World Food Day 2021

Last year the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations celebrated its 75th year. Over the years the organisation has worked tirelessly to reduce hunger and make food readily available.

In the last few years many crops have failed. Many scientists believe that this is a result of climate change. Consequently more people have food insecurity; meaning they may not get enough nutritious food to eat.

World Food Day is on Saturday 16th October 2021. During the week beginning Monday 11th October, H.I.S. students in the PYP and MYP will be learning in their classes and homerooms about the challenge of a world sustaining agri-food system to ensure nutritious and safe food for everyone. They will participate in several learning activities in the week and will hopefully identify some individual actions they can choose to help the situation.

Please ask your child what they learned about World Food Day and also support them by encouraging them to eat all of their snack and lunch during the week (no food waste) and by bringing in locally produced food for at least one of the days for their snack or lunch.

You can also get your child to enter the FAO World Food Day Poster Contest. Here is the link:

Our actions are our future – Better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life“.  (Food Agriculture Organisation 2021)

Thank you for supporting World Food Day.


Self-power Day Numbers

Lighting the Eiffel Tower

And the numbers are in…..

On  September 10 a total of 120 H.I.S students and staff self-powered to school. We walked  and cycled about 236 kilometers, and, assuming everyone self-powered home, 472 kilometers during the day.

For our estimate, we assumed a 1km commute for those not quite sure how far they travelled.

Traveling this distance individually, each in an average-sized auto, emits an estimated 114 kg of carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere, according to

The calculator on put this estimate at 128 kg CO2, and estimates this is equivalent to lighting the Eiffel Tower for two days!

Thank you again for all who helped to reduce our carbon footprint!

Self-Power to School

Thank you, for making a difference!

H.I.S. students and staff walked, biked, jogged, or found other ways to self-power to school this morning.
We had lovely weather and conversations about nature. Some arrived together, others explored new ways to journey in on their own.
We hope this event motivates us to continue to think of ways we can conserve and protect nature throughout the year.
Thank you for making a difference!
text: CH
photo: SAB

Thank you!

Generous Donation from Reckitt Benckiser

We thank our Co-operation Partner, Reckitt Benckiser, for donating golden “FATBOYS” to our school. The students were thrilled to receive the beanbags and immediately turned one part of the school into a Lounge Area.

photo: KW