Community Fun Fest

At the Community Fun Fest everybody had the chance to become gladiators, racing car drivers and red carpet celebrities.

It was wonderful to have H.I.S. students, parents and staff come together for the Community Fun Fest this week. Everybody enjoyed the activities and the chance to spend time together. A huge thank you to our parents for providing food that allowed us to take a journey around the world in just 3 hours!

Until next time!




Chromatography Trolls

Grade 5 students experienced a MYP science class in June.
The students learned the basics of paper chromatography, a simple separation technique used in science and in various fields in real life. They experimented with different coloured markers on paper chromatography strips to see how different pigment components are separated.
Afterwards the scientific investigation was taken a step further with a fun activity: Using the same technique, students created their own chromatography trolls.

Explore Science

Since 2006, the Klaus Tschira Foundation has been organising the annual scientific adventure days Explore Science in Mannheim.

The aim of the event is to give students the opportunity to discover scientific phenomena themselves, to increase interest in scientific topics among young students and to promote networking between scientific institutions and schools. This year’s theme was “Mathematics”.

Students from grades 6-9 took part in the Explore Science competitions, which involved preparations over several weeks. Grade 8 showed off their bridges made from paper. Grade 9 students were asked to perform calculations to work out an area based on work they had done in class, and Grade 6 & 7 students presented their kaleidoscopes.

This year, H.I.S. was particularly successful in the competitions. Martin, Mykola, and Ako from Grade 9 won 9th place in the land surveying competition. They received €100. In the kaleidoscope competition, three groups got special mentions from the jury: Philipp, Canon, Neil and Lucas from grade 7 impressed everyone with a kaleidoscope that worked in the dark since they incorporated a smart phone inside.

 Aiden, Niels and Warren from grade 7 had built a kaleidoscope, which you could look through with both eyes. Hannah, Bernard and Joan created a kaleidoscope for “lazy viewers” with a motor and a switch. It was a tough competition, but the Grade 6 group ended up winning the first prize and had the opportunity to explain their motorised kaleidoscope in front of a big audience on stage at the Herzogenriedpark. It was the first time, H.I.S. won the first prize, which included a prize money of €500!

Overall, the days were fun and exciting and enjoyed by the students. Congratulations to all our young H.I.S. scientists!



Thank you to all the students and staff who helped make Beeatriz come to life by colouring the Mandala on the gym roof.

And a special thank you to the Environment Working Group for all their logistical work to make this happen.


Beeatrice The Bee

Mandala Week at H.I.S.

As an annual event, the H.I.S. Environment Working Group is organising the colouring of a supersized nature themed mandala on the roof top of the Gym.

The white chalk image has now been transferred onto the roof top and will be coloured in by students over the course of next week. We look forward for Beeatrice to shine in the sun.


text: AS

mandala design: LF

Nutrition Workshop

Our latest parent workshop provided by the Student Support Team focused on the power of the food we eat and the impact of nutrition throughout our lives.

Caroline Ackermann, a regional, nutritional expert and consultant provided a deeper understanding of the important building blocks within our diets that promote greater physical and mental well-being.

She was able to answer many questions that motivated all of us to be mindful of the food we eat and to continue to work within our families to develop healthy food choices.

If you would like see more about the resources Ms. Ackermann presented last Friday, you can find it here .


Personal Project Evening 2023

At the Personal Project Evening, the Grade 10 students presented their finalised Personal Projects.

After working on their planning, research and creative process, everything came together in one night.

After a brief introduction to the Personal Project, visitors were free to walk around, look at the students’ work and converse with them on their chosen topics.

Overall, the evening was a great success and an opportunity for the students to showcase their work.

Many of the Grade 10 students agreed that motivation and organisational skills were key to completing this process, but even then it was a tremendous amount of work. On the following morning, they  once more returned to their stands, this time presenting to a younger audience, the PYP classes.

For more detailed information about the evening and quotes from the students, please read the third H.I.S. Bubble newspaper which will be on sale on the 31st March after school.


Helau! Alaaf!

This year we were able to celebrate the PYP „Faschingsfeier“again, traditionally with the entire Primary School. Our Grade 5 students went to great lengths to create a fun and entertaining event for the Primary students. They managed their task very well.

Moreover, this year there were almost only homemade costumes. It was great to see how many students came to school with sustainable costumes.

Thank you, Grade 5 for your hard work and your patience and thank you also to the PTG for supporting the event.