Beans, lentils and a weekend well spent

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

It has been an exciting time of year for the Grade 10 students, especially those completing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The students have continuously worked on their skills, service and physical recreation over the year.

In mid-April the students completed their last Sunday practice hike up to Königsstuhl. At the end of April, the students attended a first aid course run by the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (DKZ), where they spent the day learning about first aid techniques and what to do in an emergency.

Following this the students did their practice expedition, for which they planned their routes as well as their menus. Setting off from Eberbach with their rucksacks full to the brim with tents, stoves, sleeping bags and food for an entire weekend, the students headed off with the sun shining on their day’s walk.

After arriving at the campsite the students demonstrated excellent organisational skills, by efficiently setting up their tents and cooking together in their groups. After a hearty and well-deserved evening meal they enjoyed a bit of volleyball before heading off to sleep.

The following day the students awoke to rain. Despite this they made their breakfast and set of to their next destination. The weather showed little improvement and the hike remained wet and showery.  Despite this, the students continued to support and encourage each other to get to the end. We are very proud of the students’ achievements.

The next few weeks continue to be busy for the Grade 10. End of Year exams and the Week Without Walls extended field trips are coming up soon. Knowing the students’ skills and stamina, they will still also find time to get ready for their final assessed Duke of Edinburgh expedition at the beginning of June.


Slam Dunk!

H.I.S. Basketball Team Wins Tournament

Congratulations to both H.I.S. Basketball teams!  This week the Grade 6-8 team and Grade 9-10 team took part in the Heidelberg School Championships at the SNP Dome. The students were really competitive and thoroughly enjoyed the tournament.

The Grade 6-8 team lost 2 games but then won 2 games in their group and were unfortunate not to qualify for the semi-finals; but they played really well as a team.

The Grade 9 & 10 team also played really well and won all of their games winning the tournament!  Well done to all of the students who participated and gave it their best shot!


Camp Craft Weekend

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Grade 10 Students spend a night at school for their camp craft weekend ahead of their first Duke of Edinburgh’s Award practice expedition in May.

The students first practiced putting up their tents and then learned about the expectations and required equipment. They also practiced how to safely use a Trangia (a small camping stove) and discussed meals and what kind of snacks to bring.

A selection of meals had been purchased and the students had a choice of what they wanted to cook using the trangias. The students enjoyed the cooking and some had three or even more courses for their dinner followed by even more snacks.

Later in the evening route cards were planned, and map reading was practiced with the aid of a compass. The students planned their route from school through Heidelberg, up to the Weißer Stein in Dossenheim and down to Schriesheim.

After a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast of porridge and Nutella sandwiches, they set off, following their planned routes. Both groups of students reached Weißer Stein in good time and headed on towards the end point.

After this successful weekend we look forward to continue working with the students and seeing them develop their skills further over the next few months.

Personal Projects

Presentation Evening

The Grade 10 students proudly presented their personal projects to the H.I.S. community at the presentation evening. The well-attended event was a successful celebration of the students’ completed projects.

A wide range of topics was addressed by the different projects on display: Basketball and football, 3-D modelling of sports shoes, paper airplanes, neurodiversity, creating an online business, anthropology, art based on Frida Kahlo, camouflage and music.

We are proud of our students’ professional attitude, excellent presentation and communication skills.

Many thanks to parents, students and staff for supporting the event and especially to all Personal Project supervisors who supported the students throughout the process and helped them prepare for the presentation evening.


Dental Health Workshop

Students from Early Primary, Grade 1 and Grade 2 visited the dental health department of the Heidelberg University clinic in Heidelberg for a workshop.

The workshop, provided by the University of Heidelberg, gave students the opportunity to enjoy a play about dental care, to  have a dental health check-up and a fluoridation treatment. It was certainly a fun and learning experience. The students were able to explore, practice and inquire about the different materials used in a dental practice and how to prevent tooth decay.

We thank Heidelberg University for this wonderful opportunity.


Winter Gathering

What a lovely, heart-warming and festive atmosphere we had at the Winter Gathering last week. Many thanks to all the helpers, students, staff and parents, elves and Santa Clause.

Special thanks to the PTG for the outstanding and beautiful seasonal decorations, the MPR was glowing!