Designing Our Own Learning

Grade 5 kicked off the PYP Exhibition by watching an inspiring Ted Talk from a young boy called “Hackschooling Makes Me Happy”.

This video provoked students to discuss how they would design their own learning and how the Exhibition is the perfect opportunity to do just this.

Students shared their excitement about this culminating project through discussion, writing and drawing, resulting in our very own Exhibition mural.



Equality, Inclusion & Relationships Workshop

Guest Speaker: Susie March

At the Heidelberg Tankturm, our Grade 11 students participated in a social-emotional counselling workshop facilitated by Susie March. The workshop allowed the large class to explore equality for persons; over a spectrum of gender, sexual orientation, race and with a disability.

They explored what can negatively affect inclusion by defining stereotypes and their origins coupled with the kinds of damage prejudices can cause across culture and experience. With this foundation, the class worked together to construct a healthy, trusting relationship between two persons. Then the groups discussed principles that sustain intimate relationships and allow deeper connections to thrive. This gave us a strong, useful foundation in order to better see some of the unhealthy signs that can lead to discord, abuse and imbalance.

So what truly make our current and future relationships healthy?

Trust, communication, mutual appreciation and a loving awareness of the needs of our partners and friends.

Thank you future H.I.S. Class of 2023 for a lovely morning of discussion.



H.I.S. Library News

Did you know that we may have a rare book in our library collection and the Grade 4 students found this?

Students from Grade 3 to Grade 8 can join this library challenge by writing an investigation report. Watch the short instruction video below on how to participate and win a prize during the Library and Literacy Week on May 2nd – 6th. Harry Potter investigation report must be submitted on or before April 28th to the library.

Other activities happening during Library and Literacy Week


How many languages do you speak?

Among all those present at our Wednesday workshop on multilingualism and language development, 6 different languages were represented.

It was wonderful to finally be able to offer a parent workshop in school again. Thank you to everyone who was interested in the workshop and a big thank you to Beth Grimley, our expert on language development and language difficulties. There will be a short summary of the workshop in the next newsletter as well as some documents on this topic in the internal section of our website.