Woof (“Have a good weekend!”)

Konnie found a massive stick on our walk the other day.  He insisted on carrying it the whole way home!

Here he is listening to birds on this morning’s walk.

Only Konnie could find a football by the river.  He had great fun playing in the water and chasing the ball. He had a well-earned rest afterwards.


photos: KvG


Volunteer Work for WHO

A faculty member of Heidelberg International School has been working as a volunteer for a London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine data mapping  project with WHO.
The crowd-sourced project focuses on public health and social measures applied during the COVID-19 pandemic in different countries.  The volunteers working on this project devote small amounts of time to finding answers to questions online and editing datasets.
The first results have just been posted on the WHO website:​

MYP Service as Action

Let's make this happen!

Dear MYP students and parents,

Why not get involved together in doing Service as Action Activities as a family during distant learning?  Every Friday between 14.15-15.10 the students in MYP have time to work on this! You can do something for each other as a family or for the local community. Please document your action and share it with your Homeroom Teacher. Contact Mr. Knowles for any questions about Service as Action.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Make and donate a food parcel to a local food bank
  • Make face masks to give away
  • Make an audio book or do online storytelling for Primary students
  • Teach yoga to grandparents online
  • Help cleaning at home
  • Cook a 3 course meal for the family
  • Volunteer to do go shopping for an elderly neighbour
  • Go on a nature hike and identify trees and plants using the seek app by inaturalist

text: JK




H.I.S. in Bloom

The Netherlands is famous for its fields of tulips, but H.I.S is now a close second –  thanks to the hard work of parents, teachers and students.

A couple of years ago, Tim Clarke, our former Design teacher and his Grade 8 class designed some garden beds for Early Primary. Materials were purchased but work had to be delayed until the new extension had been completed.

Then, back in Autumn last year on a Saturday morning, a small team of skilled and dedicated helpers completed the construction of the beds and Early Primary students planted them with daffodils and tulips.

The new raised garden beds outside the Early Primary entrance are now in full bloom. The colourful tulips seem to be growing towards us all in our homes and saying, ​’Where are you all? Look at us. Aren’t we beautiful? Come back soon!’ Our answer to the tulips is, of course, ‘Yes, you do look gorgeous and we’ll be back to look after you as soon as we can!’ In the meantime, thanks to the Administration team for keeping an eye on the garden.

text: NP

Spring Break Spring Clean

With time at our hands and the lovely spring weather, I’m sure a lot of you have been busy working in and around your homes or gardens during the break.

Being a member of the H.I.S. Environment Working Group, Mrs Bracht didn’t let the cancellation of the H.I.S. Spring Clean deter her – she stepped right into action, with her family.

Mrs. Bracht: “Unfortunately there is plenty of work to be done around my neighbourhood.

Fantastic effort – thank you for taking action!



Mannheimer Morgen: Protective Masks Produced in Heidelberg

Tiago & Keno continue to make a difference

Follow this link to the article published in “Mannheimer Morgen”, 14th April: https://www.morgenweb.de/mannheimer-morgen_fotostrecke,-fotostrecke-brueder-aus-heidelberg-produzieren-kostenlos-schutzschilde-aus-dem-3d-drucker-_mediagalid,36452.html

photo: Kerstin Beck


Primary Students Spread Hope

Children worldwide are drawing rainbows to spread hope at a time when positive energy is needed most. H.I.S. Primary students have produced rainbow art work and have displayed it at home or in windows facing the street for passers by to enjoy.

A word from a mom: Jacinta did rainbows for all our neighbours and for police officers who stand in front our place and was SO happy with it. She even received some “Danke” cards in return.


R3ality Design

Support Keno's and Tiago's efforts to produce protective masks

Here is a message from H.I.S. Graduates Keno and Tiago (Classes of 2014 and 2015) to the H.I.S. community:

We hope you are doing well in these very challenging and uncertain times and that H.I.S. is coping with the current situation. I am sorry for the IB class that their exams have fallen through. Keno is luckily done with his studies, but mine have been interrupted and I am still uncertain of how they will continue.

Meanwhile I have returned to the safety of Heidelberg and my parents’ house, and am trying to stay on top of my studies and research.

Keno and I decided to try and do more than just stay at home. We want to help with the current crisis – that we expect is still going to get worse before it gets better.

Over the last couple of months, Keno and I have been working on building a small start-up company called R3ality Design www.r3alitydesign.com specialising in 3D printing solutions for research and home improvement. We have been producing parts for researchers at my university. During the current crisis however, we stopped all other production and have dedicated our efforts to maximising our 2 printers to produce face shields for health care professionals 24/7.

Our latest batch of 15 masks was picked up this morning by the University Clinic Heidelberg who were incredibly grateful, and will be coming by every couple of days for further batches. In between we are bringing masks to our local doctor (Hausarzt) who is in dire need of protective equipment for himself and his staff. We are further putting masks to the side to send to my fellow doctors back in Rotterdam.

The plans for the mask were made available online. Keno and I have been tirelessly calling producers of plastic visors, of plastic filaments for the printers, of rubber headbands and even of zip-lock bag products. While some of these producers replied and generously donated some items, our supplies are going to run out due to the high demand.

At H.I.S. we were always taught the importance of community and I can feel this through the enthusiasm behind the H.I.S. blog (With your current a “blog a day”). In line with the school’s dedication to making a difference, we were wondering if H.I.S. would like to support our efforts with producing protective equipment for the hospitals and clinics in Heidelberg.

We would be grateful for any donations:

Keno and I are currently spreading our message via social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (https://twitter.com/KenoBeck), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/r3ality_design/)) and are dedicated to expressing our sincere thanks to all the companies and associations who are supporting this project and the health care professionals.

Take care, stay safe and healthy.

Tiago and Keno

A post a day…………….16

Keepy Uppy Challenge

There are many ways to add a work out to your daily schedule…

You can set up a fitness studio in your basement, go for a run or a walk, or you can pick up your bike. If you can spare one role of toilet paper, then there is another way: You can take part in the first H.I.S. Toilet Paper Keepy Uppy Challenge.

Thank you, Mr. Knowles, for starting the challenge. Mr Knowles managed 20 – can you beat him?


Have an active day!