Winter Fair

The smell of waffles and popcorn in the air marked the beginning of the annual H.I.S. Winter Fair.

Students, parents and staff work together every year to provide fun activities and wonderful treats at this seasonal event. Decorating cookies, christmas tattoos, Karaoke singing, roasting marshmallows and more – the activities and the food made everybody look forward to the Winter Break. But before that there is another week of school!

Many thanks to all for making the Winter Fair 2018 such a successful event.

photos: AS


From The Student Support Team…

Child Protection Workshop

Many thanks to all the mothers and fathers who attended our Child Protection Workshop and participated in the round table discussions. It was great to share information with so many members of the H.I.S. community.

We covered what German law requires of schools in Germany and the options and training the Student Support Team members have had to address student disclosures. Furthermore we spent time on defining and discussing child safety.

The new Child Protection Handbook is available on the school website. A great deal of work went into creating this handbook, which also ensures we comply with the German State laws and with the requirements of the those organisations that accredit us as an International IB World School.

Feel free to address any questions you have to Lance Fortner or Atashi Mukherjee and the Learning Support Team.




World War I Evening

One hundred years ago, the Great War ended on 11th November 1918. This year also marks the centenary of the November Revolution in Germany. On the Thursday, 15th November, members of the school community gathered for the H.I.S. World War One evening. As part of a major collaborative unit in I&S, Science, English and the Arts, students explored the First World War from various different aspects and parents and students had a chance to experience the work of the grade nine and ten classes during the evening. 

Student work in Grade ten showcased major personalities of the Great War, including politicians, writers and scientists such as Ted Hughes, Bertrand Russell and Marie Curie, as well as work on scientific inventions made at the time and their latter developments. There was a beautiful display of student art work that related to the theme of the evening. The drawings made in art class related to the effects of the First World War.Periodically during the evening, Grade 10 students read out war poetry and Grade 9 students their short stories. Their creative writing work was also on display.  While many of the poems were written by the students themselves, among the better-known pieces of classic war poetry read out loud during the evening was Wilfred Owen´s Dulce et Decorum Est.  Special thanks to the PTG for providing the snacks for the evening and also to the Grade 12 students who helped produce the advertising posters and who organized the catering during the evening. 

As the sky turned blue and then almost black, students, parents and staff members lit candles for a minute of silence for peace and remembrance. This quiet peace demonstration was one of the enduring memories of the evening. 

Text by KG and SAB.

Education Is About Asking Questions

Dr. Chirojit Mukherjee visits Grade 7

This week Students from the Grade 7 Science class had the pleasure to receive answers to their questions about the human heart and heart conditions from an expert:

Dr. Chirojit Mukherjee, chairman at the Heart Center Karlsruhe, was their distinguished guest speaker.

Grade 7 students had the chance to increase their knowledge of cardiology and to prepare for the task ahead.

The students plan to create a book suitable to inform Primary School students  about the processes in the heart and heart diseases. 

Many thanks to Dr. Mukherjee for his visit to H.I.S.


photo: KM




Names & Faces 2018

It’s great to see so many new students and parents at H.I.S. at the beginning of a new school year. Whereas teachers and assistants have had two weeks to match the “names” and “faces” of the new students in their classes, parents had the chance to meet H.I.S. staff members at the annual “Names & Faces” Evening on Thursday last week. Parents with children in the Primary School were invited to visit their children’s classrooms while parents with older children met the teachers of the Secondary School in the Multi Purpose Room. 

We wish all H.I.S. families and staff a good start into the new school year.


photos: AS

How fast can a pile of wood chips be shifted?

H.I.S. Playground Project

Very fast indeed when there are so many volunteers of all ages to help! In two shifts students, parents and staff members joined forces to work on the playground on Saturday. Under the guidance of Naturspur a “mountain” of wood chips was moved onto the playground to cover the ground under the basket swing. Wheelbarrows, buckets and baskets – whatever container was available was used to transport wood chips onto the playground. The monkey garden area was refilled with a new layer of gravel and bark was stripped of the tree trunks used for building. Work was also done to prepare the ground of the trim trail area beside the multi sports court. Thanks to the PTG there was coffee and delicious muffins for breakfast and Pizza (lecker!) for lunch. Many thanks to the numerous volunteers for their enthusiasm. “Dankeschön” also to Tanja and Ruben from Naturspur for their guidance and support on Saturday.

photos: AL

First Week Back

What a fantastic week it has been so far! The first teaching units have been started, decisions about After School Activities have been made and students have exchanged stories about their summer break with “old” and new friends.  Parents lingered after school and enjoyed the mild weather. Work on the playground is continuing – many thanks to all the helping hands who worked on the playground today.

Work on the new sand pit has begun.

It does not matter what size your shovel is – we are grateful for all the help we get. Thank you for making a difference!

photos: AS

Welcome to The 2018-19 School Year

This morning the school campus once again was buzzing with excited conversation as students met up again after the Summer Break and introduced themselves to new classmates. Between classes, the students discovered the changes that have already been made to the playground, and found that a number of projects were ready for their input at the end of this week. Over coffee, parents had an opportunity to share tales of holiday adventures with one another on this first day.

I wish the H.I.S. community a happy and successful year,