Hoop Dreams!

MLP Academics Basketball Team Players visit H.I.S.

Players from the MLP Academics in Heidelberg who play in the Bundesliga 2, came and delivered a thoroughly enjoyable Basketball Coaching session to the Grade 7 and Grade 10 students.

The players shared some cool tricks and encouraged the students with their dribbling and shooting skills.  We look forward to inviting the players from the team back to school in January to coach the other MYP groups!

text & photos JK

Wie macht man Werbung?

Herr Rövers besucht den Deutschunterricht der 4. Klasse

Der Grafikdesigner, Herr Rövers, kam am Mittwoch, 11.12.19, zu uns in den Deutschunterricht. Er erklärte uns wie man wirkungsvolle Werbeanzeigen macht.

Die Farbenauswahl ist wichtig, damit die Anzeige auffällig ist und man aufmerksam darauf wird. Der Farbkreis ist dabei wichtig, weil man oft Komplementärfarben wählt. Rot ist zum Beispiel eine Warnfarbe, die sofort ins Auge sticht. Außerdem zeigte er uns, dass die Schriftfont und die Schriftgröße zum Produkt passen sollte. Ein Fließtest sollte kurz und knapp sein und schnell zu lesen sein.

Um Herauszufinden wie die Elemente am besten auf dem Poster aussehen, sollte man erst einmal alles auf das Poster legen und mit der Größe der Schrift und des Bildes experimentieren. Herr Rövers sagte auch, dass wir es auch spüren würden, wenn Farben und Schrift gut zusammenpassen.

Wir hatten auch Fragen für Herrn Rövers, die er uns beantwortete.

Jetzt haben wir einiges dazu gelernt, das wir für unsere eigenen Anzeigen benutzen können!

Dankeschön, Herr Rövers!


Text und Foto: AGP Deutschgruppe – 4. Klasse  und SH


...a good way to start the week!

On Monday, the 25th of November, period 1, the grade 9&10 German Language & Literature class enjoyed reading the Rhein-Neckar Zeitung and having breakfast at the same time.

This is one of the students’ highlights of the annual newspaper project with the Rhein Neckar Zeitung and the Stadtsparkasse Heidelberg called “Schüler machen Zeitung.”

But apart from the fun parts of the annual newspaper project there is quite a lot of work to do:

Over a period of six weeks the RNZ sends daily newspapers for the entire class and the students will learn about the structure of a newspaper, about the different types of articles, about a good writing style and how to research interesting topics. Finally each student will write an article which will be submitted to the RNZ in January.

The Rhein-Neckar Zeitung is hosting a competition this year –  24 classes of local schools in Heidelberg will be participating.

A prize of 300 € awaits the article that will be selected by the RNZ as the best one.

Good luck H.I.S. German Junior Journalists!


International Diversity Club & Cooking Class

During Cultural Diversity Club on a Friday afternoon our MYP students were able to experience German traditions first hand.

Martinsmännchen are one of the customs used in Germany to remember and celebrate St. Martin a Roman soldier who later became bishop and who is known as a man who did many good deeds.This popular sweet treat eaten on and around November 11th and can be purchased in the majority of German bakeries or can also be made easily at home.

Grade 7,8,9 and 10 students were able to form and decorate their own pastry men and had as much fun as their younger schoolmates from EP and Grade 3 in the weeks before.

text, photos, recipe: MM, JE, JK

Konnie Attends PYP Assembly

Konnie came to visit the students in the Primary assemblies this week. For some students this was the first time they had seen Konnie in school.

Miss Von Gizycki explained to the students where Konnie would be and how to act when he is around. The students were excited, but remained calm and that helped Konnie to be calm even with so many people around.

The students had many questions: When is his birthday? Will he come into our class? What does a therapy dog do?

Mrs von Gizycki answered student questions and explained that Konnie is still learning and growing and at the moment he will remain in the Learning Support Room, but by next Spring he should be more obvious around school and will have more contact with students.

In the meantime, we will see Konnie out on walks and around the school building and he will come and visit assemblies again soon! We are excited to see how much bigger he will be next time.

text: AR

Saint Martin’s Day at H.I.S.

On Monday the EP students had a little parade through the school in remembrance of St. Martin. They were singing “Laterne, Laterne” and proudly carrying the lanterns they made in class and showing them to staff and students.

After the parade, students shared the traditional Martins Men made out of dough.

text and photo. StSt

Grade 7 First Aid Training & Studies of the human heart

Grade 7 students had their first CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) training as a part of their Science and Physical and Health Education Curricula. They are now familiar with some first aid methods.

Building on their practical knowledge the students had the chance to deepen their knowledge about the human heart a few days later. They welcomed a guest speaker to their Science lesson. Prof.Dr. Mukherjee, a heart specialist from the Cardiology Clinic in Karlsruhe, shared information about the anatomy of heart, medical conditions of the heart and the ways medicine uses to cure them. At the end of this great lesson, all Grade 7 heart experts saw an open heart surgery video.

We would like to thank Dr. Mukherjee for taking the time to be with us.


Martinsmännchen schmecken echt gut!

Traditionally the week before the 11th November you can find pastries shaped like men in bakeries all around Germany.

These pastry men are called Martinsmännchen or Weckmänner and are one of the customs used in Germany to remember and celebrate St. Martin from Tours. He was a Roman soldier and later became bishop, who was well known for his lovingness and care towards others.

The most famous legend about him was that he had once cut his cloak in half to share with a beggar during a snowstorm.

In order to celebrate him and his positive attitude towards others, Grade 3 made dough and formed little man shaped buns during German lessons.

They decorated their men with raisins and chocolate drops. In order to follow St. Martin’s example of being caring, they also made a Martinsmännchen for our Grade 1 students. The students really enjoyed baking and handing out their Weckmänner to the younger students.

text & photos: SH&SST

Eat Local

Grade 8 students served delicious pumpkin soup

During Homeroom Grade 8 students made Pumpkin Soup and served it to the school staff for lunch as a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity.  They raised 49.80 euros!  The Pumpkins were grown and harvested locally. Grade 8 would like to encourage people to eat local produce to help protect the Environment.

H.I.S. staff members were delighted about the delicious lunch, served by Grade 8. Many thanks to Grade 8 and their Homeroom Teacher John Knowles for this fantastic service. We can’t wait to taste the next soup…!