Parent Workshop

How to help children cope with difficult situations

On Tuesday 29 September, H.I.S. Student Support Services hosted a parent workshop entitled, “How to help your children cope with difficult situations.”

Dr. Preeti Purohit, from the Psychologische Beratungsstelle, Caritas in Heidelberg, shared with all of us about her work and the methods and strategies around supporting children to be resilient in these challenging times.

Here are a couple of reflections from parents in our community who attended:

“In times of uncertainty and rapid change RESILIENCE is a very important topic. Therefore, I thoroughly enjoyed the talk of Dr Preeti Purohit, a mother and a professional counselor at Caritas, on the topic of resilience this morning at H.I.S. In sharing her knowledge and work-experience, she helped in getting a better understanding of children’s basic needs in times of stress: A safe base, structure, focus on positive encouragement and honest conversations.

In her down-to-earth, lighthearted and engaging way she was able to alleviate feelings of overwhelm that often come with this topic and replaced them with clear guidelines and simple exercises that empower children and parents alike.”


“Thanks Lance, for arranging such a useful Parent Workshop with Preeti Purohit,on “How to help your child cope with difficult situations”.  With all the changes the last few months have brought, it was great to get some new strategies and ideas to approach different situations.

Our kids (and us!) have had to adapt to lots of new rules and things they can’t do, so there were lots of good ideas such as helping focus on what their alternatives are for things they CAN do and ways to help them identify what they might be feeling so we can support them in a gentle way. “


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Message from former H.I.S. family

Many thanks to this former H.I.S. family who sent us a message. The “gift” referred to is a replacement of their H.I.S. Yearbook, which had been damaged in a rain incident at their house.

“We are forever grateful for the amazing opportunity our kids had – not just learning academics but practicing embracing even more cultures during their time at H.I.S. This gift from you is a reminder of those times that we will cherish forever. Keep up the amazing work and impact kids’ lives from all over the world!”

Paige and Enzo with Evelyn and Elias

(2017-18 & 2018-19)



Transitions Workshop

Many thanks to the parents who attended the Transitions workshop last Wednesday.  It was lovely to see so many of you.

As a group we went through the various stages of transition and talked about the importance of taking care of yourself before you can take care of your children. We discussed successful transitions you may have experienced in the recent past and appreciated that we are able to face a challenge; asking for help along the way.  Family rituals and routines are often lost during transition times, but they are of great importance and crucial when trying to settle in a new area/school/job.  If you used to play board games as a family on a Friday evening, take them out and continue with your family tradition.  Your children will thank you for it and it will bring some normalcy into your lives.

We hope to host another parent workshop at the end of the month.  Stay tuned for details!

The Student Support Team

H.I.S. in Bloom

The Netherlands is famous for its fields of tulips, but H.I.S is now a close second –  thanks to the hard work of parents, teachers and students.

A couple of years ago, Tim Clarke, our former Design teacher and his Grade 8 class designed some garden beds for Early Primary. Materials were purchased but work had to be delayed until the new extension had been completed.

Then, back in Autumn last year on a Saturday morning, a small team of skilled and dedicated helpers completed the construction of the beds and Early Primary students planted them with daffodils and tulips.

The new raised garden beds outside the Early Primary entrance are now in full bloom. The colourful tulips seem to be growing towards us all in our homes and saying, ​’Where are you all? Look at us. Aren’t we beautiful? Come back soon!’ Our answer to the tulips is, of course, ‘Yes, you do look gorgeous and we’ll be back to look after you as soon as we can!’ In the meantime, thanks to the Administration team for keeping an eye on the garden.

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PTG Spirit Week: Crazy Sock Day

Thank you to the PTG (Parent Teacher Group) for hosting a virtual spirit week. Yesterday was Crazy Sock Day.

Tuesday – Pajama Day

Wednesday- Disney Day

Thursday – Sports Day

Friday – Crazy hair day


photos: Emily E.


Chinese Culture Festival


On Friday, the H.I.S. community celebrated the Chinese New Year at the Chinese Culture Festival. The evening will long be remembered as a fantastic celebration, with wonderful food and an exciting programme. The beautifully decorated MPR was glowing with red and gold lanterns, lights and decorations. Many of the guests came dressed in red, too. Our thanks go to our Chinese parents who planned and organised this wonderful evening for us. 非常感谢您度过了美好的夜晚

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