is due to the collaborative work of the group members and the division of equal amount of work. 

Once the ceremony was finished we went back to Warsaw. We were given free time, which was a nice chance to explore the city some more and have an amazing dinner that we all deserved after an exhausting week of hard work. The 23rd of June was our last day in Warsaw. Most of the people went to the escape room while  a few others stayed in the city center. The Escape Room was a very fun but challenging experience. Each room had its own theme, one group tried solving the riddles for the Greek Gods, while another went on an adventure in outer space. After the Escape Room we split up into small groups and explored the city as well as its beautiful mall. The day ended with a farewell dinner for our host coordinator Magda, she was given a small token of our appreciation.

Aykut and Mica

Schultüten And Some Happy Faces!

EP2 students receive "Schultüten" from Grade 4 AGP German students

In German class the AGP students have been learning about “Rites of Passage”. A traditional rite of passage in Germany is handing out a “Schultüte” for children that are in the last of year of kindergarten.

These children are old enough now to start their first year in school. Since this is a big change in their lives, there is a German tradition that should help them with starting school. This tradition started over 100 years ago. At the beginning the children were told that there was a magic tree that grows “Schultüten”.

Inside those bags were sweets, school materials or Brezels. Grade 4 decided to carry on with this tradition. They prepared “Schultüten” and packed them with sweets, toys and other things. Then this Friday during assembly the Gr. 4 AGP students had a little “Schultüten” ceremony where they explained the tradition behind it and gave out one Schultüten per EP 2 child.EP 2 seemed excited and wanted to know when they can open them. There was no decision made, however the suggestions were to either wait until the first day in Grade 1 or the last day in EP 2.

“This is great tradition. It makes EP 2 students excited to start Grade 1! We recommend to Grade 4 next year to continue this tradition!”, said Jesús and Pablo.


Written by: Jesús and Pablo (in behalf of -Grade 4 AGP group)

Habitat For Humanity

Another Productive Day in Poland

The 21st of June definitely marked an exhausting, but also an outstandingly productive day for the 11th graders in Poland.

This was the second last day and the team was already a bit worn out, but certainly they are resilient – everyone still worked exceedingly hard. Some people were continuing their job from yesterday – plastering walls and therefore making them ready for windows to be installed – and some took the challenge of starting something new. They were shown by the members of the HfH building team how to install frames and start work on preparing to install drywall. Other volunteers pursued their task of insulating the roof – undoubtedly a difficult and tiresome job, yet, we are happy to say that this, together with most of walls plastering was all finished today! All members of our team unquestionably made excellent progress towards the goal for the end of the week. After everyone has finished their work a bonfire was held, where people cooked their dinner of sausages, vegetables (and marshmallows with biscuits for dessert!) over the open flame.Overall, we are satisfied to say that we are reaching our aim. There is still jobs to be finished, but having gone that far, we can be more than sure – with our teamwork being so consistent as it has been until now, our primary goals can definitely be fulfilled.

Justyna and Izzy

Habitat For Humanity

Day 3 At The Construction Site

Today the Habitat team worked together on a selection of challenging jobs.

A few members of the team worked on preparing for the windows that are being fitted next Monday. Some spent time laying down bricks for the windowsill, while others plastered the walls to make them even.

Mixing cement seemed to have been a vital part of today’s jobs as it was needed for many of the other jobs. Another group of people continued to finish the walls using a new technique of cutting the bricks into certain angles to fit perfectly.

Watching the kids come home and look eager to help on the build site was a plus and motivational boost from working in the hot weather.

To finish off the end of the day we ended with a spectacular cooking class of making traditional Polish cuisine, pierogis. Kneading the dough to the right consistency and filling it with pickled cabbage with fresh mushrooms to create a beautifully folded pierogi. With help from the two amazing chefs who walked us through all the steps of creating and cooking the dumplings without losing hope in us. All in all it was a pretty amazing third day on the build site. Everyday we acquire new skills and strengthen our relationships with each other and build on our teamwork.

Paige and Nina

Habitat For Humanity

Our Second Day At The Building Site

On Tuesday we started the second stage of the house construction. This involved us being split into three different groups, each with a different task.

The majority of us worked on insulating the roof using glass wool. This was a long and arduous process, involving a number of different steps. We first had to set up a frame in which the glass wool could be inserted.

Next, we had to insert the glass wool into the frames. Lastly, we had to cover up the completed sections with foil. A different group worked on ensuring that the house’s window frames would be ready for the next group of volunteers.

This was done by attaching wooden beams to the frame of the window and then using plaster to smoothen them. The last group continued to work on the interior walls of the house.We ended work an hour earlier than normal today to play a game of soccer with the kids living in Redzynskie. Unfortunately, we lost to them 9 to 2, and ended up returning to the hotel whilst wallowing in defeat.Overall, apart from the loss in the soccer match, the day went very well for us. We accomplished all the tasks that we were assigned and managed to make good progress towards the next phase of the building.

 Hannah and Liv

Habitat For Humanity – Pozdrowienia z Polski!

First Blog Post: Monday, 18th June 2018

On Sunday we spent the morning exploring Warsaw with our host coordinator, Magda. Our journey began at 9 in the morning, when we left the hotel and started walking towards the old town of Warsaw.

Once we arrived, Magda took us around a number of tourist attractions such as the main square and the cracked magical wish granting bell. Here we are in front of the iconic Cultural Palace.

After the walk around the town, we went to eat traditional Polish food for lunch. There was an assortment of pierogi, ranging from more standard cheese and potato pierogies to a Polish specialty, strawberry pierogies.After lunch, some of the team crossed the river into the Praga district, where we saw a different side of Warsaw with a number of run-down buildings whose owners have not yet claimed them since the end of World War 2. In this street the film the Piano Player was filmed.

Later in the afternoon we went to the hotel and took a bus to the new location in the countryside.

Today was the first time that the we saw the build site. We left the hotel at 8 in the morning and arrived at around 9. We are working with a family of 8 to extend and improve their very humble wooden house. Once on the build site, we met the site supervisor, a man named Zygmund. The picture below is what the we saw when we first arrived. The frame of the house was finished, but the inside was practically empty.We had a threefold goal today. The first part was to prime the wood of the roof. In order to do that, we had to use primer to paint the inside of the roof. It was a pretty messy job, though everyone did a great job.

The second part of our job today was to build up the divider walls inside the second floor. Before we started, the room was empty, but by the time we finished, the divider walls were nearly finished.

The last thing that the we had to do was tear down an outside wall in order to install a window. We managed to take down the wall and install a window frame and plaster it.

Overall, everyone did a great job on their first day. Although most of us have never worked on a construction site before, we managed to complete every task that we were assigned with great vigor and precision.

Illya, Thomas and Pavel