Schüler machen Zeitung

Student articles published in local newspaper

Every year H.I.S. participates in the RNZ newspaper project, which gives our Grade 9 and 10 German Language and Literature class the opportunity not only to read and discuss the paper for six weeks during their German lessons, but also to write articles themselves. The best articles are published in an annual RNZ supplement.

In today‘s edition of the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung,, H.I.S. students are, once again, superbly well represented, with no less than 10 articles! And, for the second year running, H.I.S. have won the second prize – this time not just once, but twice!

The joint second prize goes to Vedikaa Mukherjee for her article on slow fashion, and to the German Language Acquisition class for their article on cultural differences and quirky customs.

The other published H.I.S. journalists are:

Year 10:
– Caera and Ella, with an article on an inspiring paratriathlete
– Luisa, with her interview with the artist Larissa Ermakova
– Ava, with an interview with the artist Anna Baer
– Zara, with an interview with the musician Dominik Baer
– Emily, with an uplifting article on the ‚Ministry of Happiness‘

Year 9:
– Quentin and Raffaele, with a report on their visit to the Tutankhamun-Exhibition in Mannheim
– Marlon and Moritz, with an article on pets during lockdown

The RNZ have also published a selection of the reflections the students wrote at the end of the project.

Considering that dozens of Heidelberg schools and hundreds of students participate in this project, this is a great success for our students, and testament to their commitment.


Good Morning, World!

Grade 6 celebrates diversity

The 21st of February, was  International Mother Language Day 2022.

We, the Grade 6 German Language and Literature class, analysed the celebration and talked about whether it was necessary or unnecessary. We decided that it is important to celebrate so that languages don’t die out. Therefore we decided to create a poster about grade 6 languages.

We chose the word “Good morning” because it is the word most commonly used to greet friends and family in the morning. With this poster we want to make speakers of all languages feel equally valued and respected.

Aiden, Neils, Philipp, Sanpoorna, Stella

Stem Cell Biology

Grade 6 welcomed Professor Clarke

The first Science lesson after March Break was a big surprise for Grade 6 students.

Before the start of their new research assignment on Stem Cells, the Grade 6 scientists welcomed a distinguished guest speaker:

Associate Director at Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine, Professor Doctor Michael F. Clarke.

Professor Clarke was impressed with all the questions the students asked after his presentation. The students felt inspired for their new assignment on Stem cell research and its role in cancer treatment.

Thank you, Prof. Clarke, for visiting Grade 6.




First Aid Course

In February Grade 10 students participating in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme carried out a first aid course at school, run by the Deutsche Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross).

During the course they role played different situations and learnt how to do put someone in the recovery position and to do CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) on a dummy.

All in all it was a successful day with all the students being awarded an official certificate of participation.