PTG Coffee Afternoon

Many thanks to our Parent Teacher Group for being risk-takers by trying something new and changing a routine. The first coffee afternoon was held in the MPR, giving those parents that cannot make time for the coffee mornings the chance to stop by and enjoy a treat and a chat.





Halloween at H.I.S.

Many thanks to the PTG and Student Council for organising the events

MYP & DP Halloween party
What a great week with not one, but two Halloween parties!
We kicked off the week with the Secondary school Halloween Disco and a lot of fun was had by all, including some great costumes and dance moves! Well done to the Student Council for a very well organised event, with support from PTG. Congratulations!
Grade 7 won the overall best costume contest and the PTG will provide them with a pizza party after the break. Well done Grade 7!
PYP Halloween party
The PYP Halloween party kicked off with a lot of cool games, arts and crafts, a prize table and a very successful  first-ever spooky trunk or treat. So much fun was had by all.
Thank you to all our volunteers – students, staff and parents – that helped make this a really successful event.
Pumpkin Competition
We had a spooky Pumpkin competition and we saw some super designs and creativity that made it very difficult for the judges to decide. The winners are: Christian D (EP-Gr 2) , Torin (Gr 3-5). Winners of the most creative design: Elina and Luana.

Child Protection Workshop

H.I.S. welcomed regional resource counsellor Zoe Spranger, to a Child Protection parent workshop this week.

Our policies and procedures on Child Protection are a culmination of extensive training that has worked to remind us all of the important role we play in a disclosure situation.

Zoe helped us to get a deeper understanding of:

  • Child protection measures at H.I.S.
  • How H.I.S. works with regional services
  • Which assistance families are offered

You can find all of the information from the workshop and more in the H.I.S. Child Protection Handbook located in the internal section of our website. Thank you to all who participated and contributed to this valuable discussion.


Nutrition Workshop

Our latest parent workshop provided by the Student Support Team focused on the power of the food we eat and the impact of nutrition throughout our lives.

Caroline Ackermann, a regional, nutritional expert and consultant provided a deeper understanding of the important building blocks within our diets that promote greater physical and mental well-being.

She was able to answer many questions that motivated all of us to be mindful of the food we eat and to continue to work within our families to develop healthy food choices.

If you would like see more about the resources Ms. Ackermann presented last Friday, you can find it here .


Resilience Throughout Child Development

Workshop with special guest

On Friday, 14th October, Dr. Schmidt held a workshop on “Resilience Throughout Child Development”. Dr. Schmidt is a child- and youth psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Heidelberg. She has many years of experience and was able to share her knowledge with us in a very informative and interactive workshop.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back quickly from a difficult life event. Since parents play a big role in a child’s ability to recover quickly after a stressful moment, Dr. Schmidt gave some ideas of how to help children to build up resilience.

One of those ideas was “loving kindness”. A parent should fully concentrate on their child for 5-10 minutes each day. By observing and addressing what a parent sees and observes, you connect with your child, which leads into building up a feeling of warmth, trust and love. You can do this by playing a round of UNO with your child or when you pick up your child from school. It is important that you spend those 5-10 minutes daily and that your child is the centre of attention.

Thanks to everyone who attended the workshop and many thanks to our Whole School Counsellor, for organising this event.



Reading Literacy

October 5th is recognised by the UN as Teacher Day. This year the focus is around teachers in education recovery.

In spirit of wonderful teachers around the globe and at H.I.S., our parents were treated to a small talk around reading literacy from Anna Roscoe.

Anna is an H.I.S. parent, the literacy lead for the school and has lead efforts with staff and students to facilitate literacy skills across the developmental spectrum.

Parents reviewed approaches to reading with children, young and older as well as guided discussion around what works for them as they approach reading at home.

 Next week on Friday, October 14th, at 8:45, our Student Support Team will continue the discussion with special local guest and therapeutic resource, Dr. Katharina Schmidt who will share her insight on “Resilience across the Developmental Ages.”

So spread the word, come and join us and bring a new or returning member of our community with you.