Business Leaders of Tomorrow

Grade 5 welcomed Tobias Röhner to their distance-learning classroom. Herr Röhner is a business consultant with Mile Two Consulting in Leipzig. He joined us to share his expertise, as students explore their current Unit of Inquiry, “Market Forces”.

Prior to his visit, Grade 5 had been given the task of starting their own businesses. During our virtual lesson, Herr Röhner talked to students about starting a company, explained the role of a business consultant, answered questions and made time to consult with each of the groups on their very own business ideas.

The students had the opportunity to make connections between their own learning and what is happening in the economy. Students were able to see how IB Learner attributes, such as being a risk-taker, knowledgeable, open-minded and a thinker are critical for starting a successful business.

Grade 5 students got an authentic taste of what it’s like to apply their knowledge, skills and creativity, in order to leave their very own mark the market.


Digital Citizenship

We are depending more and more on digital media in many parts of society. We explore and create and also learn new ways to connect and communicate with people all over the world.

Students are growing up with the power of this digital media and technology and although it empowers young people and gives them opportunities, it also has its own challenges and dilemmas. Therefore we seek to increase our students’ awareness of online safety, cyberbullying, privacy, hate speech, misinformation, and digital distraction.

By the incorporation of digital citizenship in our curriculum, and its use and support within our local community, we aim to create a positive school culture that helps safeguard our students while they use media and technology.