Mein Sport – Mein Heidelberg – Meine Zukunft

H.I.S. Students Win Award

How should the city of Heidelberg develop as a sports city? This was the question the students had to answer in the form of a creative writing task.

The competition was initiated by the sports department of the University of Heidelberg. 5 students of the grade 7 German Language & Litearature class (Neils, Sanpi, Philipp, Aiden and Marta) sent in their short stories. On the 18th of July the award ceremony took place on campus in the Neuenheimer Feld. All participants were invited and the short listed students received the message that they were likely to win a price.

Aiden won third price in the category “Jugendliche”. His story was about a big youth sports event, like a video game, in the city of Heidelberg, including famous places like the Neckarwiese and the Alte Brücke. Martha couldn’t attend the ceremony, but was able to pick up her first price some days later. She submitted a very sensitive story about a teenager who has no interest in sport and in the end makes up his mind to get involved in sports activities.

The prices were sponsored by institutions in Heidelberg. Next to the certificates Marta and Aiden received vouchers for  the Heidelberg SoccArena, tickets for the BasCats USC Heidelberg for the season 2023/24 and vouchers for the Heidelberg funicular.

Congrats to the happy winners and thanks to the other grade 7 students who made the effort to write and submit a story!


Explore Science

Since 2006, the Klaus Tschira Foundation has been organising the annual scientific adventure days Explore Science in Mannheim.

The aim of the event is to give students the opportunity to discover scientific phenomena themselves, to increase interest in scientific topics among young students and to promote networking between scientific institutions and schools. This year’s theme was “Mathematics”.

Students from grades 6-9 took part in the Explore Science competitions, which involved preparations over several weeks. Grade 8 showed off their bridges made from paper. Grade 9 students were asked to perform calculations to work out an area based on work they had done in class, and Grade 6 & 7 students presented their kaleidoscopes.

This year, H.I.S. was particularly successful in the competitions. Martin, Mykola, and Ako from Grade 9 won 9th place in the land surveying competition. They received €100. In the kaleidoscope competition, three groups got special mentions from the jury: Philipp, Canon, Neil and Lucas from grade 7 impressed everyone with a kaleidoscope that worked in the dark since they incorporated a smart phone inside.

 Aiden, Niels and Warren from grade 7 had built a kaleidoscope, which you could look through with both eyes. Hannah, Bernard and Joan created a kaleidoscope for “lazy viewers” with a motor and a switch. It was a tough competition, but the Grade 6 group ended up winning the first prize and had the opportunity to explain their motorised kaleidoscope in front of a big audience on stage at the Herzogenriedpark. It was the first time, H.I.S. won the first prize, which included a prize money of €500!

Overall, the days were fun and exciting and enjoyed by the students. Congratulations to all our young H.I.S. scientists!


Schultüten for Early Primary Students

Grade 4 Action

In PYP, taking action doesn’t just mean implementing new ideas to help the HIS community or the global community.

Taking action can also mean passing on already existing traditions. This year, our Grade 4 students wanted to bring a German tradition to our school.

To do this, they chose the tradition of handing over a „Schultüte“ to all students entering 1st grade after the summer break.

The tradition of the „Schultüte“ goes back to the 19th century and is still very much alive today. The content of the „Schultüte“ is supposed to sweeten the 1st day of Grade 1. This tradition is also a right of passage to move from Kindergarten into school.

The Grade 4 students not only handed over the „Schultüten“ to our EP 2 students, but they will also keep an eye on their “friends“ when the EP 2 students will be in Grade 1 after the summer holidays.