Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

This past weekend, was the final assessed expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver Award.

The students have worked towards this throughout the school year, with two practice expeditions and several day hikes as well as a camping workshop and a first aid course. It has been an intense journey for most of them and many of them really challenged themselves during the expedition and their hard work has paid off. Despite the heat which made it even more of a challenge, the students were successful in showing what they had learnt in terms of being independent in their route planning and camp crafting skills.

Upon reflection at the end of the expedition many of the students commented on the skills that they had developed, such as camp crafting and map reading skills. The students also reflected on their own personal development. They talked about how they all motivated each other throughout, whether by singing, cooking, talking to each other and playing volleyball, or by learning more about each other and developing unexpected friendships.

Despite the challenges, it was a positive and fulfilling experience that the students will without doubt never forget.

We hope that the students will complete the other parts of the Award, including the physical recreation service and skills sections and that they will continue to record them in the online record books. We will then be able to hand out the Silver Award at some point next school year.

We also look forward to starting the Award with some of the Grade 9 students who would like to embark on this  challenge and have already had an introduction to the Award in their class.


Friday Handicraft Group

Science posters & Spring display

Science Posters

In the der Friday It’s My Serve! Handicraft Group we created three science themed posters for the two science rooms. We made the posters three different themes: chemistry, biology and physics.

Our inspiration came from what we had learned from 6th – 10th grade. We created these posters because Mrs. Mechkova requested it and it would give color to the science rooms.

We liked working with each other and approving our communication skills to get all the different elements done. Although it took a bit too long to finish it turned out to be a beautiful collage of all the topics we covered in our science years. The black background makes the vibrant colors pop out.

Hannah, Sophie, Bernard, Oliver

Spring Display

We liked that with the Spring display we were able to express our own individual ideas and interests, to the extent that the display became a work of our own and our own individual form of artistic expression.

We individually created drawings related to the theme of spring and then cut them out methodically and pasted them onto the windows into a beautiful exhibition of freedom of thought and mind and spring.

The original idea behind the spring display, that combined different art styles and ideas of spring, was to bring joy to the people walking past and inspire them that spring break was close. We think that the product reflects each of our own individual values of creativity and ideas.

Stella, Charlotte, Marta, Lieselot


Thank you to all the students and staff who helped make Beeatriz come to life by colouring the Mandala on the gym roof.

And a special thank you to the Environment Working Group for all their logistical work to make this happen.


Gib Acht im Verkehr

Grade 4 Road Safety Training

Our Grade 4 students had beautiful weather for their road safety training this year.  On four different days we made a short trip to the practice court of the traffic police in Kirchheim.

Once arrived, students got bikes and listened well to instructions from experienced police officers. They all gained knowledge about traffic rules including right-before-left and traffic signs, how to turn left safely and what to do when there is an obstacle on the road.

Now they know how to ride their bikes safely and we hope that they are all able to practice their skills and knowledge regularly.

Here is what some of the Grade 4 students said:

„I missed riding my bike. I definitely want to go on bike rides more often now.“

„ Riding on the small track was a lot more difficult than on the big one. I had to remember the right-before -left rule.“

„ This was so much fun. I can’t wait to show my parents what I have learned!“


Beeatrice The Bee

Mandala Week at H.I.S.

As an annual event, the H.I.S. Environment Working Group is organising the colouring of a supersized nature themed mandala on the roof top of the Gym.

The white chalk image has now been transferred onto the roof top and will be coloured in by students over the course of next week. We look forward for Beeatrice to shine in the sun.


text: AS

mandala design: LF