Begegnungshaus Walldorf

Thank you to all H.I.S. students, staff and parents.

In December, several H.I.S. students organised a winter clothing drive to support families at Handschuhsheim Hilft and Begegnungshaus Walldorf.

The students planned and advertised the event and, once the H.I.S. families had dropped off the donations, the students sorted the donations and prepared them to be delivered to these two organizations. On the same day, the PTG organized a toy drive, where they also received many generous toy donations.

As a result, the  “free shop”  at Begegnungshaus was quickly filled with warm clothing for families in need. The toy donations were an added surprise for our families, and many could now choose a holiday gift for their child.

The Begegnungshaus team would like to thank the H.I.S. students, the H.I.S. PTG , and the whole H.I.S. community for supporting our families in need and making their holidays a little brighter.