Historic Seasons Greetings

Grade 9 and 10 students made their own seasonal greeting cards in Individuals and Societies class just before the start of the holidays. 

The cards are based on printed black and white historic Christmas cards which the students then coloured in. The pictures were glued on colourful pieces of carton. Several students also decorated the picture frames, sometimes in Art Deco style. 

This task has a curriculum connection as some of the images relate to our interdisciplinary World War One unit. The grade 9 students were particularly interested in 19th century seasonal greeting cards.

The class will have an  Industrial Revolution unit  later on this school year. It was common for black and white images to be painted by hand in the early 1900’s, so this technique has historic roots. 

The students were encouraged to send greeting cards to friends, teachers and family. Several students added text in their own languages to the cards. Some of the greeting cards are currently on display in school on the I&S MYP information board, next to room 110 on the first floor. 



 Text: KG

Photos: KG and AS

Grade 12 Extended Essays

The grade twelve students have been busy writing their extended essays and internal assessments. The last week of school before the holidays will offer a time to celebrate as most students were able to finish their extended essays by mid-December.

The extended essay is a major research and writing assignment of no more than 4,000 words and it is a compulsory part of the IB diploma. Students have been working on this assignment since last spring.

The extended essay supervisors also look forward to a well-deserved break before the grade elevens start working on theirs in the new year.

text & photos KG

Advertising For A Good Cause – Grade 4 German Class

The G4 students of the advanced German program (AGP) have been inquiring about advertising and found out that there can be advertisements for a good cause.

They learned about the AIDA Formula used by advertising professionals, and created their own campaign for a good cause of their choice.

Their advertising campaign was aimed to gain Attention, evoke Interest, stimulate a Desire and encourage the viewers to take an Action. See if you can find the student’s adverting posters around school and check out how successful they were with their campaigns!

text & photos GS

Winter Fair

The smell of waffles and popcorn in the air marked the beginning of the annual H.I.S. Winter Fair.

Students, parents and staff work together every year to provide fun activities and wonderful treats at this seasonal event. Decorating cookies, christmas tattoos, Karaoke singing, roasting marshmallows and more – the activities and the food made everybody look forward to the Winter Break. But before that there is another week of school!

Many thanks to all for making the Winter Fair 2018 such a successful event.

photos: AS


The Challenges To Be A Teacher

Grade 7 students have worked on three creative projects on Digestive and Respiratory Systems in Science and last week they practised to be teachers in Grade 2 and Grade 5 classes.

Their creative products have been successfully presented to the young learners from the Primary school who seem to have enjoyed their new “one lesson teachers”

Grade 7 students have become fully aware that teaching is a demanding task but they are brave enough to do it again in the future.  


text: MM

Habitat for Humanity Update

To all students, parents and staff,

As you might know from the newsletter, grade 11 is going for a trip to Romania in June 2019 to build houses/buildings for the less unfortunate through the Habitat for Humanity Organisation.

We mentioned we were planning to set up a paper tree at the school’s entrance as a way for you all to donate money so that we can go on our trip. The tree has been officially launched and anyone who wishes to purchase a leaf, apple or bird can do so after school. All the money collected will be going towards our trip.

Next week from Monday till Thursday, there will be a student stationed at the entrance, right after school ends, where you can buy a leaf (2 euros), an apple (10 Euros) or a leaf (25 Euros). Your purchase will go up on the tree and your name will be on it.

By purchasing these items you will be helping our tree grow and will be able to see your contributions on the tree. It would be much appreciated if you could help us out.

As you might already know, we had our first bake sale on Friday 7th December. We had a variety of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, scones and many more and we collected a total of around 350 Euros. I, along with my Habitat For Humanity group, would like to thank everyone that purchased our bakeries because you are all helping us get one step closer to building an educational centre for the less fortunate kids in Buftea, Romania.

It was a very successful first bake sale and we hope the next one is as fruitful. If you missed this bake sale then you need not worry because there will be another one coming soon so keep an eye out for announcements or posters. meanwhile, if you would like to help us by donating, please purchase a leaf, apple or bird at the school entrance.

See you soon and thank you!


Visiting Student

Fafe and his father Roberto visited H.I.S. today. Fafe was in Grade 1 last school year. His former classmates welcomed him enthusiastically.

Here is a message from Fafe for his friends at H.I.S.:

I will miss you!

Come and visit me in Spain.

I am happy in the new school.

I am proud of myself in class.

I am happy I could visit you today.


Fafe moved to Spain with his family. We wish him and his family all the very best  – come and visit us again, Fafe!


photos: AS

Sankt Nikolaus war da!

December 6th is St. Nicolas Day in Germany. In remembrance of Saint Nicolas children in Germany get little gifts on that day hidden in their boots.

When the PYP students arrived this morning at school they found their self-made Nikolaus boot with a little surprise in it. 

Who was walking through the hallway with his dirty boots? We might have an idea who the red piece of fabric belongs to, you too? 

text & photos SST, VZ

From The Student Support Team…

Child Protection Workshop

Many thanks to all the mothers and fathers who attended our Child Protection Workshop and participated in the round table discussions. It was great to share information with so many members of the H.I.S. community.

We covered what German law requires of schools in Germany and the options and training the Student Support Team members have had to address student disclosures. Furthermore we spent time on defining and discussing child safety.

The new Child Protection Handbook is available on the school website. A great deal of work went into creating this handbook, which also ensures we comply with the German State laws and with the requirements of the those organisations that accredit us as an International IB World School.

Feel free to address any questions you have to Lance Fortner or Atashi Mukherjee and the Learning Support Team.