H.I.S. Library Week

Guest Author: Karen Parker

Next week, the PYP classes will meet Ms. Karen Parker, author of “Odd socks”, during the Library Week celebration.

Be ready to wear your odd socks when you see her in the library for a Zoom session.  We can also show her support by purchasing her published books available in Amazons DE.

Karen Parker’s publications:



H.I.S. Can You…Challenge

Congratulations to the champions and all participants

Over the February break, many students and their families participated in our first ever school wide challenge over Seesaw. The PYP staff collaborated, and asked the students, “Can you…” complete 12 tasks?

The tasks required the students to get outside, find various things in their surroundings, and take a picture, just like a scavenger hunt. For example, Fr. Staeves asked, “Can you point to a house number that shows how old you are?” and Ms. Fudge asked, “Can you find a shelter?” Thank you to all those who took place in the challenge.

A total of 22 students were able to complete all 12 tasks, and can now call themselves champions of the “H.I.S. Can You… Challenge.”

Congratulations to the following students:

  • From EP: Greta, Hector and Masahiro
  • From Grade 1: Lea and Sophie
  • From Grade 2: Dani, Sissi, and Yui
  • From Grade 3: Aariv, Aras, Giuseppe, Lionel, and Emilie
  • From Grade 4: Daniel, Lilou, and Nashwa
  • From Grade 5: Aiden, Asmi, Chaitrail, Ella, Marta and Sanpi

Career Counsellor’s Message

Students from Grade 11 and 12 took part in in the Virtual CIS University Fair, which proved to be a success.

The students attended live sessions with universities from Europe, USA and other parts of the world and benefitted from the unique chance to speak with Admissions Representatives of the universities they are interested in.

On 16th October 2020 students from Grade 10 and Grade 11 had the great pleasure to virtually meet with Khelan, a student admitted to Yale University.

Khelan elaborated on insightful tips about how to shortlist universities, the timeline of the successful application process, guidance about when and how to prepare for the SAT and/or ACT tests and last but not least – how to plan and successfully write the College essays.

At the end of the virtual chat, future University students from Grade 10 and Grade 11  felt inspired and hopeful that with proper and careful planning, they will be able to tackle college applications.

Grade 11 and Grade 10 students along with their H.I.S. Career Counsellor express their deep gratitude to Khelan for taking the time to give advice and wish him every success in his future studies of Physics at Yale University next year. And viel Spass during his stay in Germany.


Science Teacher and Career Counsellor

Birthday Celebrations

H.I.S. in red and white

Red and white were the colours of the day, when H.I.S. students, staff and parents celebrated the 20th birthday of the school yesterday. It was a pleasure to see so much community spirit at a time, when organising events is almost impossible and we all have to think creatively of ways how to spark joy. Many thanks to the H.I.S. community for rising to the challenge and making the 20th anniversary a special day.