MYP Field Trip to Mannheim

All students in Grade 6-10 went on a field trip to the BUGA (Bundesgartenschau). BUGA 23 is a not just a flower show as the name may say, but will improve the sustainable quality of life and lifestyle in Mannheim.

The Bundesgartenschau is a stretch of green over 7km long, creating new walkways, places to play and relax. At the same time, it will improve the city`s air quality and climate. BUGA is also part of Mannheim`s North East Green Corridor Project, connecting 230 hectares of green areas forming a corridor stretching into the city centre.

BUGA 23 is an innovative experimental field for living together in the city sustainably. It complies with the UN sustainability goals which are incorporated in Mannheim`s mission statement for 2030. Solutions to problems and challenges of our time will be explored relating to climate, the environment, sustainable agricultural production and food security.

One of the major highlights was the 2 km long overhead cable car system spanning the river Neckar, and connecting Luisenpark with the BUGA-Grounds, which the students rode from Luisienpark. With the clear weather there were some spectacular views.

Students then had the opportunity to explore the grounds in small groups and take time to see and reflect on several purposely built small gardens that represent the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) which are integrated into the school curriculum.

Students were asked to consider and reflect upon what the garden looked like, how it represented the sustainability goal and then write down their thoughts and ideas.


Community Fun Fest

At the Community Fun Fest everybody had the chance to become gladiators, racing car drivers and red carpet celebrities.

It was wonderful to have H.I.S. students, parents and staff come together for the Community Fun Fest this week. Everybody enjoyed the activities and the chance to spend time together. A huge thank you to our parents for providing food that allowed us to take a journey around the world in just 3 hours!

Until next time!




We are one!

Celebrating Diversity at H.I.S.

Our Middle Years Homeroom classes got more acquainted this week by sharing their cultural viewpoint through artistic expression. With a trace of their hands, their work represents the rich diversity of our student body, with so many cultures and places that we have called home. Assembled together in a mural, this collective work celebrates that “we are one!”

Artwork by Sophia, Grade 8