Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to the Class of 2024

It was a joy to witness how well and confidently our Graduates presented themselves at the Graduation Ceremony to the H.I.S. community.

During a wonderful, emotional and colourful celebration at Schlosshotel Molkenkur, the Graduates received their H.I.S. Diplomas and celebrated completing the IB Diploma with their families and H.I.S. staff.

It was impressive to hear what plans the students have made for their future. May the wind beneath your wings carry you to your next adventure. Congratulations Class of 2024.






PTG Coffee Afternoon

Many thanks to our Parent Teacher Group for being risk-takers by trying something new and changing a routine. The first coffee afternoon was held in the MPR, giving those parents that cannot make time for the coffee mornings the chance to stop by and enjoy a treat and a chat.





Beans, lentils and a weekend well spent

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

It has been an exciting time of year for the Grade 10 students, especially those completing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The students have continuously worked on their skills, service and physical recreation over the year.

In mid-April the students completed their last Sunday practice hike up to Königsstuhl. At the end of April, the students attended a first aid course run by the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (DKZ), where they spent the day learning about first aid techniques and what to do in an emergency.

Following this the students did their practice expedition, for which they planned their routes as well as their menus. Setting off from Eberbach with their rucksacks full to the brim with tents, stoves, sleeping bags and food for an entire weekend, the students headed off with the sun shining on their day’s walk.

After arriving at the campsite the students demonstrated excellent organisational skills, by efficiently setting up their tents and cooking together in their groups. After a hearty and well-deserved evening meal they enjoyed a bit of volleyball before heading off to sleep.

The following day the students awoke to rain. Despite this they made their breakfast and set of to their next destination. The weather showed little improvement and the hike remained wet and showery.  Despite this, the students continued to support and encourage each other to get to the end. We are very proud of the students’ achievements.

The next few weeks continue to be busy for the Grade 10. End of Year exams and the Week Without Walls extended field trips are coming up soon. Knowing the students’ skills and stamina, they will still also find time to get ready for their final assessed Duke of Edinburgh expedition at the beginning of June.


Making Connections

Joined Field Trip for H.I.S. and SIS students

A recent field trip to Heidelberg’s Old City provided a rich opportunity for interdisciplinary connections, particularly within the IB DP realms of Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and language, while also fostering collaboration between DP1 students from Heidelberg International School (H.I.S.) and Strothoff International School (SIS).

Throughout the guided walking tour, students engaged with the history, architecture, and cultural heritage of Heidelberg. This experience naturally sparked discussions related to knowledge acquisition, the role of historical narratives in shaping perspectives, and the significance of cultural contexts in interpreting information – all key themes within TOK.

Moreover, the collaboration between H.I.S. and SIS students during the tour promoted language development and intercultural communication. Students had the opportunity to exchange ideas, practice language skills, and gain insights into different cultural perspectives. Hopefully this joined event will become a tradition for H.I.S. and SIS students.


“Schüler machen Zeitung”

H.I.S. student articles published in RNZ

Once again, MYP students in Grades 8-10 participated in the annual RNZ project “Schüler machen Zeitung”.

Over six weeks in November and December, they read and discussed the daily paper in their German lessons and learned about researching and writing their own articles. At the end of the project, they had the opportunity to send in their articles, and the RNZ published the 40 best articles in a special supplement at the end of April.

11 secondary schools and more than 800 students in Heidelberg participated in this project and sent in their articles, and 8 H.I.S. students had their work published.

Congratulations go to Bennett, Katja, Hannah, Raga, Niels, Oscar, Pascal and Brian, and also to all the other students who took part in this project!


Fußball Stadtmeisterschaft

MYP students compete in school championship

Recently H.I.S. students participated in the Heidelberg school championships for football at Sportzentrum Süd. We had 2 teams: A grade 6-8 team and a Grade 9 & 10 team.

Unfortunately, due to a bit of illness and injury the team was not complete. However, everyone who did participate played really well on the day and the grade 6-8 team managed to win one of their games. Despite the cold and expected snow storm everyone had a fun time playing football and representing the school.

Well Done!