Year Book Cover Contest Contributions

Many thanks to all those students that sent in ideas for the Yearbook Cover. Two contributions have been chosen, one for the front and one for the back cover of the H.I.S. Yearbook 2019-20. It was a tough decision as you can imagine by looking at all the beautiful artwork submitted. Find out who the two winners are, when the Yearbook gets published end of June.

H.I.S. Environment Week

Butterfly Mandala

This week had been our planned Environment Week at H.I.S. Although many activities and ideas had to be set aside for a time, we wanted to send a huge thanks to those who were still able to make awareness, mindfulness, conservation or sustainability part of lessons and activities, both in class and at home.

Earlier in the week, Mr. Fortner reminded us that Thursday evening we would have “gathered the kids up on the roof to pay tribute to our mother earth while basking with music and chalk in the sun,” as they helped to complete H.I.S.’s sixth Environment Week Mandala!

For this year’s Environment week, Mr. Fortner created a butterfly mandala. “The butterfly symbolises our temporary time in the chrysalis awaiting for new life to emerge.” Students, parents and staff are invited to make their own personal mandala, by colouring in the beautiful patterns of the butterfly.


Warm wishes,

The Environment Working Group

Social Media – Student Workshop with Experts

Expert educator, Anja Kegler and former police officer, Günther Bubenitzschek from Digitale Medien visited with our Grade 7 and 8 students last week.  The students took part in an interactive training that challenged their thinking and understanding regarding the following issues:

  • the effects of social media on overall mental well-being
  • healthy habits and safety in regards to phone use at home and in public
  • age restrictions recommended by the EU on various social media apps
  • caution and best practices during on-line gaming and what to do when someone they meet online wants to meet them in person
  • the role of a cyberbully and the choices one can make to ask for help when they are the target of such behaviour
  • introduction to and their First Aid Tool

Materials for helpful websites covering the issues listed above are available at the front desk if you wish to learn more.

PYP Fasching – Thank you

Dear H.I.S. Community,

Thank you for your help. We are especially grateful to those of you that came to school early to help us set up for Fasching.

We were surprised by the amount of creativity that went into the homemade costumes.

All of the costumes were really good, but we had to choose winners. Please tell your children this, if they were upset that they didn’t win. We hope students as well as parents all had fun at this event that we put a lot of time and effort in. Hopefully next year there will also be a lot of fun and we encourage you to be just as creative and helpful as this year.

Anne, Aron (the moderators) and Grade 5

Chinese Culture Festival


On Friday, the H.I.S. community celebrated the Chinese New Year at the Chinese Culture Festival. The evening will long be remembered as a fantastic celebration, with wonderful food and an exciting programme. The beautifully decorated MPR was glowing with red and gold lanterns, lights and decorations. Many of the guests came dressed in red, too. Our thanks go to our Chinese parents who planned and organised this wonderful evening for us. 非常感谢您度过了美好的夜晚

text & photos AS


Hoop Dreams!

MLP Academics Basketball Team Players visit H.I.S.

Players from the MLP Academics in Heidelberg who play in the Bundesliga 2, came and delivered a thoroughly enjoyable Basketball Coaching session to the Grade 7 and Grade 10 students.

The players shared some cool tricks and encouraged the students with their dribbling and shooting skills.  We look forward to inviting the players from the team back to school in January to coach the other MYP groups!

text & photos JK

Parent Workshop with Susie March

Educating Children about Sexuality

Over 30 parents and educators attended our workshop on November 13th. Our guest, Susie March, guided us through helpful ways to engage our children in a deeper understanding of body autonomy and sexuality. Susie also taught 2 lessons during the day and provided professional development for our primary teachers.

Susie has a website (1.) where you can gather some insight on items she shared with us.  These resources point to the importance of having an open dialogue with your children about their bodies, about what makes a healthy relationship and about learning regarding our sexuality. In addition, you can review important guidelines supported by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and what is developmentally normal for your child at various ages (2).  This site also supports the PANTS lessons that were introduced while Susie met with 2 of our primary classes.

Helpful Links:



Saint Martin’s Day at H.I.S.

On Monday the EP students had a little parade through the school in remembrance of St. Martin. They were singing “Laterne, Laterne” and proudly carrying the lanterns they made in class and showing them to staff and students.

After the parade, students shared the traditional Martins Men made out of dough.

text and photo. StSt