Behind The Scenes of The Weihnachtsmarkt

A Taste of Journalism for H.I.S. Students

On Monday, four of our grade 9 students (Martin, Mattia, Miquel and Leon) had the opportunity to join Jonas Labrenz, local reporter at the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Heidelberg Christmas market.

The students met and interviewed stallholders and the organiser of the market. They will write about their experience as part of our „Schüler machen Zeitung“ project.


Poem Tree

Creative Writing

On the occasion of the World Food Day 2022, the „It’s my Serve” Creative Writing Group began to write figure poems in shapes of food.

The poems are picturing a world where no one is left behind, and everyone has access to healthy and affordable food.

The final group project, a big big  “poem tree” with coloured figure poems, is now displayed  in the hallway.

Well done Creative Writing Group:

Nashwa, Bernard, Catarina, Maddy, Ollie, Sanpi, Oscar, Raga, Kaisa, Pascal, Cy, Aron, Mars, Oscar, Sywon, Maahi, Ekaterina, Dunsin, Liam, Charlotte, Lourdes


Source Analysis Posters

Grade 10

Grade ten students worked this week on posters for the MYP Evening that is scheduled for November.

The students have been studying the causes, practices and effects of the First World War. Recently, students have also been practicing source analysis skills. Each poster will feature an image that the students analyse in more detail. The pictures relate to topics such as conditions in the trenches, the home front, women’s football during the war and the Christmas truce of 1914.

You can find out more in the MYP Evening this November!


What Time Is It?

Grade 8 Design

In ‘What time is it?’, the students of Grade 8 Design have explored the impact that consumer trends in specific communities have on the functionality of a product.

The students where their own clients and they put a lot of effort into creating a clock that represents a personal interest making use of several tools, machines, and materials in the workshop.

The final products were evaluated according to the final stage of the design cycle, and, before that, the students worked extensively doing research, creating sketches and 3D models for their design solutions, and learning how to use power tools safely to make the clocks.


Personal Project Planning Session

Grade 9

Grade 9 students have had a first introduction to the Personal Project end of May. The group spent most of the day in the library together.

The aim of the session was to allow students to familiarize themselves with the requirements of the personal project and also help them to develop potential ideas of their own to start the process as well as learn about the process, documentation and presentation of the personal project report.

The morning session as focused on Approaches to Learning. Students were asked to consider which skills they would need and how they would be helpful for the Personal Project.  This was followed by a session on being internationally-minded and being able to see points from different perspectives.

After the break each group of students were given a topic to consider (space, journalism, sport and environment) and asked to model the process, they had to begin with writing a learning goal and working out what product they could make. They then designed success criteria for their  product and considered how the product would be evaluated on the developed success criteria.

It was an enjoyable morning and we hope that students find some inspiration over the next few weeks so that they start the process before the summer holidays.

We look forward to working further with the students next year and holding more sessions to support the students and their supervisors through the process.


Career Counselling in Science

Over the last two months, Grade 7 students have studied the atomic models, the subatomic particles, the periodic table and the reasons elements are arranged in groups and periods.

After the extensive studies of the periodic trends, they were given a project: Research an element and write its CV (Curriculum Vitae) and motivation letter. These two should clearly show, why the element should be a Periodic Table employee.

The project did not only improve the Grade7 students’ research skills but also did equip them with some life skills in writing CV and motivation letters. Here is an example of a motivation letter and a CV for silver:



H.I.S. Talk

International Mindedness on Medical Consent

The Grade 10 students took part in a debate as part of library and literacy week.  They debated the following question: “Should scientists be allowed to use a person’s tissues or cells for research without that person’s consent?” Students had studied this issue through the life story of Henrietta Lacks and her HeLa cells.

The debate was lively and animated with every Grade 10 student having the chance to speak.  Between each group speaking there was an opportunity to ask questions from the panel (Grade 10) as well as the audience (Grade 9).  This resulted in some excellent questions being asked which at times challenged the speakers.

Questions led to discussions about another area that the students had been asked to research: Whether society is indebted to Henrietta Lacks for her HeLa cells. The discussion that followed also raised further questions about science, ethics, and racism within healthcare as another of the key questions was whether we are we all created equal?

Grade 10 will now use the information gathered through their research and this discussion and put themselves in the role of a policy writer in the World Health Organisation. They will develop, write, and refine a policy document on inequalities in healthcare around the world.


Designing Our Own Learning

Grade 5 kicked off the PYP Exhibition by watching an inspiring Ted Talk from a young boy called “Hackschooling Makes Me Happy”.

This video provoked students to discuss how they would design their own learning and how the Exhibition is the perfect opportunity to do just this.

Students shared their excitement about this culminating project through discussion, writing and drawing, resulting in our very own Exhibition mural.