MCP Fair 2019

The MPR was filled with students attending and helping at the MCP Fair earlier in March. PYP students experienced millet grinding, cooking, head scarf tying, dance, puzzles, water carrying and more. The aim of the fair was for students to learn about life in Mayana, Namibia, the small village supported by the organisation Make Change Possible (MCP). It was also a fundraiser, and we are happy to report that 470 Euros were raised.

MYP students played an important role, volunteering at different stations and the cake sale table. DP students Inigo, Janne, Kyra and Pritha were all actively involved in the Working Group, helping to plan the event and ensure it was a success.

Many thanks to all those who took part and supported. After the break, there will be more information about the up-and-coming Flea Market to be held on May 25th – keep it in mind if you’re having a clean out this Spring break!

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MCP Fair – Sneak Preview

At lunch time, the MYP and Grade 11 student volunteers for the MCP Fair (happening THIS Thursday after school) had an introduction to the resources they will be using at the various booths.

Monika Handwerker from MCP visited over lunchtime to give students some important background information and allowed them to get their hands on some of the mystery equipment. Can you, for example, guess what is being built or done in the pictures below?  

We also learned that a Grade 11 student in Mayana would be expected to carry 20 litres of water over a distance of 4 km. While students won’t be experience anything as extreme, they will have the chance to try out water carrying, millet grounding, and head scarf tying as well as other activities.

Punch cards for the fair are on sale after school this week.

 We hope to welcome many of you to the fair. It hasn’t been held for a number of years at H.I.S., and it will be a great chance to learn about life in the north of Namibia and MCP’s work there.

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H.I.S. Human Rights Exhibition 2019

We are very grateful to the Interkulturelles Zentrum for their initiative to include schools in a project to recognise the 70 years that the Declaration of Human Rights has been in existence.

Over the last 2 months, the MYP students have grappled with reasons behind each of the 30 articles, how they are observed and how they are, at times, trampled upon. Following their in-depth consideration of the Declaration across several subjects, the students produced thought-provoking and empowering responses. The resulting poetry, art work, biographical posters and cartoons, were the basis of our Exhibition.

The originality of the pieces of work, reflect the encouraging learning environment created by their inspirational teachers. I believe our future is in safe hands when we see the level of understanding, demonstrated by our MYP students, of the very complex topics raised through studying Human Rights.

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Human Rights Exhibition – Tonight!

We are excited to open our doors at 7 pm this evening for the Human Rights Exhibition. The evening will showcase MYP student work including film, poetry, and posters, exploring this complex and important topic to celebrate 70 years since the Declaration of Human Rights. The students will present their work along-side music and refreshments. We are even expecting the local newspaper, who featured our event last week!


Ahoi! Alaaf! Helau!

The 5th season has started with a fantastic party at H.I.S.

Grade 5 students worked hard the last few weeks planning and organising the traditional Faschingsparty for all the PYP students. In the colourfully decorated MPR, the classes played various games, went on a parade through the school, danced and enjoyed this special morning. So many students put a lot of effort and time into creating wonderful costumes which made it very difficult to choose only two winners per class. 

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Personal Project Presentation Eve

On Thursday 21st February, the Grade 10 students presented their personal projects to the H.I.S. community.  We would like to thank everyone who attended and hope that you enjoyed the evening and had a chance to see the presentations that covered a variety of topics. 

The event celebrated the end of a journey for the Grade 10 students and was an opportunity for them to demonstrate their achievements.  It was a great opportunity to see some of the products the students created as well as talk to the students individually about their projects. It also provided some ideas and inspiration for Grade 9 students who will start their introduction to the Personal Projects later on this year.

The projects included presentations on a wide variety of subjects including GERD, Autism, creation of business plans, advertising, the economics behind holding a FIFA world cup, expressing ourselves through facial expressions, healthy cooking, language learning, methodologies, how to make a successful cartoon, Artificial Intelligence and using a triptych to display three elements that are related and complement each other.

 On the following day, Friday 22nd February, the Grade 10 students presented their projects to Grades 3 – 5 in the PYP as they were invited to come and see what the students had achieved. This again provided a little inspiration for the Grade 5’s as they have just started working on their exhibition.


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