Beans, lentils and a weekend well spent

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

It has been an exciting time of year for the Grade 10 students, especially those completing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The students have continuously worked on their skills, service and physical recreation over the year.

In mid-April the students completed their last Sunday practice hike up to Königsstuhl. At the end of April, the students attended a first aid course run by the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (DKZ), where they spent the day learning about first aid techniques and what to do in an emergency.

Following this the students did their practice expedition, for which they planned their routes as well as their menus. Setting off from Eberbach with their rucksacks full to the brim with tents, stoves, sleeping bags and food for an entire weekend, the students headed off with the sun shining on their day’s walk.

After arriving at the campsite the students demonstrated excellent organisational skills, by efficiently setting up their tents and cooking together in their groups. After a hearty and well-deserved evening meal they enjoyed a bit of volleyball before heading off to sleep.

The following day the students awoke to rain. Despite this they made their breakfast and set of to their next destination. The weather showed little improvement and the hike remained wet and showery.  Despite this, the students continued to support and encourage each other to get to the end. We are very proud of the students’ achievements.

The next few weeks continue to be busy for the Grade 10. End of Year exams and the Week Without Walls extended field trips are coming up soon. Knowing the students’ skills and stamina, they will still also find time to get ready for their final assessed Duke of Edinburgh expedition at the beginning of June.


Making Connections

Joined Field Trip for H.I.S. and SIS students

A recent field trip to Heidelberg’s Old City provided a rich opportunity for interdisciplinary connections, particularly within the IB DP realms of Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and language, while also fostering collaboration between DP1 students from Heidelberg International School (H.I.S.) and Strothoff International School (SIS).

Throughout the guided walking tour, students engaged with the history, architecture, and cultural heritage of Heidelberg. This experience naturally sparked discussions related to knowledge acquisition, the role of historical narratives in shaping perspectives, and the significance of cultural contexts in interpreting information – all key themes within TOK.

Moreover, the collaboration between H.I.S. and SIS students during the tour promoted language development and intercultural communication. Students had the opportunity to exchange ideas, practice language skills, and gain insights into different cultural perspectives. Hopefully this joined event will become a tradition for H.I.S. and SIS students.


Fußball Stadtmeisterschaft

MYP students compete in school championship

Recently H.I.S. students participated in the Heidelberg school championships for football at Sportzentrum Süd. We had 2 teams: A grade 6-8 team and a Grade 9 & 10 team.

Unfortunately, due to a bit of illness and injury the team was not complete. However, everyone who did participate played really well on the day and the grade 6-8 team managed to win one of their games. Despite the cold and expected snow storm everyone had a fun time playing football and representing the school.

Well Done!



Grade 10 Theatre Trip

Ten Grade 10 students escaped school one morning this week together with their German teacher. They made their way to the Heidelberg Theatre to watch a performance of “Tschick”, the stage version of Wolfgang Herrndorf’s acclaimed coming-of-age novel, which the students have read in class.

The three actors did a formidable job, each of them performing multiple roles and changing from one persona into the next effortlessly. On the tram back to school though we all agreed that it is almost impossible to do justice to this novel on stage and that we all preferred the book version. Not a bad outcome for lovers of literature!

Nonetheless the outing was enjoyed by all and will undoubtedly stimulate some interesting discussions in our next German lesson!


Water Poster Competition

First Prize Awarded to H.I.S. Students

Two MYP German classes took part in a competition organised by Heidelberg iT, a local company. The competition was open to students from schools in Heidelberg and to students of the SRH university.

The goal of the competition was to raise awareness for the importance of water in our world. Students entering the competition had to create a poster addressing this topic in a creative way.

Our participating students produced posters on their own or in groups. Two H.I.S. student groups received an invitation to the award ceremony on the 22nd of March, World Water Day 2024, at the Heidelberg iT location in Pfaffengrund. With their posters “Neckar – Nahrung” and “Lass Wasser fließen, lass Leben sprießen” two groups of students won first prize.

“Neckar – Nahrung” pictures Heidelberg with and without water. Congratulations to Francesca, Noah, Alex, Hengija and Pablo!

“Lass Wasser fließen, Lass Leben sprießen” addresses the importance of water in a very poetic way and features a poem written by Dunsin.  Congratulations to Isabella, Dunsin and Bautista!

Both groups got a certificate and tickets for a basketball game of the MLP Academics Heidelberg.


Dig, Set, Spike!

Congratulations to the H.I.S. Volleyball teams who participated in the Heidelberg school championships just before Spring Break.

All of the students played really well during the tournament. The Grade 9 and Grade 10 boys’ team achieved 4th place overall, and the Grade 9 and Grade 10 Girls’ team won the silver medal finishing 2nd in their competition.

Well Done everyone!


Producers to Consumers

Grade 1 Field Trip to "Gemüserei"

Grade 1 took a trip to a local garden shop to launch their ‘Producers to Consumers’ unit. With his vegetable project Alexander Passaro produces vegetables for local consumers.
The Grade 1 class learned about seasonal vegetables, how Alexander takes care of the garden and how shopping there makes a thoughtful consumer.

Pointillism Art

Field Trip to SAP Walldorf

The Grade 8 field trip to SAP Walldorf was an enriching experience that combined elements of coding education and exploration. During the workshop portion of the trip, students had the opportunity to utilize the SNAP programming tool to create pointillism art.

Through the application of looping code and hue sampling techniques, they unleashed their artistic flair. In addition to the workshop activities, students were granted a well-deserved coffee break (hot coco) to fuel their enthusiasm for the remainder of the day.

Following the workshop, a guided tour of the SAP premises offered students insights into a corporate environment. Lunchtime presented an opportunity for students to enjoy a meal at the SAP cafeteria. Overall, the Grade 8 field trip to SAP Walldorf was a success, leaving students with valuable experiences.


The Tale of the Little Mermaid

A visit to the theatre

The Grade 6 and the Grade 7 students visited an inspiring performance of The Tale of the Little Mermaid at the Heidelberg Zwinger Theatre this month.

The award winning play is a free interpretation of the fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen by Roland Schimmelpfennig. Roland Schimmelpfennig, one of the most frequently performed contemporary playwrights in Germany, adapted the classic fairytale to create a contemporary tale about the experiences of refugees.

Dreams, wishes and identity were some of the topics addressed. Watching the play on stage was a great opportunity to gain new insights and discover another layer of meaning of a well-known fairytale with a modern twist.

Produktion: Theater und Orchester Heidelberg: Das Märchen von der kleinen Meerjungfrau, Spielzeit 2023/24

Fotografin:  Susanne Reichardt

Darsteller: Leon Wieferich, Timo Jander, Maren Kraus



Primary school students from Grade 3 and Grade 4 have recently played Fußball  in the city championships for schools in Heidelberg.

The students had a great day but were really tired at the end having played 6 matches. After getting used to the competition the team did manage to draw in the last game, and tried their best on the day.

Thank you to all of the members of the team that took part and to the PTG for helping to organise the new sport kits!