Butterfly of Peace

The past month, Grade 10 students have been busy learning about radiation – its uses in society from surprising things such as checking the thickness of paper and even in smoke alarms, to the more widely known uses in nuclear power plants and as nuclear weapons.

They staged a debate about nuclear power and nuclear weapons using MS teams as a platform for debating online.

At the end of the unit, students were exposed to poems written about the Chernobyl disaster and were then asked to develop their own peace symbol and write their own poem in remembrance for those that lost their lives in the atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

text: SAB

Happy Diwali

Festival of Lights

On the weekend, millions of Indians started celebrating Diwali. It is a festival of lights. During this festival, people light up their houses and shops. They worship Lord Ganesha for good welfare and prosperity and Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and wisdom.

The celebration of Diwali ties in beautifully with our current unit in grade 4, Cultural Identity. So we asked our three Indian students if they would like to make a presentation about Diwali. Nashwa, Tanish and Paulo came to school beautifully dressed in traditional Indian costumes. They showed grade 4 their presentation and passed out individually wrapped Diwali treats.

Thank you Nashwa, Tanish and Paulo and also a big thank you to their parents for helping to organise this.

The Grade 4 Team

Waldpiraten Fundraiser

Last week students from EP all the way up to Grade 10 completed their fundraising physical activities during PE lessons.

If you remember, Grade 11’s had produced several excellent videos demonstrating and explaining the activities for each class. Early Primary students did running, Grade 1 to Grade 3 students did jumping jacks, crab walks, line jumps, relays and frog jumps.

Grade 3 and Grade 5 did star jumps, frog jumps and mini rabbit runs. Grade 4 did swimming because they had a Swimming lesson.

Finally Grades 6-10 did basketball shooting and throwing a ball into a box. Some students also threw a hula hoop over a cone instead. It was amazing to see how enthusiastic our students were in all of the grades during their PE lessons. One student in the MYP made 560 baskets in one lesson!

Well done everybody!  Don’t forget to keep fundraising.

text & photos: JK

Where in the World

Grade 2 students have become explorers

Grade 2 is finishing the unit “Where in the World” this week, and the students along with their teachers and classroom assistant made origami boats as a final task for the unit.

When asked why they are making boats, some of the students said, “because we can travel the world with boats.” That was a nice answer to hear as they are getting a sense of what the unit was about.

text & photo: CT


A Good Weed for The Day!

Thank you to Grade 8 students who have helped to remove some of the weeds growing around school.

Within no time the class had filled two large buckets, removing weeds from the steps up to the gym roof, weeds from the playground and also weeds growing through the Multi Sports Court fence.

A great effort and a small Service as Action activity completed.

Weedy Well Done!

Mr Knowles

Corona Lockdown Eyewitness Reports

Students receive rewards for their diaries

Last school year, during their remote lessons, German students from the advanced language acquisition course produced their own “eyewitness reports” about their experiences during the Corona lockdown days.

The students wrote texts and diary entries, drew comics and recorded interviews in German about their daily routines and challenges during this time.

Annika, Lilly, Marie, Molly, Sára und Vivi sent in their reports to a competition of the Universities Gießen and Köln in collaboration with the Koerber Institut in Hamburg to build a German national archive about the Corona times (www.geschichtswettbewerb.de/mitmach-aktion). Their works have been saved there for posteriority and the students have now been awarded with a Certificate from the Koerber Foundation for their reports.

From Autumn this year, all entries will be displayed in the “Coronarchiv” (https://coronarchiv.geschichte.uni-hamburg.de/projector/s/coronarchiv/page/willkommen

A Magic Assembly

Mr Raw welcomed a special guest during his Primary School Assembly Zoom today. Mr Taika, a famous magician from Finland, joined him to entertain the Primary students with some mind blowing magic tricks. After borrowing a pencil from the Queen of Ickyea, he managed to divide the pencil into 3 pieces, while students and staff watched in astonishment. Other tricks involved a ferocious balloon animal and a set of cards.

Dear Mr Taika,

Thank you for your wonderful and entertaining performance. We would like to welcome you back next school year. I hope you can find time in your busy schedule to come to H.I.S. in the school year 2020-21.


the H.I.S. students and staff

Grade 5 Proudly Presents

8th Edition of The H.I.S. Zeitung

This is just one of many articles written by Grade 5 students for the H.I.S. Zeitung. They worked very hard to put the newspaper together and they did a fantastic job! Well done, Grade 5! Another big task you have worked on this year and that you very successfully brought to an end.

Thank you very much to Aron, Anne, Charlotte and Maahi for compiling the newspaper.

Please click on the link to read/download the full edition of this year’s edition of the newspaper. You are welcome to send the link to other people who might be interested in reading this newspaper!


Performing Arts – Grade 8 Murder Mystery

In Performing Arts this year the Grade 8’s have written their very own murder mystery!


One big happy family. One dreadful murder that ripped them apart.

When the head of the William’s household is found dead as a result of cyanide poisoning, suspicion naturally falls on his beautiful young widow, Angela. Everyone is keen to find out the truth… or so it appears. A young detective sets out to find the truth. Secrets are being spilt. Loyalties are being tested.  The detective is hard at work… but she might need some help. We tried to solve the murder…now it’s your turn: Who killed Walter Williams?

Coming Soon to a screen near you!

Poster Credit: Hanna; Introduction by Ella and Zara