5,086 Euro Collected for Waldpiraten

Chris Maier meets students at H.I.S.

A symbolic bank cheque was handed over to Chris Maier, pedagogical leader of the Waldpiraten Camp https://www.waldpiraten.de/, by two students today. At the annual Waldpiraten Run in September, the H.I.S. community managed to collect over 5,000 €.

Chris Maier, who is soon going into retirement, was thrilled to receive the money for the Waldpiraten and was chatting to Kengo (Grade 11) and Marta (Grade 6) about the H.I.S. Waldpiraten Run, organised annually by the school with the support of students.

H.I.S. has been supporting the Waldpiraten since 2010, and the sum collected at the Waldpiraten Run 2021 was again a fantastic result. A huge thank you, to all students, staff and parents.

Chris Maier promised to stay in touch and remarked that she has been giving us a wave every time she has passed by H.I.S. on her bike. Her colleague, Frau Dietze, will be our new contact at the Camp and we look forward to continue our efforts of supporting the Waldpiraten.

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