Welcome back Grade 5

Grade 5 students had a great time exploring the playground at morning break.

They found it easy to think of games to play that would help them keep the required distance from each other. Thank you for being so mindful and caring – it’s lovely to have you back at school!

Too all those of you waiting patiently at home: We are thinking of you and we hope to welcome you back soon, too.

photos: AS



Woof (“Have a good weekend!”)

Konnie found a massive stick on our walk the other day.  He insisted on carrying it the whole way home!

Here he is listening to birds on this morning’s walk.

Only Konnie could find a football by the river.  He had great fun playing in the water and chasing the ball. He had a well-earned rest afterwards.


photos: KvG


“In the jungle, the mighty jungle….”

Luckily I did not come across any sleeping lions but a beautiful jungle full of wildlife and flowers. Take a peek:

…and find out what’s growing on the playground.

I’m sure you spotted where on the playground the photos were taken, right?!

As beautiful as the flowers are to look at – I cannot wait to hear the sound of you playing, meeting, chatting, climbing on the playground again!


photos: AS





The Sound of Science

Grade 7 students designed their own musical instruments and recorded a video performing a famous song with the musical instrument created. This was a part of their studies of Waves and Sound in Science. Their Science teacher had a lot of fun watching the students showcasing their instruments and listening to their musical performances.

text: MM


Foster Dogs

MYP Student Action

Dear students of  H.I.S.,

My name is Lucia and I am a student in Grade 8. I have been trying to find new ways to keep myself occupied in these lonely times. I have gardened, painted, cooked, and organised but that only distracted me for a few weeks. Back in January, I got my first rescue foster dog to take care of.

After taking care of my first foster dog, we had to wait with traveling plans but now, since trips got canceled and we had plenty of time on our hands, I am taking care of another dog. Two weeks ago I got my second foster dog named Pax!  He was very scared since he was rescued from Romania and was on the road to Germany for many hours.

All of the dogs have different stories of were they were rescued and Pax was found on the street with his siblings. After a few days of hiding, eating, and watching our own dog, Pax was following me everywhere and on the third day didn’t even need a leash. We found him a happy home.

I hope to see many other foster dogs in the future as a hobby and I am receiving a new dog this weekend named Bella. Stay happy, healthy, and occupied!

Lucia, Grade 8


Theory of Knowledge at A Distance

For their first Theory of Knowledge (TOK) lesson after their return to school, Grade 11 students enjoyed being together in one classroom.

The H.I.S. library was especially prepared for them to make sure they could sit far enough apart to meet the current distancing rules. Their teacher was zoomed in for the lesson via the electronic board in the library.

Many thanks to staff for making this possible and a huge thank you to Grade 11 for being very principled all through this week – stay safe and healthy and have a wonderful weekend.

photos & text: AS

MYP Service as Action

Let's make this happen!

Dear MYP students and parents,

Why not get involved together in doing Service as Action Activities as a family during distant learning?  Every Friday between 14.15-15.10 the students in MYP have time to work on this! You can do something for each other as a family or for the local community. Please document your action and share it with your Homeroom Teacher. Contact Mr. Knowles for any questions about Service as Action.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Make and donate a food parcel to a local food bank
  • Make face masks to give away
  • Make an audio book or do online storytelling for Primary students
  • Teach yoga to grandparents online
  • Help cleaning at home
  • Cook a 3 course meal for the family
  • Volunteer to do go shopping for an elderly neighbour
  • Go on a nature hike and identify trees and plants using the seek app by inaturalist

text: JK




Rose-ringed Parakeet

Have you seen them fly by your home? The Rose-ringed Parakeet is endemic to Northern and West Africa and Southern Asia….and to Heidelberg. Large swarms of the beautiful parrots can be seen and heard sitting in trees in cities all over Germany.

The EP students used their imagination to make different creations of the bird:



Antigone – Performing Arts at A Distance

Grade 6 students are rehearsing Antigone by Sophocles over Zoom these days!

In the picture you can see us rehearsing Episode 5 of the play, with the actors in the scene. Next week we plan to rehearse with home-made costumes and props – expect bedsheet’s for greek toga’s and lightsabers for swords!​

text & photos RB