Grade 5 Student Takes Action

Miya noticed that our sick bay Koala, who regularly comforts students who have hurt themselves or are feeling unwell, was perhaps feeling a little bit sad herself.

Miya decided to sew Koala some new accessories. Koala looks so smart now and is cheerful again, and ready to help students in need.

Thanks for taking Action Miya!


Theatre Visit

The German B HL students enjoyed an inspiring performance of „Der Besuch der alten Dame“ at the Heidelberg Theatre, a play by Friedrich Dürrenmatt that they have studied in class.

The production was original and thought-provoking, interweaving quotes from the autobiography of Annie Ernaux, the 2022 Nobel Prize for Literature winner, into the drama and thus connecting the play to the #metoo debate.

Everybody enjoyed the performance, and also the discussion afterwards over a (non-alcoholic!) drink at Café Extrablatt.


Exploring Stadtbücherei Heidelberg

Happy reading with Gr 6 and 7

G6 and G7 students went on a field trip to the local library “Stadtbücherei”. They had an introduction to the library section for students and learned how to check out and return books.

The students, whose parents had filled in a membership application form in advance, received their free library cards and were able to check out their first books right on the spot.

They enjoyed exploring the different sections of German books, English books and even books in their own mother tongue.

The colorful and comfy reading spaces invited them to immerse in their chosen books. The afternoon has definitely been a fun step towards developing literacy and the pleasure of reading!